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great week!

After a very depressing week… things eventually improved for me.  Like what I’ve posted a couple of days ago, I hoped that things will go my way.. and it did!

Our project is finally over, but we’re still doing some investigations for it.  And then I was assigned for this special task and I accepted it confidently.  I can feel it… the passion is back.  I can see some improvement in me… and I’m hoping this will continue and I will not lose it.

I finally tried this new drink, I’ve been tweeting about it lately. Nescafe coffee drink.

I’m happy that I tried drinking this.  It was yummy, much cheaper than starbucks coffee, and it keeps me awake!  I can’t say that I’m officially addicted, but maybe.. I’ll buy one every morning. Haha!

Then last… hmmm wednesday? or thursday?… during our lunch break, I was tuned in to The Ride… RX started giving away tickets for the Monster Movie Premiere of Knight and Day the other day, so I was waiting for chances of that promo… I went to our Net Kiosk and check my emails.. then when I went back to my table and put on my earphones, I heard Rico Robles announcing that the first texter will win a pair of MMP tix!! I grabbed my celfone, typed in my name and the answer, and sent it right away to 2299.  And voila! They announced that I won the premiere tickets!

Then last friday, while i was online, i decided to check out some of Gabe Bondoc’s videos that I haven’t seen yet.  I browsed his youtube page and saw his song “Addiction” and watched it.  Then I posted it in my facebook page.  After a couple of minutes, I received a notification saying “Gabe Bondoc accepted your friend request.”

Waaaaah! I got excited!! I instantly posted a message in his wall.. and broadcasted in my own wall!! I’m such a fan, I swear.  So since I still dont have a copy of his LP, i downloaded his songs, 56 songs!, and put it in my phone… I’m a big fan that way!  So here, lemme share to you one of his great songs.. Addiction.  Addicition it is.


Great start of the week!

SBOF with me, acer and raine (pic courtesy of Benjai)

SBOF with me, acer and raine (pic courtesy of Benjai)

08.15.09 – Saturday. The SBOF Rushers prepared a send-off party for Specialist Joe, who’s flying to Singapore this coming weekend to unwind and, at the same time, search a for brighter future. I was pretty lucky to be invited by the group. It was such a fun night hanging out with the SBOF, Acer, and Raine. And yes, I’m marking this date, for I’ve tried something I never thought I would do. Oh well. 🙂

08.16.09 – Sunday. I met up with my college friends in Trinoma for a movie bonding. As usual, I’m the early bird in the group. waited there while listening to RX. Glad that Jimmy of Radio1 played my request that afternoon. Then when my friends arrived, we decided to watch The Proposal, and we had fun watching the movie!

08.17.09 – Monday. The latter part of this day was pretty amazing!!! I was first hesitant of going to RX to watch Sitti in CS. But then, I still decided to give it a go. Then my friend Ria asked me to meet her up in McDonalds El Pueblo coz she has a surprised for us. Un/fortunately, I was the only one who went there to see her. Little did I know, her surprise was actually her friend.. RHIAN RAMOS!!! I was starstrucked, well, for a while. And I sat with them on the same table while they’re eating and chatting..oh man. I just couldn’t believe that it happened to me. But wait.. there’s more! Rhian allowed us (Ria and me) to ride in her van and she dropped us in the RX station. My 2 friends, Stephen and Ron, were also lucky that night coz they also had the chance to meet her. And of course, there’s the picture taking!

with Rhian Ramos (pic courtesy of stephen)

with Rhian Ramos (pic courtesy of stephen)

Sitti LIVE!

Sitti LIVE!

Then that evening, we went straight to the RX studio. Met Jolly again, and finally met Thea (demi lovato) of radio 1. Then we enjoyed the Concert Series of Sitti, especially when she sang her own version of Sweet Child of Mine. awesome! we also had our chance to take our picture with Sitti. It was really a vanderful night!!

mojacko, romeo, ME, stephen, astroboy, papu, benjai, joe, and jobert

mojacko, romeo, ME, stephen, astroboy, papu, benjai, joe, and jobert

08.18.09 – Tuesday. My mom and kuya’s birthday. The day started really great. I won a free invite for the 20-minute sneak peek of James Cameron’s Avatar (Thanks to The Ride). Then I’m a bit hopeless and sad later that day, coz I won’t be able to watch the MMP of The Time Traveler’s Wife. So I just spent my night searching for the book. Went to SM Megamall.. and failed. Also went to Greenbelt Powerbooks to search for the book (and wait for a miracle too hehe). And it happened (my horoscope)! Good thing Joe decided to give the extra ticket to me since the person who owns that tix won’t be able to watch the movie. So I hurriedly went to G4 and wait for Joe. Then Gelli saw me waiting there and she gave me a very sweet beso-beso.. awwww. she’s really the nicest and sweetest dj ever! And Mr. Tony is also very nice. I also finally met Bea!! One of my favorite Radio 1 DJs! She was really tall and very very nice. Too bad I decided to leave my cam in the house. darn!

The movie was good. Well, I almost shed a tear. almost. Anyways, I also saw Alpha again, who’s also very nice. And I also finally met the Mr. Twitter of The Philippines (hehe), Romeo!!

It is indeed a very great start of the week!! Looking forward for more happenings! 🙂


Harry Potter 6’s Official Trailer

weee… excited na ko ^^,

sana kapag naging MMP to ng RX at hindi ko nagawang manalo ng ticket, may mag-aya sa kin na manood.. *wink at the rushers*


May premyo sa problema!

Whoootwooot! I won tickets for the Monster Movie Premiere of Knowing!!

Tickets courtesy of The Show with Enzo and Andre at RX 93.1

I joined this segment on their show called “Radio revelations” wherein listeners will send their problems, any problems, and the djs (Enzo and Andre) will give their advices..

Ayun, nag-isip ako ng entry.. one problem muna sinend ko through YM… then after an hour nag-isip pa ako, para dalawa.. and they gave me an awesome advice on the second one..

Then after that minessage na ako ni andre (i cant remember the exact messages)..

The Show: ei

The Show: makinig ka later

The Show: may iaannounce kami

The Show: interesting

jun13: hmmm.. 😀

jun13: pano yan nakasched na ang shutdown ng mata ko mamayang 3am..

The Show: hahaha

The Show: sayaaang

The Show: sige sasabihin ko na

jun13: wag muna!!!!

The Show: after this song

The Show: ay

The Show: after another one song

jun13: kahit mamaya nalang, end ng show

And then, after two songs nga.. inannounce na nila..

Enzo: and we’ll be giving away a pair of tickets for the Monster Movie premiere of Showing Knowing.. for the Radio Revelation segment.. and the winner is…

Enzo and Andre: Oscar dela Hopia!!

Enzo: apparently he is a very problematic guy!

Lolz.. ayun.. i won! whootwooot.

My second win in RX promos.. konting sipag pa hehe.

You can catch The Show with Enzo and Andre every Sunday, 12am-4am and they will play all the coolest HipHop and RnB tracks!!

Knowing - Nicolas Cage

Knowing - Nicolas Cage

Anong petsa na!?

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