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Commercial on T.V.:

Johnny Delgado (while inside on a car) :
“bakit pag tayong mga pilipino, kapag nasa ibang bansa, bumabait..  bigla tayong nagiging masunurin sa batas.. hindi tayo umiihi, dumudura, o nagtatapon kung saan-saan.  wala tayong sinusuway na batas..
.. kaya naman pala natin yung ganun eh, e di sana ginagawa na rin natin yun dito sa bansa natin..”

– actually, that’s not the exact words in the ad, coz i forgot some of the lines.. but for sure, you can easily fetch the message it wants to convey to us..

when i really saw this ad, i was amazed with the thought.. well i already had this thought long ago (napag-usapan na to dati nina chico and delamar), it’s just surprising that a tv commercial brought this up.. and it’s a good technique, coz we all know, many people would be seeing this one.

now let me talk about the message of the tv ad.. and let me say, it is a SAD FACT.. Filipinos are really like this, they tend to show good things in front of other nations, but the truth is we are hiding bad habits inside..

well it is somehow parallel to some situations, like for example, for kids/youngsters. I’ve been noticing this for such a long time, and i even experienced this too.  what i am talking about is that kids/youngsters often enjoy being commanded by other people, like tito/tita/neighbor, just to show to them that you’re a good kid.. but they tend to disobey commands when it comes to their own parents/siblings..

Filipinos are like these kids.. right? but actually, not the people alone are to be blame in here.  our Government is also responsible for these acts of Filipinos. why? simply because our government is not so strict when it comes to rules and laws.. much more often, we tend to let things slip away (that is whenever someone do things against the rule, or simply out of the right conduct).. we just let them, and so the fear of doing it again wont be there to held them back.

sometimes, we really need steel hands to make us more DISCIPLINED.. and yes, if people are disciplined when it comes to small things, like spitting or throwing trash anywhere, for sure our country would be cleaner and greener.

(my last words sucks! cant think anymore.. argh!)

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