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BSCS 4-4 Christmas Party 2007

It was December 17, 2007. Our class, BSCS 4-4, decided to conduct a Christmas party in one of our classmate’s house (and it was at Jayson’s house). We never had a Christmas party since we became classmates in college, but since we’re already graduating this May (hopefully), we all decided to make this Christmas very special. Our call time is 9am, but I expected that most of them would be late so I decided to be late as well (just for a change, I’ve been always the one who’s waiting). It was also Monday, and I still have to watch Amazing Race that morning, so I decided to be there at 11am (so I informed them before hand that I’ll be that late). Unfortunately, there was no Amazing Race that day (I don’t know why), so I left the house earlier. I went at Baclaran Church and utter some prayer to give us guidance for the day’s activity.

We arrived at Jayson’s house at exactly 12 noon. Sadly, we were very few that time, and we heard some of our classmates wouldn’t be there. But we still enjoyed the party. We played some games and ate lots of food. We also exchanged gifts and I’m very satisfied with what I’ve received (Thanks angelie!).

The most memorable part of our Christmas party was the round-the-fire event. It was exactly 9 pm when we started to gather around a huge bonfire on the church ground. It was memorable because that night we thanked each other for all the special reasons we know. Some were teary-eyed and some were very emotional. There were lots of revelations, lots of funny remarks, and lots of heartfelt messages. It was really special, though it would have been a lot better if the whole class were there.

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Are you afraid of the dark - Sidney Sheldon
"Do you go there often?"
"I used to go there when I wanted to escape."
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He hesitated. "Loneliness. I felt less lonely
He glanced at Kelly and smiled. "I haven't been there since I met you."