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May 2012

Homecoming. Concerts. Misunderstandings. Forgiveness. That’s how I sum up this month.

May 06 – Instameet with Eric (efsalo). I spent half of my day with my IG friends Eric, Gold, Bry, Ed, Den, Makoi, Dee, Icoh and Eugene at MOA.  We had lunch at Congo Grille, then Bowling.  After that, we went CBTL to chill and chitchat.  Pinagkatuwaan yung mga damit ng magsasantacruzan.  We waited until 7pm to see the Flores De Mayo there.  Then we ate at Chowking and played Truth or Dare 😀  It was also our first time to meet fellow Path-er, Herbie 🙂

May 12 – EK EB!!!! This has got to be the MOST FUN EB I had! A bus load of Rushers travelling to EK, Going to different rides together, Lunch and Dinner and Party at Foodcourt. It was sooo much fun!  And the fact that I’m one of the organizers of this event, I’m fulfilled to know that it was a success.  So happy that I survived Space Shuttle and Anchors Away, and I tried Go Kart again. Relieving the memories of this trip makes me smile again.  Excited to do this again with the Rushers 🙂

May 14 –  2nd homecoming for this month. We went to RX Booth to welcome Daomingza, MaanTaj, Dadagwapo, and Leshaun15!  Was surprised to receive another pasalubong from Jay, such a thoughtful friend he is!  Then I hang out with the Milk Tea Gang at Starbucks, got the chance to avail the Happy Hour thingy of sb. Had a quick trip to the dentist, but she was not there.  Then went back to RX (with MTG) to watch 6 Cyclemind live!  It was fun day indeed!

May 19 –  Went to Rob Galleria early in the morning to play Bowling with Erwin (Boi Bakal).  We really planned to have a face-off with this game, and had a deal that the loser in the match will be punished.  I ruled the first game with 115/107.. pero nakabawi naman sya game 2 with 146/98.  Unfortunately, I lost the match.  And the consequence for me was no sweat at all. sobra! tsk tsk!  Then we had lunch and exchanged stories.  Guess I found a new friend! 🙂

May 20 – Ina texted me that day and asked me to join them at Nido Discovery Center in MOA.  Me, Ina, Tonio, Renren and Madi went there and had so much fun! Talking with the funny fish cartoon, playing Kinect!, and watching this documentary about the Universe.  Then we ate dinner at Wendy’s and visited the Ice cream stall which serves special ice creams named after Chico, Dell, and Gino 🙂

May 23 – The second wave of SG Rushers invasion happened! Finally met Braso and Abs (spike_08 and LGtitular).

May 26 – Another jam packed day for me.  First, I attended the Rushers EB.  There were lots of attendees, as usual.  And we had so much fun sa Megamall Foodcourt when we had our lunch!..

Then our ultimate taksil time! Yes, we visited Suzy of Magic 89.9 during her show! haha! Apparently, she just came back from suspension that time. And we’re the one who welcomed her back. Nice!!

After this, I went to Malate to meet some old friends.  I was still undecided if I’ll watch Lifehouse that night. But a friend of mine, rocel, texted me and she’ll do something for me to be able to watch, so I rushed back north, went to Araneta, and watched Lifehouse with my friends! 🙂

May 27 – It was the 9th Instameet of Igersmanila! The event was held at this streetfood resto called Chef Arch’s Lime.  I met old and new faces there, and I even won something from Bahay,Baboy,Bagyo game 😀  Then after the instameet, some of us went to Chicago, Metrowalk to celebrate our friends’ birthday! Had 2 shots of Vodka and went home very late, kahit Monday na kinabukasan. I had fun though, that’s all good 🙂


This month is also the Performance Appraisal Month in our company.  I finally got my PA rating, and I must say, it was not that bad.  Now I feel more responsible, especially now that I got my own “team” to train and guide.  I can feel the pressure, so I need to work hard.  With regards to my tardiness naman, I am so happy! Finally, NO LATE for this month! Yay to that!  Hoping to this again this June, and I will surely reward myself 😉

This month is also the time where we help again some students to go to school.  RX’s Monster scholar.  Even if, I admit, that I was not able to contribute an amount this sem, at least I did something to help to spread the word.  So happy that the rushers managed to raise up a big amount of money, and now we’re sending 2 scholars to school! 🙂

Happylemon.  We’re still happy. Despite the numerous misunderstandings we’ve gone through this month.  There were instances na magagalit sya sa akin dahil di ko sya natext when I’m home already, and minsan naman ako yung magagalit kasi di rin sya nakapagtext.  Those simple things. Pero we’re always apologetic naman to each other and patch things up 🙂

I also did something…umm. thoughtful.. para sa kanya.  I went to their office early in the morning and gave a box of food.  So happy sa naging reaction nya.  Now, if someone will ask me “what’s the sweetest thing I did for someone I like?”, may masasagot na ko 😀

But we went through, probably, our most major misunderstanding so far.  All of a sudden, di nya ko tinext.  Whole day na walang messages galing sa kanya.  I was so worried. I swallowed my pride and texted sorry, kahit di ako sure if may kasalanan ako. Then next morning, I feel so depressed. I started thinking of those sad songs, remembering the promises. And sabi, “hay, maybe that’s it”.  Then when I was about to get in inside the MRT train, i checked my phone and saw a message. Happy Lemon!. I almost.. well, I teared up after seeing the text. Inexplain naman nya kung bakit nya ko dineadma the whole day, I completely understand.  Now we’re both leaving those things behind and start happy.  Hoping this things will strengthen whatever we have right now 🙂


Cough Syrup

Last month, this is the song that I discovered and it played in my head almost everyday! Sabi ng friend ko, pang-adik daw yung song.. but I don’t care… I just love the beat and the message of the song.  This was featured on Glee, but I first heard it on RX… but this version, the acoustic one, was shared by my friend on facebook.  Here’s Young The Giant, with Cough Syrup.

“Cough Syrup”

Life’s too short to even care at all oh
I’m losing my mind losing my mind losing control
These fishes in the sea they’re staring at me oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
A wet world aches for a beat of a drum

If I could find a way to see this straight
I’d run away
To some fortune that I should have found by now
I’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down, come down

Uhh ch ch ch ch

Life’s too short to even care at all oh
I’m coming up now coming up now out of the blue
These zombies in the park they’re looking for my heart
Oh oh oh oh
A dark world aches for a splash of the sun oh oh

If I could find a way to see this straight
I’d run away
To some fortune that I should have found by now

And so I run now to the things they said could restore me
Restore life the way it should be
I’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down

Life’s too short to even care at all oh
I’m losing my mind losing my mind losing control

If I could find a way to see this straight
I’d run away
To some fortune that I should have found by now

So I run now to the things they said could restore me
Restore life the way it should be
I’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down

One more spoon of cough syrup now [x2]


The Morning Rush. Happy 15th Anniversary!!

Last Friday (July 8), my favorite morning radio show, The Morning Rush w/ Chico and Delamar, celebrated their 15th anniversary.  Yes, it’s been that long that they’ve been making us smile and crazy every morning.  Then last saturday, they gathered all the rushers in CBTL, Ortigas to celebrate this momentous event.

I’ve been listening to them since 2002… but I’ve heard about them before pa. I can still remember that time.. when me and my kuya were so bored one morning, and we decided to surf the radio.  And we found them on KCFM. We listened to them a couple of days more, until they announced that it was their last show!… I lost them for a couple of years.. and when I was already in College, I found them again, on RX.  Since then, I was hooked!… I joined the forum of the rushers and found a lot of new friends.. I changed my codename, and blam! The rest is history..

The event last Saturday was jam packed despite the rain.  It was nice watching them live (haha though I’ve seen them live a lot of times na).  There were a lot of people, and it’s so nice because I saw a lot of people that I’ve been interacting with over Twitter.  There were also a lot of people saying “hi” to me, telling me that they finally met me. It was such a nice feeling!!! #celebrity

And one of the things that we’ve been waiting for that day is the announcement of the “large reveal”.  We were so happy and excited when they announced that they will be releasing a book!! A compilation of the Top Ten, in celebration of their 15th anniversary! 😀 (check it out here).

It was a fun-filled morning! And I’m looking forward for the Book Launch, and for the next EB! ^_^


RX93.1 Year-end countdown 2010

pic from mokong's blog

It’s been a habit of mine during New Year’s Eve to listen to RX 93.1 and wait for the announcement of the #1 song of the year.  It’s also fun to hear how they summarizes the music happenings on that year, certainly one of the best special shows of RX.


1. Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are
2. David Archuleta – Something ‘Bout Love
3. Train – Hey, Soul Sister
4. Train – If It’s Love
5. Adam Lambert – If I Had You
6. Usher feat. – OMG
7. James Morrison – Get To You
8. Charice feat. Iyaz – Pyramid
9. Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go
10. Jason Derulo – What If
11. Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted
12. B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars – Nothin’ On You
13. Sara Bareilles – King of Anything
14. B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams – Airplanes
15. Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – 2012 (It Aint The End)
16. Maroon 5 – Misery
17. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
18. Mariah Carey feat. Ne-Yo – Angels Cry
19. Eminem feat. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
20. Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg – California Gurls
21. Ne-Yo – One In A Million
22. Tanya Markova – Disney
23. Lifehouse – All In
24. Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul and Lil Jon – Do You Remember
25. Taylor Swift – Mine
26. Shontelle – Impossible
27. Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me
28. Flo Rida feat. David Guetta – Club Can’t Handle Me
29. Paramore – The Only Exception
30. Iyaz – Solo
31. Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris – Baby
32. Slash feat. Adam Levine – Gotten
33. Taio Cruz – Dynamite
34. Ne-Yo – Never Knew I Needed
35. Kris Allen – Before We Come Undone
36. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
37. Ne-Yo – Champagne Life
38. Chris Brown – Crawl
39. Nelly – Just A Dream
40. Kristinia Debarge – Future Love
RnB Act of the Year – Usher
New Artist of The Year – Bruno Mars
Band of The Year – Train
Male Artist of the Year – Bruno Mars
Female Artist of the Year – Katy Perry
The italicized songs on the list above are the songs that I voted for last year.  I’m happy that Bruno Mars ruled the final countdown, for he truly deserve it.  The two songs from Train were also pretty strong this year that it didn’t shock me to see them placing inside the top 5.  And well oh well, Get To You managed to take a spot at #7.  I think this james morrison song holds the record of longest stay in the countdown, thanks to us! 🙂
It was a great year for music… not much with OPM though. But it’s still ok.  I’m looking forward for this year’s music.

the chosen one

One morning, I received a text from one of the highly-respected rusher, Blueritz.  He said that he’ll be on vacay on Dec 13 up to Jan 07.  Since I promised him before that he can rely on me during when he’s off, He then asked me if I could do the recording of TMR.  Of course, it is an honor, so I accepted it, even if I knew that it will be a bit difficult for me, coz I’m a very busy person, and I don’t have the right tools.

Speaking of tools/gadgets/equipment, maybe you’re wondering (or maybe not, but let me just assume, k?) how do I record the show.  I actually have no idea how Blueritz do it, but for me, I depend a lot on my very hi-tech MP4.


very hi-tech.. with matching invisible glass screen na binalutan ng scotch tape. Yes, it is still working.  I just thought of showing it here… baka may maawa at bigyan ako ng bagong mp4. Haha! (yung ipod touch kasi walang radio :P)

So this thing is actually my portable radio.. since first year college (now I’m working for 2 years).. buhay pa naman sya, thank God.

So what I do is charge my mp4 before I sleep, then when I wake up (kelangan sakto 6am… pero minsan nalelate din), I turned on the radio and record the show.  Good thing meron syang feature na pwedeng irecord yung radio.. so during top10, I record the show, then pag tapos na yung top10, I need to pause the recording.  I’m doing it while I’m eating breakfast, while taking a bath! (though lately kinakuntsaba ko na yung Kuya ko to do it while I’m busy), while I’m on my way to work, and during morning briefing sa work!! 😀

Oha dedicated much.. though I’m not that satisfied with my recordings.. kasi hindi sya HD. hehehe.  And there are certain area in EDSA na medyo mahina yung signal (so if you are listening and naging choppy or static, nasa EDSA-Crossing/Shaw ako nun, nakasakay sa bus)… pero ok pa naman.. mapagtatyagaan pa naman 🙂

So now, nakasurvive ako ng 1 week.. and I’m actually getting better, I must say.  Thanks to Targrod pala for suggesting an audio converter, mas napadali buhay ko… and thanks din sa mga nangulit *ehem* lol, at sa mga naghintay.

Hopefully my recordings are enough to satisfy your daily C&D cravings. I will do my best to make it much better, at mas updated pa.. (medyo busy lang kasi sa work)

Thanks guys, and merry christmas! soso este xoxo.

(naku medyo paawa epek pala tong post na to… baka magdalawang isip si blueritz sa susunod hahaha. kidding 😉 )



Happy Birthday 2010

It’s been more than a week since I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Celebrated? hmm.. parang ganun.. though wala naman talagang celebration/party/kainan/that-kind-of-thing.

It was a normal day actually.. I slept early that night para makagising ako ng sobrang aga on my birthday.  I woke up as early as 1:30 am, and tuned in to Tom Alvarez (hehe. adik talaga sa RX).. ayun, nagpagreet na ako.. then gising na ako hanggang 6am.  Andre greeted me during his show.. bigla ko tuloy namiss si Gelli.  I wonder what she’ll say on air.. haaaay..

Anyway.. then Morning Rush na.. was really waiting for the bday greetings.. kaso biglang nasira yung net connection. Dang!! Pero buti naayos din hehe.. and I felt happy when the duo greeted me (and granted my request, pa-special kunwari)! 🙂

At the office, my colleagues started greeting me, and my batchmates on 3rd BU, and my teammates on DSL.  Then nagpakain ako ng pandesal (sosyal na pandesal from Pan De Manila :P) sa B17.

After ng work, I met up with friend Mr.Perk to get my Bohol tickets, then headed home.  I was expecting for a cake that night, pero nung umuwi ako.. wala 😦  They expected pala that I’ll be the one who will buy my own cake, eh tinamad ako.. kaya ayun.  So I spent my evening in front of the PC, checking the overwhelming number of birthday greets I received from my friends and strangers. Approximately 600 greets. wow. (binilang ko talaga? haha).  It didn’t matter to me anymore that I don’t have a birthday cake that day, coz I know that I’m living a life that’s worth living, and people around me are loving me.. kahit di romantic, tsk. 😛

Anyway, I’m not doing the Ang PINAKA birthday greets for this year.. maiba naman.  And tinatamad din ako hehe.. I’m just thankful with all of the greetings I received, from my friends, and kahit sa mga di ko pa namimeet in person, thank you so much. Galing talaga ng facebook calendar no? Hahaha!  And to those who forgot my birthday, may araw din kayo. LOL

And gotta say thank you to my Riot Boyz for an awesome gift.  🙂

And to my college friends na nagpromise na may gift daw sakin.. ehem. Sige I’ll wait for it.. pero wag sanang umabot ng Christmas at maging christmas gift na lang. 😛

Again, THANK YOU GUYS for all of the love.  *big smile*




Gelli Victor – Probably.. or should I say definitely.. the hottest, sweetest, and loveliest Radio DJ I know.
I must admit, when I first heard her when she joined the very first Radio Idol, I was not an instant fan.  I was even upset when The Ride replaced Jumpstart during the morning shift. I love Igi and Fran kasi that time.  It was just 2008 when I began listening to her (and Jude) habitually.  I became an avid listener of The Ride that year.
During breaktime at the office, I always turn on my mp4 radio and listen to The Ride. So I used to chat (yes, YM pa nun. No twitter or Facebook, i think) with them to request for songs or join their topic. And it was Gelli whom I always chat with.
Gelli finally recognized my codename after several times of chatting (again, thank you to Mr. Joey De Leon for this awesome codename). I felt that I initially developed a special bond with Gelli.  She’s just so sweet and accomodating. I even remember one time when I accidentally buzzed her on the ym and I really felt so bad because I really think buzzing is so inappropriate. I said sorry many times, and she forgave me naman.
Then one morning, I won a Goldilocks promo courtesy of The Morning Rush. I asked JoeSpecialist to come with me to RX during lunch time and claim our prize. And luckily, Jude and Gelli was there! So we went inside the booth and I finally met Gelli in person. And I was so happy because she said that she’s happy to put a face on my name. 🙂

my first pic with Gelli victor

Months went on, I officially became a fan of Jude-Gelli tandem.  But a big change happened on RX, and we were all shocked with the change of schedule and partners.  Rico was assigned with Jude, Danielle joined Hazel and Cerah on Playtime, and Gelli was put on the Graveyard shift. We knew that Gelli didn’t like her new sched that time.  She was really worried that no one will listen to her, that it will be a lonely show.  So we assured her, that we’ll keep her company every early morning… and so we did!
Everyday we tried our best to wake up as early as 3am! just to listen to her show. Gelli On The Gravey. We always requests for our playlists to be played (5 songs), listen to her nuggets of the day, celebrity news, and enjoy the monster riot with her.  I even managed to made friends with a lot of people because of her show.  And she is just so surprised and overwhelmed with all of the messages and love she got from her listeners.
I had a lot of good memories with Gelli.  I even remember one morning, out of the blue, she announced on air that I’m such a celebrity daw, coz my tweets were protected that time and she even have to send a follow request just to see my tweets.  I really smiled that morning.
I also remember when she told me that she’s having a hard time reading a news about Oscar Dela Hoya because my codename kept on popping on her head 😀  Then one time, during a Monster Movie Premiere, I was waiting outside the entrance of the theatre, when I saw her with her boyfriend, about to watch the MMP too.  She approached me and made beso-beso with me. WOW.  She’s the first dj who did that to me! And I’m just so amazed and awed on how sweet and humble she is.  Gotta love this girl!
Her birthday this year is also memorable.  We went there to celebrate with her.  We ate her cakes and had a good time with her. I always love hanging around with her.  She’s so sweet and adorable.  She’ll gave you the warmest hug and the sweetest smile.  Then she boarded with AM during saturdays.. the sabaduo, and I enjoyed the chemistry between them.


But all good things come to an end. I started reading Gelli’s tweets about her worries.. about how unsure she is if she’s making the right decision.. And I initially knew what will happen next. Sept 4, 2010, AM & Gelli announced on air that next week’s Sabaduo will be very special.  I knew it.  So i decided to go to the booth that day. And so I am right. That was their last show of sabaduo.. and next week, she’s officially not an RX DJ anymore.  It was sad.. really, really, major, major sad. But I fully understand it. Her health had been on the risk during her graveyard shifts, and her schedules were crazy.  Those are all the reasons I could think of.  But we accepted it.. we accepted the fact that we will never get to hear her voice on air. That day, before she left, she gave us a really tight hug, and thanked us for the support.
And now.. It’s almost a month that I haven’t heard her voice. I miss Gelli a lot. I really do.  But for sure, we’ll get to see her again someday.  But I still hope that she’ll be back on air. I MISS YOU GELLI!

great week (part 2)

yesssss may part 2!

And it seems like things are getting better and better… but.. oh well, let me just quickly glance at my awesome week with this post.

Karate Kiddos

Karate Kid

I watched this movie with my good friends, Edzcel and Ron.  At first, we really can’t decide what to watch that day.  Either Toy Story 3 or Karate Kid.  Pero mapilit si Ron.  He wants to watch TS3 in 3D, but there’s no available time that day.  So we end up watching this movie, at Podium Cinema.  That was my first time to watch in that movie house, and I must say, the ambiance is really impressive… like it’s so sashaaal… there were only few seats, and the screen and perfectly placed in front of you.

I’m happy that we watched this movie.  It was really good.  Lot of funny moments, esp the mom.  She’s hilarious.  The drama and kilig factors are good, and the fight scenes are awesome.  I love the soundtrack, too.  Made me fall in love again with John Mayer’s Say.  And that song of K’Naan feat. Adam Levine.. i like it.

Corny Corner Prince

my request was featured again on Mixed Tape’s Corny Corner.  It was an old track from Richard Reynoso, Hindi Ko Kaya.  Christi said that she fell in love with the singer during that time, but agrees that the song is really corny. 😀

So i received a lot of reaction from my rx friends regarding my CC requests.  Corny it is! And I really like it when Triflernomore tweeted that I’m the “Corny Corner Prince“, as Kuya Joe is the King.  Whoa.  It’s definitely an honor for me hehe… I just can’t remember kung ilang requests na ko sa CC.  I just really enjoying requesting these songs… cringe fest talaga, but we love it. 😀

Knight and Day Preem

Knight and Day

my 2nd movie for this week, but this time, it’s for free.  I was still undecided to whom I’ll give my extra tix.  I was supposed to give it to my officemate, but he needs two tickets.  So I decided to throw a contest over twitter, and Dru texted me first!

I logged out early that day.  I actually don’t know the exact venue.  Greenbelt 3.  It will be my first time, yet again.  Good thing Perk and Stephen were still at Jollibee, Glorietta… they saved me from being lost.

It was a lucky day, actually.  I won a Kaspersky Anti virus installer during the raffle.  And the movie is awesome.  Without me, With me.  It was fun!

Leadership & Badminton

I spent my whole friday at Sendai Conf Room, where our Leadership Seminar Training was held.  Boss Manny is a good speaker, ang daming kwento.. so I didn’t find the whole seminar that boring.. it was fun!  And the food is awesome, hehe.. that’s important, of course.  I’m just not sure right now if I’m ready… to be a leader.  But I must be.  That’s the only path I should take.

Then after that day, I went to Greenhills to play badminton with my rushers friends… feeling ko pagaling ako ng pagaling. Hahahaha! And we met jedi master and we played with him… we can tell na naghohold-back pa sya kasi nga newbies lang kami.. he’s definitely a pro in this game! 🙂

EB, New Friends, Food Trip

from cherry

Last saturday of the month.  EB again with the rushers!  And I didn’t realize until acer texted the duo that this was actually the 2nd Anniversary of Rusher’s Monthly EB!! whoa.. yeah, it has been that long that we’ve been meeting new people, make friends with them, losing some, gaining more.  It’s been 2 years!! *sniff sniff*

I was a little for this EB, but I’m glad that there were new (and old faces) when I arrived at the booth.  Saw kuya acer, kuya dhey, and kuya rc again.  Plus merski and reichen.  And there are new faces like catleya, yazrei, and asnallar’s friends.  We didn’t stay long and we went to SM megamall to have our lunch.  This time, we went to Kenny Rogers!! level up ng konti!

then after that, we went to Secret Recipe… para kumain ulit! 😀 On our way there, we met another fellow rusher, Ninya Baler.  I knew her as JDV’s friend.  Glad to finally meet her.  So ayun nga, we went to Secret Recipe… sinamahan ang Wedding Wizards on their business meeting.  I ordered this yummy brownies, and it tastes heaven!

Toy Story 3… *sobs*

Toy Story 3

Then after our food trip, we (me, ron, rina, selwyn, paul and ninya) watched Toy Story 3.  I heard that a lot of the people are loving this third installment of Toy Story… but I didn’t expect a lot.

We were just in time… and my oh my.. the movie is sooo freakin awesome.  Pixar FTW.  It will teach you a lot of things… Appreciation, Letting Go, and… ummm.. ok na yun, marami na yang 2. :))  This is probably one of the best movies this year… and for goodnesssake, it made me cry 3 times!!!!


That was my great week… but I have this feeling that there might be a bad news next week… yeah, I’m being a pessimist right now. Sigh.  But I’ll still try to hope for the best… 🙂

Anong petsa na!?

July 2020

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