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This February, I went to…

I’ve been very busy last month. Ending of class is getting nearer so lots of things are being done at school. Lots of different companies conducting job interviews here and there, though still I’m left hopeless. But on the brighter side, we’ve done other enjoyable activities too, which added more treasured moments for my college life.

Every Nation’s Building, Taguig
– We, with some of my classmates, went here to attend an IT Summit prepared by SMART. The event was a spectacle, the speakers were very inspiring, enough to say that we had a lot of fun. There’s a catering service, fun games, and an instant job interview for SMART. Luckily, I passed the initial interview. It was also an opportunity to meet Ms. Roselle Ambubuyog (the intelligent bright little girl-then whom I’ve seen in T.V. many years ago when I was still young) and Mr. Eric Villarama (the husband of the actress Donita Rose).

Market Market, Taguig
– Just besides Every Nation’s Building. We never had the chance to go around the mall coz we’re too tired from walking. We just took some pictures when we were there (for memories’ sake). But truly speaking, it didn’t meet my expectations. 😦 I thought it would be something like S.M., turned out it’s more similar with Robinson’s Galleria. Not bad at all. J

SMART Tower, Ayala
– I went here for my second interview for SMART. Too bad I was so early for my schedule, so I waited outside in the Ayala Avenue while the rain continuously dropped during those moments (don’t worry, nakasilong naman ako hehe). My scheduled floor is at 33rd Floor. When I’m already on the room, I saw the overview of the city, and whoa… yeah, it’s a pretty good view up there. Anyway, the interview went… uhm okay. I guess so.

Zirkoh, Timog
– It was one of my memorable evenings. It was my first time in a comedy bar. We had a free pass courtesy of my friend, Cherrie. Actually, I was still hesitated to come along with them, but then I’m glad I’ve changed decisions. And how’s my experience? All good! (Luckily we ware way too far from the stage). But I must tell you that I’m a little shocked. I never thought that it was like that. We saw Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, and Philip Lazaro in person. We had a lot of fun that night though.

Star Theatre, Star City
– We watched a ballet show in this theatre. It was a stunning show, very classy, superb moves! I really enjoyed the show so much. It’s really fantastic!

Star City, Pasay
– Well, it’s not my first time, but I had a lot of first time when we went here. It was my first time to ride the Magic/Flying Carpet (See, I lost my memory. I forgot the name of the ride). But I must say it is much better than the Vikings. There are also new rides in Star City and it was my first time to try those new rides. The Surf dance is an h-e-double-hockey-stick ride. I thought it was the end of my life (good thing I survived it). If ever I’ll go there again, I’ll think twice if I’ll try it again. But the Star Flyer (the roller coaster with a twist) is actually the best! I’m so nervous when I was still on the line. But after the ride, I actually enjoyed it! It was not scary at all; I never even closed my eyes. It’s the best ride ever! 🙂

Star flyer

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