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On the spot: Heartfelt

Yeah, this is a pretty old album, but I decided to listen to it again, and feature my top 5 songs here.

Released last 2007, this is Kyla’s sixth album and her first album that is composed of revivals.  She released a couple of singles and made the music videos for Love Will Lead You Back, I Don’t Want You To Go, and It’s Over Now.

Track Listing

  1. I Don’t Want You to Go” – (Originally performed by: Lani Hall)
  2. Love Will Lead You Back” – (Originally performed by: Taylor Dayne)
  3. “I Don’t Have the Heart” – (Originally performed by: James Ingram)
  4. Brokenhearted” – (Originally performed by: Brandy)
  5. “Home” – (Originally performed by: Brian McKnight)
  6. “I Miss You So Much” – (Originally performed by: TLC)
  7. “Always & Forever” – (Originally performed by: Luther Vandross)
  8. Wait for You” – (Originally performed by: Elliott Yamin)
  9. Over the Rainbow” – (Originally performed by: Patti Labelle)
  10. One Day in Your Life” – (Originally performed by: Michael Jackson)
  11. “Someone” – (Original/lyrics by: Tamara Savage)
  12. “Last Chance” – (Originally performed by: Allure)
  13. “With This Tear” – (Originally performed by: Celine Dion)
  14. “If I Were You” – (Originally performed by: Tamia)
  15. “It’s Over Now” – (Originally performed by: Joey Albert)
  16. “For You” – (Originally performed by: Kenny Lattimore)
  17. Over the Rainbow” (Alternate Version)

What I love about this album is that even if the whole album is pure revivals, it is still great.  Kyla put a lot of new flavors on the songs.  And the choices of the tracks are amazing.  It will make you reminisce, relax, go emo, and all.   And some of the songs are pretty new to me, ’twas my first time hearing these songs, so I enjoyed it a lot.

Here are my top 5 songs in this album:

1. For You

2. Home

3. I  Miss You So Much

4. One Day In Your Life

5. Brokenhearted

(i couldnt find a copy :P)

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