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ODH Anniv!!

Oscar Dela Hopia

It’s been a year since the hype of Manny Pacquiao and Oscar Dela Hoya fight. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was worried on how the fight would turn out. It was definitely the talk of the town.

One saturday, I was watching Eat Bulaga, and saw this EB babe, Ann, doing her thing on one of the portions of the noontime show. The EB hosts used to call her “hopia” because of her “mali-mali” characteristic [she has the tendency to get easily surprised/shocked]. Then, Joey De Leon, the master of creativity and witty remarks, suddenly blurted out the name “Oscar Dela Hopia” for EB Babe Ann. And I find it very funny, and I thought, ‘hey, that’s a nice codename’.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been an active rusher since 2007, and I’ve been using the codename “Jun13” for my entries, requests, and greets. The codename is a lil lame but it has its own significance to me, putting together my nickname and my birthday/fave number. But I thought, “Oscar Dela Hopia” would be perfect for me too, since my real name is Oscar, and I’ve been very addicted to hopia that time (well, until now).

So December 8, 2008, I tried joining the top10 using that new codename, and it was a hit! (well I do believe it was). My co-rushers loved it and found it really catchy. I also used that name on the other shows of RX and the DJs also found it very funny. Success!

But that doesn’t end there. My codename evolved to different forms. Chico made a booboo one time and accidentally read my codename as “Oscar Dela Hopia Mani popcorn”.. it was hilarious! So the people started appending more stuff on my codename, making it much longer. But some peeps enjoyed the other style. Gino of Jumpstart enjoys calling me ODH!, Dru invented the codenames O dela Ho, and O dela Ho to the P.I.A., some peeps call me O dela Hops, and the list goes on…

Another cute story. Gelli (GOTG) told me one time that she had a hard time doing the news about Oscar Dela Hoya because my codename keeps popping in her head. And she repeatedly say “Dela Hoya” to herself just to avoid the mistake. 🙂

And most of the times, I receive messages in facebook and twitter saying that they always hear my name on the radio and they found it very funny. Some do say that they’re a fan! Whoa. I never thought that this will happen to me. Too overwhelming.

So this morning, I celebrated the anniversary of my codename. I texted C&D about it and they remembered it. I’m so amused because Chico still remembered my old codename. That was really cute!

So now, I’m very thankful to Mr. Joey De Leon. I’m very thankful that I made that decision to change my codename. I’m very thankful that I have the capacity to make people happy.

Happy Anniversary to me!

and oh, Merry Christmas!! enjoy my snowy blog! 🙂

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"I used to go there when I wanted to escape."
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