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Last Night

twilight movie premiere tickets + oracare on the side

twilight movie premiere tickets + oracare on the side

Lots of things happened last night (11/25/08).  Lots of first time for me.
So let me just blog it in!

But before i go there, let me just share what happened earlier that day. As usual, i start my morning with Chico and Delle and Chico’s apple eating (lolz).  Then during lunch time I hurriedly went to SM to buy an enclosure for my HDD, good thing I came back earlier as expected, kaya ayun nakakain pa ako.  And then a shocking but very fantastic decision was made: Liz will give her spare ticket of twilight to ME! whoootwoot.. Ayun, naaligaga na ako sa office.. tinapos ko lahat ng dapat tapusin para hindi muna mag-OT.  Nagpaalam ako agad sa Boss ko na pass muna ako sa OT and pinayagan naman ako, and that was awesome!.. and so, my first times that night are:

– first time kong mareceive ang Performance Appraisal ko. Paalis na ako ng office nang pinigilan pa ako ng isa kong Boss para idiscuss yung PA ko. And super happy naman that i got a high rating! woot.. ang pinakacommon na comment sa akin ng mga Bosses eh “Take time and Review” hehe.. ambilis ko kasi gumawa, pero madalas may mga code miss ako.. kya ayun, take time.. take time..

– first time kong makapasok sa Robinson’s Galleria. Yup. Yung sa Manila palang kasi yung napupuntahan ko.  @Galle: okay lang, hindi naman sya ganun kalaki..

– first time kong maka-attend ng Monster Movie premiere ng RX.. waaah ang saya ng pakiramdam hehe

– first time to meet in person “the legendary”, the apple of the eye and nose and lips and every part of the body of Manay Geee, the one and only, Jose De Vengenge!!! (oha ang haba ng intro hehe.. )

– first time to see Twilight (siempre)

– first time to eat KFC Snack Box (courtesy of Bullet: Thank you!!)

hindi ko talaga inakala na makakanood ako sa premiere.. kung alam ko lang, pumili sana ako ng mas okay na office clothes.. hehe.. THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!


Last Week’s Happenings

Saturday – August 16

The Rushers (adik sa EB)

The Rushers (adik sa EB)

– Rusher’s EB! We went again inside the booth of RX 93.1 and watched Chico and Delle doing the show live! Then after that, kulitan with Chico and Delle and the rest of the Rushers (including the craze with Alpha). Then JoetheSpecialist shared some greenwich pizzas which we ate at SM megamall foodcourt (with Ice breaker on the side courtesy of Mother Kytes). And the best part of the EB is the Movie Treat of Astroboy/KC!! We watched X-Files: I want to Believed. Thanks a lot to KC.

Rusher’s I finally met: Astroboy, Masterbather, Argueliz and Exmortis

– After that event, I stayed a little longer at the mall, waited for my classmates. Eco, Cherrie, Jayson and I ate our merienda at McDo.. kwentuhan, kamustahan.. it was a short get-together.. and we went to cyberzone to canvass some laptops

Monday – August 18

– Birhday of my Mon and Kuya Kaizer. We bought a bucketmeal at KFC, pizza at Greenwich, and cake at Goldilocks. Maliit na salu-salo lang sa bahay.

si mama

si mama

Thursday – August 21

– may kainan sa office.. celebration ng pagkakapanalo namin sa Sportsfest.. 3rd Place kami hehe (at 4 na team yung naglaban-laban hehehe).. anyway.. masaya naman.. i really enjoy my work right now.. dami kasing events ng company, and lagi ding may kainan.. enjoy kahit windang na sa Machine problem. =)


2007 birth anniversary!! — 10/13/07

it was a simple day for me.. but it was memorable, and i’ll treasure this first time experience forever.

Finally, i got my biggest dream! I finally met Chico and Delamar in person! Yes, face-to-face! it’s the biggest gift I’ve received for my birthday (actually, wala naman akong nareceive na gift, so it’s the only gift..)


I’m really a big fan of these two DJs, of this tandem. They are simply the best in the whole wide world — no,  in the whole universe! Meeting them is such a memorable moment to me. I even had a “picture taking” with them. They were so nice, Delle is very perky, Chico is a little quiet, but still they are really nice..

Img_6510I also met some of the regular rushers there, and they welcomed me warmly. They are also nice and bubbly, lalo na si Cherry (ge, i won’t call her ate, or use po hehe).. they are nice too.

it was indeed a memorable birthday.. i won’t forget that moment.



now, let me say my heartful thanks to those people who greeted me on my birthday.. THANKS guys!! thanks for remembering that date.
(base sa pagkakasunod ng text nila :P, excluding my family)

1. Adeng (advance yan)
2. Ate Remy (nagdefrost ng ref hehe)
3. Bianca
4. Aysa (lapit na ring tumanda :D)
5. Cherrie (thanking my patience)
6. Camille (madaling araw bumati)
7. Enrico (matipid yung bati, may galit? :P)
8. Leah (who bears w/ me, wala ng tuesday!)
9. Ms. Christine
10. Dennis (naliligaw yata, san daw kame? ahehe)
11. Julie (hindi nkasama sa RX)
12. Francis
13. Erika (mukhang hindi pa sure kung bday ko :D)
14. Jennelyn
15. yung kumanta ng happy bday (jhen, kaw din ba yon?!)
16. Jayson
17. Mabel (late na, at least hindi nakalimot :D)
18. aisha
19. ky2tes
20. frances

-> ang konti lang pala.. haay.. anyway.. dadami din yan someday (sana).
Thanks ulit mga peeps!!! Thanks!!

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