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Maroon 5!

Last May 16, Maroon 5 performed once again in the stage of manila, and this time, I was there to experience it!

After spending so much on The Script’s concert a couple of months ago, I was really hesitant to watch Maroon 5.  The ticket price are too expensive, and I was really on a tight budget that time. BUT it might be the last chance, it is a once in a lifetime chance, to hear them live, I don’t want to regret it. So, I really didn’t know what to do.

Then one afternoon, my friend, Edzcel, texted (or tweeted) me that there’s a 50% discount promo for M5 tickets, and  a silver tix will only cost 1600+!! So we/he bought our tickets right away, and there, I’m watching the guys!

On the day of the concert, the weather was really bad.  We thought that it’s a good thing that the venue is in SMX Convention Center, at least the threat of the rain will not ruin the event. HOWEVER, we found out that SMX is not a good venue either.  There were huge concrete posts in the MIDDLE of the convention area, and the stage is too low that we were not able to see the band at all!!  Thank God there were huge screens all over the place.. but still.

Anyway, despite the fact that we didn’t see Adam Levine and the rest of the guys, we still enjoyed that night! We were singing and dancing along the hit songs of the band, they even did a cover of an Alicia Keys  song, and man, Adam Levine’s voice is just effin CRAZY!! UNBELIEVABLE.  He’s just so energetic, and the voice is really awesooooome.

After that, we spent the rest of our night in a coffee shop, wherein my two friend drooled over this barista of SBC.

It was really a fun night, and I’m so happy that I experience the Maroon 5 Live! Now, all I have to mind is how I will pay for my debts. Haha!

Here are some of the vids (from youtube)


The Script LIVE!

I’ve always been very vocal that if ever The Script will visit the Philippines for a concert, I will definitely be there.  I’ve been dreaming, and hoping that it will really happen very soon.

Since they released their sophomore album last year, my hopes intensified, for there is a possibility that the band might do some tours, and hopefully, stopped by here in country.

One evening, I was killing time in facebook, when I saw a post from ManilaConcertScene. A line from The Script song.  I was so thrilled when I so that. I knew, one of my dreams will be a REALITY.


April 16, 2011. Araneta Colliseum. The place is jampacked!!!

The crowd went wild when the lights started flashing on the stage! There they were! The band that we truly adore.. and they amazed us when they sang all of their songs.. hit after hit.. and the whole Araneta were singing and screaming along!! It was really a fun night. I really had a blast!! One of the most unforgettable concerts that I’ve experienced!

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He glanced at Kelly and smiled. "I haven't been there since I met you."