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2009.02.28 – Tsukiden’s 20th Anniversary!




I did all the preparations I needed for this special occassion.  We’ll be doing a short performance kasi kaya pormal-pormalan dapat ^^,  I bought a new long sleeve and necktie, sport a new hair cut and put a handful of gel to it, and wear my B-United Jeans perfume.

As I left the house, I’m a little undecided on what to take to be there at Crowne Plaza in time.  I was considering taking a bus kaso baka malate ako.  So I just flagged down a cab and headed there.

On my way, ininterview pa ako ni Manong Taxi Driver.  Kesyo san daw ako pupunta, kung job interview ba yun.  Sabi ko Company Anniversary po. Tapos na kita nya yung Telus bag na dala, and ask me kung call center daw ba ako nagwowork.  Hindi po. Naisip ko tuloy, Si manong, nagjojoke.. mukha ba akong callcenter agent?! haha.

Ayun, nakarating din ako ng maaga sa Rob Galle.. ang mahal ng pamasahe.. amfufu.  At nagutom na ako syempre.. 12noon na kasi. Kaya daan muna ako sa McDo at nagpakabusog.  After that diretso na agad sa Crowne Plaza.. Sobrang aga ko hehehe.. kaya gumala gala muna ako, pumasok sa restroom at chineck kung mukha na ba akong kagalang-galang..





When I got out, nakita ko yung mga classmates/officemates ko.. ayun, nautusan pa akong mag-tali ng necktie hehe..

The event started.. and it I enjoyed it a lot! Kahit medyo kinukulit-kulit pa ako ni Boss Chris, enjoy pa rin hehe.. at least hindi boring sa table namin.  Masarap yung snacks, yung dinner, at lalo na yung desserts..

yummy desserts

yummy desserts

Maganda ring yung performances ng ibat ibang era.  At syempre, nagperform din kami!.. buti nalang tapos na sya agad hehe.. ok naman yung nagawa namin..

Depressing lang kasi hindi ako nanalo sa raffle draws!! waaahh.. ka-malas talaga tsk tsk.. sayang yung iPod Touch, Laptop, Flat screen TV, at Cameras.. waahh..

Anyway, masaya pa rin naman.. picture-picture.. at walang humpay na picturan.. nakakapagod hehe!

Ang saya.. I’m very happy for Tsukiden.. I’m very proud to be a part of it. Despite of the global economic difficulties we’re experiencing right now, our company still stands strong.. and we have high hopes and bright view of our future!



2009.02.26 – How’s my day?

It was really ok.. weird lang nung umaga kasi nasira yung signal nung RX! tsk tsk.. tapos sa office naman,  petiks mode lang!! hehehe.. tapos na kasi kami sa UT and ST.. kaya puro random testing ang ginawa namin.. Ayun, may nakita akong isang bug.  At least naging fruitful kahit papaano yung random testing ko ^^, Then ginastos na namin yung fund namin.. nagpizza yung team namin.. yellow cab again 🙂

We then finally got our souvenirs for the 20th anniversary of the company! A wine and a wine glass.. tapos wallet (passport wallet).. cute!

Then we had our pratice for our presentation.. sobrang bilis lang pala.. hehehe.. then after that dumaan pa ako sa SM para bumili ng new long sleeve and necktie 🙂


Bowling Night!

bowling night

Last friday Night (June 06, 2008), our company, TSPI, held a Bowling tournament at Conorado lanes, StarMall. It is an annual activity of the company where the associates are grouped into different teams and they’ll battle it out to received a special prize.

I was so excited with this event because it is my first time to play Bowling, and this sport is one of my biggest dreams, and finally it came true! We really enjoyed that night and our group made it to the Top 6 on first round..

On the final round, however, we lost our strengths and accumulated not enough points for the team.. Nevertheless, the experience was really precious and what matters most is that we enjoyed the game.

I even managed to throw a strike, 4 times!! 🙂

I’m so happy after that night.. and I’m looking forward again for this activity next year!


Newly Hired!

It’s been a week since I started going to work. I’m hired as a design engineer in TSPI (Tsukiden) at Philippine Stock Exchange Center in Ortigas, but for now we’re still undergoing some training that will last for 6 months. Hopefully, after that I’ll be a regular employee of the company.

This new stage of my life is really thrilling. I still don’t know what awaits for me in this new job, but I’ve been hearing some rumors that it will be difficult, so I’m bracing myself that much. I’m just happy with the fact that I never had the hard time in looking for a job. I really thought that my condition would hinder me to get a job. The competition nowadays is really intense. But then, after all, my hardships in school paid off. To graduate with flying colors had been my ticket to reach this point, so I’m very fulfilled with what I’ve done in school.

By the way, I haven’t graduated yet. But at least I’m assured now with my career. I’m also happy for my classmates. Almost all of us have a job already, and I’m glad that we have our own careers. I just hope that each one of us is taking the right path and that we’ll succeed someday in this course.

Cheers to us! Cheers to our future!

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