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The Next Level

(Pabati muna.. Happy Birthday Bhengskie!! and to pointlessmike din!)

Ayun, medyo hindi maganda yung gising ko.. parang bitin kasi (yung tulog).. medyo lazy pa ako habang kumakain ng breakfast.. Then diretso agad ako sa internet (adik no?) and opened the website for the live streaming of RX93.1morning rush na kasi)..

Good thing naabutan ko yung simula ng show.. “What happened in The Morning Rush?.. Oscar Dela Hopia..“.. WAAAHHH!!! nagulat ako haha.. first time na mafeature ang entry ko sa TMR crossplug!! As in super ngiti ako that time.. gusto ko ngang tumalon kaso pagagalitan ako haha.. but wait, there’s more..

Syempre Top Ten na, and Chico announced that the top ten topic sender is… ME! WAAAHH!!.. natuwa na naman ako.. The topic was “Top 10 signs that you’re not doing it right“.. actually akala ko yung napili eh yung “Top Ten Talong Movies”.. kaso eto pala hahaha. And siempre naalala ko na galing yun sa forum so I instantly texted Chico my disclaimer, and later I found out na si Hunter Lizzie pala nagpost nun sa forum, so I texted Chico again. (Thanks Liz, hehe).

Ilang minuto palang ang lumilipas (nasa bahay pa rin ako at talagang malelate na), I received a text from Rhix.. “Jhun! Congrats! Junior Mod! Wooot! Forum is back!!“.. WAAAHHH! Napatanong tuloy ako ng “Hala bakit naman?“.. coz I really don’t think that I deserve it and I can’t do it. I deserve it daw. Naks. *blush*… I just have to prepare myself and do whatever I can. 😀

[Junior Mod = Junior Moderator ng forum –]

Super happy today!.. haayys.. though may ilang tweets akong nabasa na hindi maganda.. oh well. Hope everything will be okay. I’m still thankful right now.. feeling ko parang andaming kong na-achieved (kahit na medyo pasaway ako nung Holy Week haha)..

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

moddy mode

moddy mode


I made it to the Top!

The Morning Rush

The Morning Rush (Courtesy of dRu)

whootwoot.. Finally.. After almost 8 years of listening to The Morning Rush, i finally snatched the top spot of the The Morning Rush Top Ten.
I’ve been a silent rusher ever since I started listening to Chico and Delamar. I’m just merely out there, listening and laughing with everyone’s entries at the Top Ten. I never even dared to text them for greetings or request because i thought they might ignore it, sayang naman sa load.
Then I had the chance to meet them personally on my birthday last year. Then I had my own cell phone. I started texting them for greetings and requests, and there were only a few times that my messaged was read on-air. I also started joining the top ten, but not on a regular/daily basis. And my entries usually land at #8, #6, or #3 and I’m so delightful with it. The fact that my text message was included in the top ten and the fact that chico and delamar reacted on what I’ve texted is a big honor for me..
Chico and Delamar finally recognized my codename and they remembered me as one of the active rushers in the forum. They even greeted me during my birthday and during my graduation. They read my messages and play my requests. It’s a very blissful moment for me.
Enough with this long intro… All I want to say is that I made it to the top spot of the Top ten yesterday. The topic was “Top ten signs that nobody loves you”, and they picked my idea as the top entry on the last batch… it was really amazing… I never thought that I could be on that spot… It was really a dream come true.
Today, July 8, 2008, is actually the 12th year anniversary of the The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar. This radio show has been a part of my mornings for almost 8 years I guess. They were always there to make me laugh and inspired, and listening to them is actually the best way to start my day. Chico and Delamar, and all of the rushers who also became very close to me, will forever leave a mark in my life. Life became much more beautiful with The Morning Rush.
I hope that Chico and Delle will continue their passion in this business, and hopefully there will be more years of joyful mornings with them.


Diary / journal / blog entries


Here are some of the diary / journal / blog entries sent during the top ten of Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar (You can heard them at RX 93.1, Mon-Sat, 6-9 am). These are really good quotes. Read them all. Enjoy!

1. gorgeousbitch – “life is boring when you don’t have someone to call your own”
2. phoebe chikay – “wishing is like hoping,
but hoping is different from expecting… i didn’t expect, i wished.”
– “never make the same mistake twice, try new ones”
3. jojie – “time is gold… so am i”
4. jiffy jinx – “life would be so dull if we avoided the wrong turns”
5. ky2tes – “I’m seem invincinble, a princess all alone in my tower… then a prince come along, and I am undone.”
6. bianca gonzales – “if the world didn’t sucked, we would all fall off”
7. Kaofaytek – “It won’t rain all the time, and your tears can’t fall forever”
8. mica – “i’m a cookie dough, I’m not done baking yet… someday, when im done, someone will eat me”
9. mr. perk – “there’s a wide open space between what i know and what i want to believe in”
10. ishi – “in the end, only three things will matter: how much we loved, how gently we lived, and how gracefully we let go of the things that are not supposed to be ours”
11. bugoy – “whatever our criteria in choosing who to love, the one we end up with will always be an exception”
12. criselda – “my definition of my ideal man? someone who has everything except me”
– “i might have mastered the art of being hard-to-get, ‘coz no one’s gotten me”
13. pugong tagalog – “life lessons are repeated until learned”
14. erol – “the cost of experience is expensive, but the wisdom you gained is priceless”
15. jerry of laloma – “shared sorrow is half a sorrow, shared joy is doubled joy… and if you add chicken, then it’s chicken joy!”
16. frederique – “don’t try, just do it. Trying is basically failing, but with honor”
17. lian – “I’m just a wind that blew on your face, she on the other hand is the air that you breathe”
18. chloed – “I’d rather keep him, and love him less… rather than lose him and love him still”
19. blairbitch – “i used to be scared of change, but standing still while everybody else moves forward is scary”
20. mr. perk – “what is and what should have been – you can’t really bargain”
21. delamar – “As we grow up, we learned that even the one person that wasn’t suppose to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken, more than once, and its harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You’ll fight with your bestfriend, you’ll blame a new love for things an old one did, you’ll cry because time is passing too
fast, and you’ll eventually lose someone you love. So, take many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you have never been hurt because every 60 secs you spent upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back. So, send this to all of your friends in the next five minutes and a miracle will happen tonight. Don’t be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin. – anonymous”

“it doesnt matter that you will lose him, it is you who will be found” – movie: joy laugh club the movie?



ink: Morning Rush’s Hot Ten

bad tagalog translations for English Movie Titles

1. Black hawk down – ibong maitim sa ibaba
2. dead man’s chest  – dodo ng patay
3. i know what you did last summer – uyy… aminin!
4. love, actually  – sa totoo lang, pag-ibig
5. million dollar baby – 50 million pisong sanggol (it depends on the exchange rate of the country)
6. the blair witch project – ang proyekto ng bruhang si blair
7. mary poppins  – si mariang may putok
8. snakes on a plane – nag-ahasan sa ere
9. the postman always rings twice – ang kartero kapag dumutdot laging dalawang beses
10. sum of all fears – takot mo, takot ko, takot nating lahat
11. swordfish  – talakitok
12. pretty woman – ganda ng lola mo
13. robin hood, men in tights – si robin hood at ang mga felix bakat
14. 4 weddings in a funeral – kahit 4 na beses ka pang magpakasal, mamamatay ka rin
15. the good, the bad and the ugly – ako, ikaw, kayong lahat
16. harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone – adik si harry, tumira ng shabu
17. click   – isang pindot ka lang
18. brokeback mountain  – may nawasak sa likod ng bundok ng tralala / bumigay sa bundok
19. the day of the death – ayaw tumayo (ng mga patay)
20. waterworld  – basang-basa
21. there’s something about mary – may kwan sa ano ni maria
22. employee of the month  – ang sipsip
23. resident evil  – ang biyenan
24. kill bill   – kilitiin sa bilbil
25. the grudge   – lintik lang ang walang ganti
26. nightmare before christmas – binangungot sa noche buena
27. annie hall   – ang butas ni annie
28. never been kissed  – pangit kasi
29. gone in 60 seconds  – 1 round, tulog
30. the fast and the furious  – ang bitin, galit
31. too fast, too furious  – kapag sobrang bitin, sobrang galit
32. dude, where’s my car – dong, anong level ulit tayo nag-park?
33. beauty and the beast – ang asawa ko at ang nanay nya
34. the lord of the rings – ang alahero

Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar, RX 93.1

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