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Finish Line!

Last week, two awesome races ended with a bang!

The 17th Season of The Amazing Race marked a history last monday.  The winners, doctors Nat and Kat, were the first All-female team who won the Amazing race.  They truly deserved it because they played it very clean, no petty fights throughout the race, and they overcome their fears (eating meat for Kat, and Heights for Nat).  I was hoping that Jill and Thomas will win too, coz they’re also a good and fair team, but that taxi driver really caused their lost.

Like I’ve said on my previous posts, it was my first time to watch and finish a TARA season.  And oh boy, it was the perfect timing!  Our representative, the Philippine team Rich Herrera and Rich Hardin, emerged as the first team to finish the Amazing Race Asia 4.  That final leg was really exciting when The team Riches and the Indonesia team were really close during the challenges. I was so afraid when Natasha and Hussein got the first car on the Caltex Station.  Good thing they picked the harder detour and Hussein refused to do the roadblock.  So, the Richards made their way to the final pit stop with no sweat!  Another deserving team, and they made all of the Filipinos very proud.

And what’s more amazing is that I got the chance to met these guys during their interview on The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar before the finale.  They are very nice and cool, and really friendly.

Now, I’m so freakin excited with the upcoming season of The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race Unfinished Business is the title of the 18th season of the CBS reality competition, and host Phil Keoghan announced during a preview at the end of the 17th season finale that when it debuts Feb. 20, “your favorite teams return to finally finish what they started and prove they deserve another shot.”


home again

whuddddup wordpress!! Merry Christmas!! 😉

Ok.. I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks.. so freakin busy and internet connection is not cooperating whenever I’m about to write a post.

So what now?.. how about some updates on my life? would that be entertaining?… oh well, who cares..

Home Again

Last month is definitely a big month for me… Everything happened so fast and boom! I’m back again in 1st BU *wide smile*… Last time, i posted something about losing hope and thinking of finding a new job.  But a couple of days later, I received a news that a project in 1st BU is in need of additional manpower, and that is actually the Part 2 / Version 2 of previous project that I was a part of.. so they got me from 3rd BU!

I broke the tradition, that’s what they say… but it’s a bittersweet feeling actually.  I’m happy that I’m back in 1st BU… but at the same time, I feel sad and I really miss B17. 😦

Now at CSIP2, I’m doing stuff that I really missed doing when I was in Denso (3rd BU)… Coding, DD documents, OT, freedom to use my cp, music during breaktime (breaktime daw oh?!), etc.  I can say that I’m really at ease here.

TV Series (extra)

It’s also a crazy month for TV Series that I’ve been following.  And I think this year, I’m watching a lot of em.

Amazing Race 17.  Finale na next week.  And I must say, I love the remaining 4 teams there.. yeah even Nick and Vicky. Pasaway lang talaga si Nick.  I love the fact that the strong teams made it to the finale (or final 4)… I love Jill and Thomas, they are very cool and relax during the race.  Same thing with the doctors Nat and Kat.  They are really nice and pretty strong.  If ever they win, they will be the first all-girl team winner of TAR.  The hosts are okay too, though medyo hyper and pushy si Brooke.  It’s really exciting.  I really hope Jill and Thomas or Nat and Kat will win the race!

Amazing Race Asia 4.  Another show that is about to end next week! A lil sad that the other Philippine Team was eliminated last week.. sayang.. 2 representatives sana yung Philippines, which means bigger chance of winning the race! sigh.. Rich and Rich is still there.. so there is still hope.  It’s been my first time to finish a season of TARA. Ok naman pala sya 😉

Survivor Nicaragua. Not really a great season. Naonka annoys me so much.  Good thing she already quit the game.  Happy that Brenda is out, I dont like the fact She and Sash controls the tribe… too predictable.  I’m starting to like Holly and Benry.  Seriously, I still don’t know who to root for this season.  Bahala na sila.  I’m still waiting for more shocking twists.

Glee. I’ve been loving the episodes of Glee these past few weeks.  From Charice’s appearance, Britney episode, Kurt’s emotional version of I wanna hold your hand, Teenage Dream cover, Girls mash-up perf, Will and Beiste’s kissing scene, Gwyneth Paltrow’s guesting (and her Forget You performance), the wedding march song, Brittany and Mike’s dance routine on Sectionals…. really love all of these things.  Glee’s episodes are getting better and better.  Can’t wait for more!

Avatar Series.  I’m done with Book 1 and Book 2.  I’m halfway through with Book 3. Sobrang bitin.. I wish i have the complete season na. haaaaays. Oh and btw, I really love Top!

And now I still need to catch up with Hellcats and The Walking Dead.  Will definitely do that on christmas vacation… that is, if i have that break. 🙂


New Seasons!!

nope… this is not about the weather.. asa naman na magka-snow sa pinas.

Last month, a LOT of tv shows started airing their new seasons, including all of my favorite shows.  The month of September was crazy! !


The 21st season of Survivor started airing last September 15.  It’s a battle between the Older Tribe and the Younger tribe.  I have a high expectation for this one since it followed a very awesome season (Heroes vs. Villains).

For this season, they included a famous coach, Jimmy Johnson, and girl with an artificial leg, a hottie asian chic, a dumb blonde guy, and an annoying big-mouthed lady.  They introduced a medallion of power, which will give them an advantage during challenges.   So far, it is an interesting season.  I’m liking Brenda, Kelly B, and Marty.. so far, those are my bets.


The second season of Glee aired last September 21.  A lot of the Filipinos are so excited for this new season, especially the first episode, because it will feature the debut of…. Harry Shum Jr’s ABS!! Lol… of course, it’s Charice Pempengco’s debut on Glee!

The moment I saw Charice there, I felt really proud!! And when she started singing, man!! I wanted to shout “that’s our kababayan!!”… really, really of the things that’s happening to Charice.  But I’m not really a fan though. 😛

And Harry Shum, aside from his abs debut, already got some lines… that’s really cool.  And Heather Morris, she’s so effin’ great on the second episode.

So far, I’m loving the episodes of Glee.. hoping to see more of Charice 🙂


It’s my first time to watch TARA.  I missed the first 3 seasons, and a lot of people are raving about it, especially when Mark & Rovilson joined the race (season 2).  So I said to myself that I should catch this one, and be hooked.

Our representatives for this season are Rich Herrera & Rich Hardin, and the aussie party girls (kunwari team philippines na rin sila) Jess & Lani.


The 17th season of my top favorite reality show (so sad that they didn’t win the Emmy’s for this year) started airing last Sept. 27.

I love the personalities of the teams for this season.  So far nobody is playing a dirty game.  And there’s also a new thing on TAR, which is the Express Pass, which will give the team who holds it a power to skip a task that they dont wanna do.  Dating couple Jill & Thomas got it on the first leg of the race.

So far, my favorites for this season are Jill&Thomas, The Doctors, and The Volleyball Players.  The TV Hosts are fun to watch, yeah, but they’re a little annoying sometimes, espcially Brook.  Same thing with Mallory, the daughter.  She’s too hyper that I can’t take it anymore.  I just feel bad for Kevin because he could do good in this race, but it is evident that his father slows them down.

I wish that this will be an exciting season… will definitely watch every episodes, especially for the fact that they’re going to the Philippines!!!! =)


With these TV shows, it means that I have a lot of downloading to do… and so, I need to free up some space on my HD, or get a bigger one 🙂

Anong petsa na!?

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