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Top 8 of Guys & Girls – American Idol 9

Top 8 girls
KATIE – the song choice is much better this week, but the performance is still the same.. she didn’t do anything special with the song.

SIOBHAN – I love the first part, the middle part is weird, the last part is okay.

LACEY – there was a part in her perf were her voice sounds annoying. Still sleepy and boring. If her performances will still be like that, better say goodbye now.

KATELYN – I thought the song choice is okay… but I found her performance a lil messy, like it was all over the place.. tsk tsk!

DIDI – I LOVE DIDI!! whooot! I’m glad she finally played the guitar… but I’m still waiting for a much awesome performance.

PAIGE – what the heck? It was a tragic performance.. the arrangement is really horrible.

CRYSTAL – BEST performance of the night!! Crystla Bowerrocks!

LILLY – still not a fan of her voice and singing style.  I’ll be okay if she left the competition someday.

Top 3: Crystal, Didi, Katie

bottom 3: Paige, Paige, and Paige.

Top 8 Guys

LEE – it was a nice try. But definitely NOT better than the original. Hmp!

ALEX – Not as goos as last week, but he’s still great. His voice is definitely awesome.

TIM – Waaaay better than last week. Yes, he can sing. That was a smart song choice, good for him.

ANDREW – He’s starting to bore me. I’ll just watch Gabe’s Come On Over.

CASEY – it was a so-so performance. Kinda bland.

AARON – Ok, I’m already awake. He’s not that great. Trying hard much. His moves, hands, voice, and everything about him is annoying.

TODRICK – The performance is awesome. But I don’t think he deserve to stay there. He’s the tendency to overdo/murder a song.

MICHAEL – I agree with sashapurse, the first part was really awkward.  Not that great. Really…

Top 3: Alex, Tim, Lee

Bottom 3: Andrew, Aaron, Casey


American Idol Top 8 – Goodbye to Scott

American idol season 8 - TOP 8

American idol season 8 - TOP 8

danny gokey – stand by me
I don’t like the arrangement of the song. The first part of the song is a little boring and I kinda lost there. But it is still a good performance. I also liked the end part. (-.-)

kris allen – all she wants to do is dance
I really don’t know the song, but he made it interesting. Though the problem is the band or the backup sounds overshadowed his vocals. And the song didn’t give him a shining moment, it’s just like an ordinary performance. (-.-)

lil rounds – what’s love gotta to do
Her voice is really powerful. I like her performance. But it’s still not enough. Still waiting for that right song that will make me say WOW. (-.-)

anoop desai – true colors
I love his rendition of the song. He owned it. He made a new version of that song. Yeah, his phrasing is really good. And I say he should stick with Ballads. He’s very good with it. (^.-)b

scott mcintyre – the search is over
The start of his song is actually good, but he ended it Horribly!! At some point, it feels like he’s shouting or something. And his vocals is not that powerful, the high notes is not that smooth. And I hate the last part of the arrangement of the song. q(0_o)p

allison iraheta – i can’t make you love me
I love her performance. Still has a rock flavor on it. Her voice is really powerful, flawless. I like her personality. She’s really the next big thing!! Love her. Love her. Love her!! (^.-)b

matt giraud – part time lover

LOVE IT!!!!! whootwooot!! It’s so hip.. Great vocals!! The best performance of the night for me. Hopefully he’ll be good like this all the way to the end!! d(^.^)b

adam lambert – mad world
I still disagree with the standing o, even if I watch it over and over again. The blue lighting kinda distracted me. The start of his song is actually really good, especially when he do the vocal controls. But when he starts hitting the highest note, it turns me off. And the ending is not that smooth. For me, not his best performance. (^.-)b

My Ranking:
1 Matt
2 Anoop
3 Allison
4 Adam
5 Kris
6 Lil
7 Danny
8 Scoot

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