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The Morning Rush 13th Anniversary


13 YEARS!!!

Wow. Talk about longevity.  This only proves that this amazing radio duo is still unbeatable and will forever be the best radio tandem in the whole universe!! CHICO AND DELAMAR rockz!!

I can still remember my very first post here in my blog.  LINK. Sila agad yung una kong topic.  I just really really love them! I can say that they really changed my lonely life (o’ drama)..

I started listening to them nung 2002 (yata). Magthi-third year HS na ko nun.  Summer nun, and bored na bored kami ng kuya ko that time.  So we browse all the music stations and found them in KC FM.  Medyo familiar na pala kami sa kanila kasi namention na sya samin nung tita namin before.

So ayun.. we listened to them. Pero after few days, we found out na mawawala na daw yung TMR (that time).. sad.  So I never heard from them for such a long time din.  Until nagcollege na ako.. Summer ulit, and I found them again, sa RX 93.1 naman!! Happy ulit.

I even remember I used to bring a large walkman in school just to listen to them. May loud speaker pa yun to influence my classmates 😀  Then I bought my first MP4, and ayun na, I became so addicted with the show na.  Pero that time, silent rusher pa lang ako nun.  Never akong nagtext sa kanila, kahit requests or greetings (kasi wala pa kong cellphone nun LOL)

Then sunod-sunod na yung nangyari.. I joined the forum of rushers and met a lot of cool people there.  Then nung 4th year College na ko, I started joining the top 10 using my codename Jun13.  Then nung October 2007, I finally met them! LINK.

After that moment, mas naging active na ako.  Sa top 10, sa greetings, and sa pagrerequest ng songs.  I also started listening to the other shows in RX, especially Jumpstart and Countdown top7.  Then I became more active in the forum of the rushers.

Then ayun nga, I started joining the top 10 more often.  I even blogged about my first time to land in the top spot of the top 10 LINK.  I even started keeping a note of all my top entries that made it to the top 10.  Check out this page.  And feeling ko mas nakilala yata ako when I changed my codename from Jun13 to OscarDelaHopia!

Ayun na, tumatak na sa lahat ng mga rushers yung codename ko.  Even the other RX jocks already know me. I’m so happy!! The Morning Rush totally changed my life that way.

Thanks Chico and Delamar. Thanks Rushers. Thanks The Morning Rush! Happy 13th Anniversary!!!!!


with Delamar

with Chico

with Chico


My First Ever TMR Top 10 Entry

August 28, 2007

Top 10 Bitchiest Thing You’ve Heard in School

hmmm yan yata yung first time ko… not sure though hehehe.. baka lang 😀
pero baka hindi nga.. pero lang yung first na na-note ko eh hahaha

and yeah.. Jun13 pa ako nun ^^,


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