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Jamming: Change

Yo!! another week is over!! so here I am again, sharing my top 5 songs for this week 😉

Top 5 Songs 07.05.2009

1. Change – Daniel Merriweather

– Love this song right now!! Everyday ko syang nirerequest sa RX! 🙂 Nadiscover ko sya kay Sashapurse when she requested it.  And ayun, I’m so addicted with this song!

2. Just My Imagination – Craig David

3. Permanent – David Cook

4. I Got A Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

– bounce!! love this song too!!

5. Obsessed – Mariah Carey

– fine fine fine.. mukhang obsessed na rin ako dito.. imagine, this is my LSS while I’m testing my codes!!!


Change is a song by the Australian singer/songwriter Daniel MerriweatherWale. It was written by Merriweather and Andrew WyattJanuary 30, 2009 in the United States and Canada, and February 2, 2009 in the UK (where the song peaked at no.8). featuring the rapper and produced by Mark Ronson. It was released on

The song will be included on Merriweather’s forthcoming album Love and War. –

so there ya go! and now, here’s Change by Daniel Merriweather!



Daniel Merriweather

i saw a dried up withered old rich man turning on a garden hose,
i see a young man picking up a gun i guess that’s where the money goes (yeah),
am i just as good as a bad man sleeping when the rest are dying
or am i jus as bad as a good man saying there’s no use of trying


Oooo tell me do you still believe
Oooo everything that you read
will we learn to get together and see who we really are


ain’t nothing gonna change
ain’t nothing gonna change if nobody’s gonna wake up and start acting whose incharge

ain’t nothing gonna change
ain’t nothing gonna change
ain’t nothing gonna change

nanananana (yeah)

ain’t shit changing but life is all babies get higher in the background singing singing (naanaanaanaa) singing (nananana)
ok singing

some people do it all for money & some do it all for their love
some do it all for the glory cuz nothing else their thinking of
i saw a man in a four door truck complaining that the price was high
like a well faired man with a smoothie in his hand saying who ate all the apple pie (yeah)



its funny your ready to listen im never gonna listen most people follow intuition while they wishing it would work
and my vision isn’t perfect so i will never learn for it
don’t wish for some change like a church worker
hallelujah preacher i am not influenced if i don’t go into your movement am i not improving
and while a poor for a poor for a peace of American society i get high the munchies i got so down with this i got the girl looking at you cuz i’m worth kissing (mwah) n i ain’t ready to wait when theirs dollars on the rain what do you expect change

will we learn to get together and see who we really are


ain’t shit changing but life is all babies get higher in the background singing singing (naanaanaanaa) singing (nananana)


Jamming: Just My Imagination

Ok.. weekend ulit, and as usual, it’s Jamming time!!

My Top 5 Songs 06.28.2009:

1.  Just My Imagination – Craig David

2.  Permanent – David Cook

3.  25 to Life – Jojo

4.  Before the Worst – The Script

5.  After Tonight – Justin Nozuka


I’m SUPER happy that David Cook went straight to the top of Countdown Top 7!  whoootwoot. I really love the last part of the song haaay

And until now, addicted pa rin ako sa kanta ni Justin Nozuka.. really hoping it will be played here in the philippines ü

And now, I’m featuring my favorite song right now.. super love this new Craig David song.. very cool yung feeling when I’m listening to it.. ❤ ❤ this song 🙂

Just My Imagination

Craig David

Imagine, Imagine
Hey hey, oh

You put your hand on my hand
And you lead me to dance on the floor
It was like we were both in a trace, like it felt
Something more than you could disguise
But behind your smile
There was fear in your eyes

Did someone hurt you?
Did they break you heart?
Are the wombs still fresh?
Do you heal the scars?
Cause I just turn around
And you disappeared, oh
Were you even here?


Or was it my imagination?
So real I can’t believe this wasn’t true
Or was it my imagination?
It put me in a time or place with you

Tell me girl what you are you running from
(Running from, Running from)
I can’t help wondering where you’ve gone
{Where you’ve gone, Where you’ve gone)
I think it maybe I got it wrong
(Got it wrong, Got it wrong)
God damn i should have known that
You were just a fantasy
Was it my imagination?

Though I tried my best
I still couldn’t forget
So I drive every night
Past the spot where we met
And I hope one day
That I’ll see your face
But you’re never here


Imagine, you and me together
And a love that will last forever
Imagine, that it’s late December
Been a year but i still remember
Imagine, Meeting you meant to much to me
Imagine, Oh no


Anong petsa na!?

May 2020

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