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Change for the better

One of the activities in our company for the month of May is the Performance Appraisal.  During this time, the bosses assess each associate’s performances on the first half of the year.  And the rating that we’ll achieve on our PA will somehow affect the mid-year bonus that we’ll be getting the next month.
I could say that it’s has been a disappointing first semester for me. Firstly, my tardiness counter was continuously going up.  I even reached the limit where I’ll be receiving a verbal warning! It was alarming, and I had to remind myself that I should do some adjusting. Go back to my usual routines. And wag ng magpapa-BI, as much as possible. Haha! kidding.
Secondly, my body clock was a disaster.  I’m always sleepy whenever I go to work… and during meetings and trainings, I was crazy sleepy.  Sometimes, I end up not understanding anything about the discussion (note: sometimes).  And there’s no one to blame but me… oh, and also the creators of facebook.
Lastly, I lost my focus on my current project.  Not that I didn’t understand the whole thing.  It’s just that I didn’t get the feeling that I really know this project by heart.  I didn’t feel my connection, my passion in this project.  But I still did my best, I think.
So, when the time arrived that they’re informing me about my PA rating, I knew it.  I expected that it would go down again.  And true enough; it was my lowest PA rating so far.  And it’s all about the “Initiative”.
Aside from the fact that I did a huge blunder in the project that affected some of my co-members, they said that I don’t have that “initiative” thing in me.  As a DE2, they expected a lot from me/us.  Of course, after that level, we’ll be the next officers in the group.  So they really expected a lot, and I disappointed them.  Being initiative is really a big problem of me.  I’m afraid of volunteering because I’m afraid of not doing the task right.  Self-confidence it is.  But I’m only like this when I know that I don’t have the full knowledge about the task.   I can still raise my hand and assign myself on the task when I know that I can perform it well, I think.
My bosses were really alarmed with what’s happening to me.  They asked me what are my problems, and I said the things I wrote up there ^ .  I explained these things, and they accepted it.  I said that I’d go back to my old me on the next months, and do my best on the next projects or tasks.
The only thing that saddens me right now is that I feel that I lost their trusts in me.  It seems like they think that I’m not capable anymore of doing a task quickly’c something like that.  And I really can’t blame them.  I feel the envy with my fellow batch mates who are doing well right now, but I’m turning this envy into inspiration.
I’ll try my best to be at their level, to be more active, to meet their expectations, and to be more focused.  Hopefully… It’s not too late.

My First Starbucks Experience

Yesterday (07/22/2008 ) was my first time to drink a starbucks coffee.

Kaka-regular lang ng ka-team namin sa project na si Marvin. And our co-leagues persistently tease him na itreat nya ang buong team (composed of 12 persons, pero yung 3 nasa Japan right now). And ayun nga, sa tinagal-tagal ng pagpaparinig at pangungunsensya kay Marvs, wala na syang nagawa at inilabas na ang kanyang kayamanan ^_^

Simple lang naman yung request namin — Starbucks coffee. It was my first time, and yes, libre pa! They ordered a Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee for me.

Mocha Frap Light

Mocha Frap Light

It tasted sooo good. And it is extra delicious kasi it’s for free. So my heartfelt Thanks goes to Marvs, for accomplishing one of my goals for me. Yes, that’s one my goals right now, to drink a starbucks coffee, and the other one is to eat a donut from Krispy Kreme..

Yeah, yeah.. it might sounds like a joke to you, but I’m serious. I haven’t experienced eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Kaka-start ko lang sa work, and kaka-start ko lang mag-earn ng money. Kaya nga this is my chance to fulfill those goals. Wala lang akong time and effort right now para bumili. ^_^

Another thing, I wanna watch the Lifehouse concert this saturday! waaaahh.. magkano kaya ticket dun. Gusto ko nga itry yung mga pacontest sa radio, hindi ko lang magawa. Hmmm.. If ever hindi ako makapanood, basta I’ll add a goal na makapanood ng concert ng isang foreign act sa Big Dome this year.

Nakapanood na naman ako ng concert ng isang foreign artist eh, si Colbie Callait, sa Trinoma nga lang. But that’s okay. It was my first time so it’s a memorable one.

Anong petsa na!?

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