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Gelli Victor – Probably.. or should I say definitely.. the hottest, sweetest, and loveliest Radio DJ I know.
I must admit, when I first heard her when she joined the very first Radio Idol, I was not an instant fan.  I was even upset when The Ride replaced Jumpstart during the morning shift. I love Igi and Fran kasi that time.  It was just 2008 when I began listening to her (and Jude) habitually.  I became an avid listener of The Ride that year.
During breaktime at the office, I always turn on my mp4 radio and listen to The Ride. So I used to chat (yes, YM pa nun. No twitter or Facebook, i think) with them to request for songs or join their topic. And it was Gelli whom I always chat with.
Gelli finally recognized my codename after several times of chatting (again, thank you to Mr. Joey De Leon for this awesome codename). I felt that I initially developed a special bond with Gelli.  She’s just so sweet and accomodating. I even remember one time when I accidentally buzzed her on the ym and I really felt so bad because I really think buzzing is so inappropriate. I said sorry many times, and she forgave me naman.
Then one morning, I won a Goldilocks promo courtesy of The Morning Rush. I asked JoeSpecialist to come with me to RX during lunch time and claim our prize. And luckily, Jude and Gelli was there! So we went inside the booth and I finally met Gelli in person. And I was so happy because she said that she’s happy to put a face on my name. 🙂

my first pic with Gelli victor

Months went on, I officially became a fan of Jude-Gelli tandem.  But a big change happened on RX, and we were all shocked with the change of schedule and partners.  Rico was assigned with Jude, Danielle joined Hazel and Cerah on Playtime, and Gelli was put on the Graveyard shift. We knew that Gelli didn’t like her new sched that time.  She was really worried that no one will listen to her, that it will be a lonely show.  So we assured her, that we’ll keep her company every early morning… and so we did!
Everyday we tried our best to wake up as early as 3am! just to listen to her show. Gelli On The Gravey. We always requests for our playlists to be played (5 songs), listen to her nuggets of the day, celebrity news, and enjoy the monster riot with her.  I even managed to made friends with a lot of people because of her show.  And she is just so surprised and overwhelmed with all of the messages and love she got from her listeners.
I had a lot of good memories with Gelli.  I even remember one morning, out of the blue, she announced on air that I’m such a celebrity daw, coz my tweets were protected that time and she even have to send a follow request just to see my tweets.  I really smiled that morning.
I also remember when she told me that she’s having a hard time reading a news about Oscar Dela Hoya because my codename kept on popping on her head 😀  Then one time, during a Monster Movie Premiere, I was waiting outside the entrance of the theatre, when I saw her with her boyfriend, about to watch the MMP too.  She approached me and made beso-beso with me. WOW.  She’s the first dj who did that to me! And I’m just so amazed and awed on how sweet and humble she is.  Gotta love this girl!
Her birthday this year is also memorable.  We went there to celebrate with her.  We ate her cakes and had a good time with her. I always love hanging around with her.  She’s so sweet and adorable.  She’ll gave you the warmest hug and the sweetest smile.  Then she boarded with AM during saturdays.. the sabaduo, and I enjoyed the chemistry between them.


But all good things come to an end. I started reading Gelli’s tweets about her worries.. about how unsure she is if she’s making the right decision.. And I initially knew what will happen next. Sept 4, 2010, AM & Gelli announced on air that next week’s Sabaduo will be very special.  I knew it.  So i decided to go to the booth that day. And so I am right. That was their last show of sabaduo.. and next week, she’s officially not an RX DJ anymore.  It was sad.. really, really, major, major sad. But I fully understand it. Her health had been on the risk during her graveyard shifts, and her schedules were crazy.  Those are all the reasons I could think of.  But we accepted it.. we accepted the fact that we will never get to hear her voice on air. That day, before she left, she gave us a really tight hug, and thanked us for the support.
And now.. It’s almost a month that I haven’t heard her voice. I miss Gelli a lot. I really do.  But for sure, we’ll get to see her again someday.  But I still hope that she’ll be back on air. I MISS YOU GELLI!

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