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well, i’ve been anticipating this one, coz i saw some parts of the trailer and it looks interesting..

i watched it at SM centerpoint with Cherrie, Enrico, and Julie.. and the freezing temperature inside the cinema chilled me to death.. haha that’s way too much, eh.

the movie was about two sisters, Sandy and Diana (Kris and Claudine), who both got married not knowing they did it under the same year (under the same week, in fact.) why they didnt know? coz both actually dont know each other, not in their knowledge that the other exists, coz Diana is actually anak sa labas.. and Sandy’s father (Ronaldo Valdez) never told it to her.. and so the curse began to haunt them..

and so it was entitled ‘SUKOB’ because of what happened, marriage under the same year of two related persons. the first part was quite confusing, coz they introduced a character named Helen, a childhood friend of Sandy (Kris) who was believed that her marriage was “sukob sa patay’, causing her and her family to die consecutively. That incident happened a year ago, and it is confusing because you will thought that Claudine Barreto is Helen, because whenever the scene is on Claudine, the scene seems to be from the past, so you will think it was happening a year ago and that Claudine is Helen.. but in actuality, Claudine is not Helen, coz she is Diana.. it was indeed a good technique to confuse people and make them think..

the actings were good enough.. the story line was intelligent.. and the thrilling parts of the movie were fantastic.. as in na thrill kami.. it is full of suspensing scenes that will really make you scream.. not really frightening.. it is just shocking..

medio nakakabitin lang yung last part.. parang ganun ganun na lang yung death ni Sandy.. parang they’ve just ended it up.. ganun.. but all in all.. it was a good movie.. they’ve succeeded in making the people scream to death.. sulit.

– – –

so ayun.. nainspire tuloy ako na tapusin na yung ginagawa kong movie script.. hehe.. wala lang talaga akong magawa.. well im just dreamin’ that someday, my work will be in reality.. that i’ll be seeing it in the big screen.. i’ve got a lot of new ideas now.. so i’m just hoping it will turn out good, and much more, a major film someday. =)

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