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Hale, yeah!

Monday 08.10.09

Maaga akong umalis ng bahay that morning. We, some of my rusher friends, planned to meet at McDo Strata by 7am and go to the booth to visit C&D, and samahan na rin si mama rhix (purplerose) sa pagclaim nya ng prize nya.
I was a bit late, pero oks lang. Ria (LM) and Nyna (ang_manunusok) were already there. Then I finally met Mr. Perk!! One of the most hyperv rusher pagdating sa top 10 hehe  😛 We waited for Joe (specialist) and nung dumating na sya, diretso na kami sa booth.

Ayun, picshuran ulet and waited for a couple of minutes para maabutan ang pagdating ni mama rhix. So when she arrived in the booth, as usual, picshuran ulet!

Then Mr. Perk and I left the station before mag-9am since may work pa kami that day.  Good thing hindi ako nalate.. so pasok pa rin sa 11 months perfect attendance! (4 more months to go!).  It was a petiks day in the office.. puro DD update lang.. tapos ayun, nakikipagkulitan sa mga makukulit na texters..

yun ang building namin!! hehe

yun ang building namin!! hehe

Then later that day, nung lumabas na ako ng office, diretso ulit sa Emerald ave. and waited for Joe ulet sa baba ng building nila. We, some of my rusher friends ulet hehe, decided to watch the concert series of Hale (sa RX booth)!!

So tumambay muna kami sandali ni Joe sa Mcdo, konting kwentuhan.. then diretso sa booth since marami na daw yung mga fan girls na nakaabang dun. Good thing andun si Ria to save us the good spot.  When we arrived there, naabutan ko pa si EJ of Radio 1. Hi and Goodbye with him. Tapos andun na yung Hale!! nagrerehearse na sila for the concert series.. Never thought I would be that close with a popular band.. as in super close! and syempre malakas yung power ng friend kong si Ria, kabuddy nya yung mga members ng Hale! whoot.

Then dumating din yung iba pa namin kasamang rushers na manood din. Like Stephen (Lost Soul) na hindi daw pupunta pero dumating pa rin (para makita si Fran), Ron (Mojacko) na naharass yata kay Ria (hehe), Benjai (bonita) na very excited makita ang kinababaliwan nyang si Champ, and Jobert (Czarovic) na mukhang kagalang-galang kahit tumatagaktak ang pawis.

It was a FUN night!! though umalis agad si Joe kahit di pa masyadong nagstart yung CS. Panalo yung interview ni Governator sa Hale.. kulet talaga. Funny talaga ni Gino/Governator. Then syempre kinanta rin nila yung Bahay Kubo, which I consistently vote everyday.

Then after that, ang pinakahihintay ng lahat. Photo Ops!! Got the chance to have a picture with Champ. Tapos nakamayan ko din at nakawayan yung ibang members ng banda, Paolo, Roll, and Sheldan.

Natuwa rin ako that evening kasi kilala na ako ni Rico Robles hehe.. at kinamusta pa nya ko haha. aliw talaga sa codename ko. (thanks talaga to Joey De Leon).. Then Danielle is also there, and also broganic William (astrosuitor). 🙂

It was really a fun night. memorable concert series!! Hopefully maulit muli 🙂

[to follow na yung ibang pics]


Jamming: Found

Haay.. after 10 years, naupdate ko na rin sa wakas ang blog ko..

So since it’s a weekend again, lemme share again my top 5 songs for this week

Top 5 Songs 08.01.2009

1. Found – Phillip Larue

2. Falling For You – Colbie Callait

3. Love Drunk – Boys Like Girls

4. Bahay Kubo – Hale

5. Ego – Beyonce

As you noticed, my top 5 songs are all new songs of RX 93.1. The first song is actually from a new artist who (I heard) is also a myspace star, just like Colbie Callait, who is at #2.

Then there’s this new song of Boys Like Girls, and our very own Hale.  I miss OPM so much, and I’m glad they’re back with this song.  Lastly, my #5 song is from Beyonce, an awesome awesome track.

But for now, here’s my #1 song. Phillip Larue’s Found


or click here or check out SOTW


Faster than a shooting star
Baby you stole my heart
I never want it back
I never thought it’d be like this
So surprised by your kiss
I didn’t have time to react

Believing in us
Feels so dangerous

When you’re lost lost lost in love
You never wanna find your way out
When you’re lost lost lost in love
You never want to be
You never want to be found

I feel so strange because of you
I have everything to lose
I wouldn’t have it any other way
If this turns out to be a dream
Please don’t wake me
I don’t want to leave this place

Believing in us
Can feel so dangerous

When you’re lost lost lost in love
You never wanna find your way out
When you’re lost lost lost in love
You never want to be
You never want to be found

What a lovely mystery
All the ways two hearts can meet
We were made to collide
You and I, you and I are lost
Baby we’re lost

When you’re lost lost lost in love
You never wanna find your way out
When you’re lost lost lost in love
You never want to be
Oh, you never want to be
You never want to be found…

What a lovely mystery
Come on get lost with me
What a lovely mystery
Come on get lost with me
Get lost with me…
Get lost with me…
Get lost with me…

Anong petsa na!?

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"Win as if you were used to it; Lose as if you enjoyed it for a change."


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Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen
"We only got 86 400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or throw it all away. We gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say.. Gotta live like we’re dying"


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Are you afraid of the dark - Sidney Sheldon
"Do you go there often?"
"I used to go there when I wanted to escape."
Kelly looked at him, puzzled. "Escape from what?"
He hesitated. "Loneliness. I felt less lonely
He glanced at Kelly and smiled. "I haven't been there since I met you."