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Disco night!!

top 7 disco night

top 7 disco night

LiL Rounds
-After all of the mistakes she have done in the past weeks, it seems like she lost all her charm and identity. It does not sounds so karaeoke to me, but I think it was really not enough.

Kris Allen
-S.U.P.E.R.B!! full of originality, great vocals, amazing guitar-playing. Definitely the one who deserves a spot on the finals!! (though I won’t say that he’s as good as Jason Mraz.. he’s not there yet :P)

Danny Gokey
-So predictable performance. Not exciting. I’m not a fan.

Allison Iraheta
-definitely a HOT stuff!! still very rocky, the vocals is superb, and she ended it very very well.

Adam lambert
-yes, he’s unpredictable, but I’m not a fan of this performance. The start was very smooth and good, but again, when he went further to the highest of the highest notes, the magic was gone… He’s good, yeah, but not his best performance for me.

Matt Girraud
-He started it good, but there were rough and pitchy moments in the middle. His high notes messed up the whole performance. Not really a solid performance. tsk tsk. It’s like he was dragging his own vocals to a higherlevel. sigh.

Anoop desai
-The last note was a bit rough. But it was an okay performance for me. The beat of the song is good. And the high notes was very smooth. I disagree with Simon’s comment on his performance. I really think he (anoop) did well.



Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai were eliminated.. too bad for anoop.. i don’t think he deserve it right now.. 😦


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Comments on TOP 7 Performance:

top 7 (with zac efron)

top 7 (with zac efron)

A bit disappointed with the only-2-judges commentary.. We need to hear Simon’s opinions!! arrgghh..

Allison Iraheta – I don’t wanna miss a thing
– the start of her song was a little boring, but she belt it out on the last part of the song. I think it was a good performance.

Anoop Desai – Everything I do.. I do for you
– great performance!! it was smooth and very heartfelt.. love it! he’s really great in ballads.. nice nice nice 🙂

Adam lambert – born to be wild
– for me, it was a frantic and frenzied performance.. I still prefer the mellow adam.. not this one.. definitely not this one.

Matt Girraud – Have you ever really loved a woman
– the start of the song is good.. but unfortunately, he stumbled on the bridge! oh no.. tsk tsk.. there were rough and pitchy moments. I’m so disappointed.

Danny Gokey – Endless Love
– Yes, I’m also distracted with his hand gestures before.. and it was still there.. But I kinda like his performance this week. Though I’m not a big fan of his vocals.. I don’t like his rough/raspy voice.. Yeah.. David Cook is really great last year!! yeah I just have to mention that hahaha.

Kris Allen – Falling Slowly
– I don’t know the song actually.. at first I was bored, but he managed to bring it on.. I’m loving his distinct great voice. Not the best though, but it was really good.

Lil Rounds – The Rose
– I was bothered with the new look, the new hair. Vocally it is actually good, especially the middle part. Though it’s a bit boring.. but I think she did well.. yeah..

My top 3:

– Anoop

– Allison

– Kris

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