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Songs I love right now..

Fucking Perfect – Pink

All Time Low – The Wanted

Impossible – Anberlin



random playlist 2

I am so freakin’ busy on this start of the year…. and I just had my longest week ever.  What keep me sane is the music, and I’m happy that despite the busy schedule, I’m still up-to-date with the new songs out there.

So here I am to rundown the songs that I’m lovin right now, that I will definitely never touch the next button once these songs started playing on my ipod.

Nothing – The Script

One of my favorite songs from their second album, Science and Faith.  I will definitely spend my money just to see them up close, yun eh kung magcoconcert sila dito.  That would be a dream come true!

Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

I know this not a manly song, but I LOVE it! haha.. I dunno why but the beat of this song just stuck in my head.  My love for RnB music is really broad, I must say.

Yeah 3x – Chris Brown

This is the latest single from Chris Brown. After that Rihanna incident, the guy had a very hard time, really struggling, to restore his career.  But when I heard this song, napa-wow ako.  It reminds me of his song “Forever”.  So I checked out the video, and man, the guy can really dance. Crazy.

Who’s that chick – David Guetta feat Rihanna

Speaking of Rihanna, she recently worked with the master of party music, David Guetta.  Any David Guetta song, I instantly like it, and this one is no exception 🙂

Don’t worry about you – 2AM Club

At first, i really thought this is an all-black male group.. and I was so surprised when I heard that they are actually white! They’re good.

Mahal kita – Kyla

And this is the latest from our RnB princessm Kyla.  I first heard this song in a masa radio station… At first, I find a lil corny, the music, the lyrics… it was not an instant favorite… but when I heard it again, I began to like it, and appreciated it more after reading the lyics 🙂



Gabe Bondoc: When You Say (Nine)

I was surfing Youtube this early morning.. checking out some music videos of Stacie Orrico and some movie trailers, then I decided to check out my subscriptions. Went to Gabe Bondoc’s page (link) and saw his latest video. This time, he shared his original composition yet again, and I must say, this song is pretty amazing! It was well written, the melody is good, and his voice is absolutely the best. And lastly, the video is pretty clear this time. awesome.

So here’s “When You Say (nine)” by Gabe Bondoc. Filipino Pride!

“when you say (nine)” – gabe bondoc (copyright, 2010)

I remember the first time
it’s always playing in my mind
I’ve never felt like this before

and every time that you kiss me
feels like I’m having a sweet dream
and i’mma never feel the way i do with anyone else

my pulse is racing
when I see your face and
here is what you’re doing to me

when you
when you say
you love
love me
I can feel my heart
beat beat
race behind my chest

every time is the first time
so I pretend it’s the last time
that I’mma ever hear you say those words
three little words

I wanna hold you forever
I promise that I ain’t never
never ever gonna let you go
I want you to know

my pulse is racing
when I see your face and
here is what you’re doing to me


if ever you question my feelings
place your hand on my heart, you’ll feel it’s beating for you
cuz he knows, he knew before I did
I’m not scared, I’m tired of hiding
I know that it’s you because




Here are some of the videos i found in my email.. (though I have to attach the youtube versions..)


Sad But Funny

Girl on a Bike (don’t watch this if you’re in the office)

Need Eyeglasses (Pang LXP to haha)


Lovin these songs..

Love, Sex, and Magic – Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake

I know you want me – Pitbull

Anong petsa na!?

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