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End of Season

Almost all of the TV shows that I’ve been following has finally ended their current season this year. I’m happy that I’ve finished them all, but now I suddenly missed downloading the episodes and watching them every weekend.


The 18th season of TAR, Unfinished Business, ended its race wherein Sisters Kesha and Jen emerged as the winner of 1 million dollar prize.  I’m ok with the result… but I’ll be happier if Dad-Daughter Gary&Mallory won the race.  The finale was not that exciting since it was very obvious that K&J were really ahead of the other 2 teams.  Anyway, it was a good race. A memorable one.


Rob Mariano is the Sole Survivor of Survivor 22.  I think he really played it well this time, plus the other contestants were pretty lazy and dumb. It will be also great if Matt won the final Redemption Battle, and stayed all the way to the finals.  For sure, he will win that title.  This season is definitely memorable because of Phillip. What a character!!!


Yeah, the second season of this hit musical show is also over.  This season has also its ups and downs.  I havent seen the finale but I heard our very own Charice has an appearance and solo performance again! My favorite new character for this season though is Miss Holly Holiday!!! Gwyneth is definitely good, I love her character, and I love her versions of Fuck You and Turning Tables.


I already downloaded the last two episodes of this show.. not just for this season, but definitely the last 2 episodes!!!! Waaaah. My friend told me that the show was cancelled and it won’t have its next season… that sucks 😦


From a great bunch of fresh talents to a very boring season finale. Scotty won. KTHNXBAI.


Crying Russell

After losing the redemption duel against Matt, the notorious survivor player, Russell Hantz, cried under his hat.

In fairness, naawa ako kay Russell.  It is the very first time na matanggal sya sa laro.  And I must admit, Survivor will never be exciting without Russell.



Amazing Race 16: DAN AND JORDAN

It was an upset. Really.  But seriously, with this season, I’m okay with whoever wins the race… though I was really rooting for the Cowboys.. they made this race very interesting and entertaining.. dang!… bitter pa rin ng konti haha!  But the brothers did great, I must say… Their strategy is really commendable.  Though I still hate the thing that they did at the airport, that’s a little nasty move. Oh well, oh well… gotta move on.

I really enjoyed the last leg of the race… the challenges were so awesome.. especially that virtual game… and the memory challenge is back! yey for that!  And it was much more entertaining when Katie faced the angry lesbians… that was really hilarious.. hoorah for Katie though.  She really handled it very well.

So I’ll just share this video, showing the Cowboys being gracious on their defeat.

American Idol: LEE DEWYZE

Another (minor) upset here.. I was not rooting for the underdog this year, unlike last year (Kris Allen that is).  I thought Crystal is much deserving.  But heck, yeah, Lee is still okay.

I’ll just give my comments on the whole result show… It was awesome, and I never expected that.. of course, it is the last night of Simon Cowell.. and I really doubt if American idol will survive without him… I enjoyed the performances of the guest.. though I skipped some of them, coz they we’re so corny and old-ish… Love the Kris Allen, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera, Janet jackson and Alanis Morisette performances… and oh, how can I forgot the number of the past AI winners!!!! That was amazing.. though it’s a lil sad because Cook was not there 😦

anyway, here’s the winning/coronation song of Lee Dewyze, the acoustic version of Beautiful Day…

and here’s the tribute of the past AI winners and contestants for Simon Cowell


Now here’s a true winner!!  With this one, I’m definitely happy with the result!  Sandra, for me, is the sole survivor of this season!!

For me, Heroes vs Villains is the best season of survivor.  It was a crazy season… I mean CAH-REY-ZEEE!  There were a lot of twist.. shocking moves.. interesting tribal councils… exciting challenges!  The producers really succeeded in gathering the best and the most interesting castaways for this season.

I was on the side of the Heroes at the start of the game.. but I realized that the Villains are much more entertaining!  And I noticed Sandra right away.  I;m not a big fan of Russell… during Samoa, he was really good, but during the reunion show, his true personality came out… so arrogant.. and this season, he’s more wicked and arrogant and annoying!  So, I’m really happy that Sandra won this season.. Second victory for her!

~ o ~

Right now, I really miss watching Survivor and Amazing Race… oh, and American Idol, too (since january pa!)… I really hope that the next season will be awesome 🙂


Hodge Podge 3

Okay..  this seems to be the craziest week ever.

My monday is pretty awesome coz I won another promo at  The Morning Rush, P2000 worth of smart loads.

Now my problem is I dunno what I’ll do with this stuff. Oh I know.. I have to sell them somewhere… but I don’t know where.  Need to earn some money.. There are a lot of upcoming concert this summer.. must-see concerts.

And speaking of concert, I feel so bad that I missed the Paramore Concert here in Manila.  I really wanted to hear them live.. pero tinamad talaga ako.  Anyway, there are still a lot of concert na paparating, sabi ko nga.  I’m excited to see Owl City, Justin Timberlake & Jojo & Timbo, John Mayer, and Kelly Clarkson… so, I BADLY NEED MONEY.


Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite Hollywood Actresses.   And on the 82nd Academy Awards, she bagged the Best Actress trophy.  I’m happy that she won this award.  I love her movies, I love her wit, and her personality.

I already seen her movie The Blind Side.  To tell you honestly, I didn’t cry when I saw the movie… but her performance is really good, I must say.  But when I heard her acceptance speech when she received the award, I was in tears!!

So there, I’m really happy that she won.  Academy Award Winner, Sandra Bullock.


I know American Idol is really crappy right now… with the disappointing result of Top 12 and with the disgusting Kara-Simon Thing.  I’m just thankful that there are still reality shows that can save me from agony.

Love this season.  Great idea, Exciting challenges, Exciting survivors. Love it.  Of course, we usually root for the good guys, but for this season, I think I would love to see the Villains to win this.  They’re more entertaining.  The only bad news, to me, is that it’s not exciting anymore, coz I already found out who will be on the top 3.  Pero exciting pa rin kasi hindi ko naman alam yung mga magiging challenges and who will win.. so okay pa rin 🙂

I thought this is also a lame season. But No! Thank God to the Cowboys, Jett and Cord.  They are very entertaining, their expressions, their interviews, sobrang nakakatuwa.

I also love the father-daughter tandem.. I think they’re strong, and they’re playing the race really nice.  And for this season, the team that I hate is the Lesbian couple.  They’re annoying and sneaky.  Puro negative vibes.

I hope there’ll be more exciting challenges.  And I hope this will be an awesome season.  May the deserving team win!

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