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My Christmas 2007

This year’s celebration of Christmas day was very simple. It was actually the simplest of all. I was worried before that day because I really thought that we wont have any food on the eve. But we made it! It was not that festive, but it was still okay. We ate spaghetti (courtesy of ate chacha), pancit canton, tasty bread with margarine and hotdogs, and a glass of fruit juice. But one thing that I’m sad about is that the family was not complete during the Noche Buena. My little brother (emman) was not there. He is a total brat!

That morning, I woke up very early to listen to Morning Rush. It was a very ordinary day. One of the downside of getting older is that you won’t be able to ask for your pamasko to your godparents. That’s a little shameful hehe. But still, I received a total of 300 pesos from my four aunties. I also received a cool polo shirt from ate Mae! I really like it because I’ve been planning to buy a shirt like that, and fortunately I received it as a gift.

I’m also thankful for the people who greeted me during the holiday. It’s really nice that they spend a little time to greet me hehe. Thanks to (sorted by the time they greeted me): Ella, Marga, Camille, Austin, Rafol, Leah, Karen, Ate Remy, Jepp, Bianca, Aysa, Jojie, Ghen, Cherry, Maezel, Arnold, Gener, Remar, Archieval, and Aira. Thanks guys!


BSCS 4-4 Christmas Party 2007

It was December 17, 2007. Our class, BSCS 4-4, decided to conduct a Christmas party in one of our classmate’s house (and it was at Jayson’s house). We never had a Christmas party since we became classmates in college, but since we’re already graduating this May (hopefully), we all decided to make this Christmas very special. Our call time is 9am, but I expected that most of them would be late so I decided to be late as well (just for a change, I’ve been always the one who’s waiting). It was also Monday, and I still have to watch Amazing Race that morning, so I decided to be there at 11am (so I informed them before hand that I’ll be that late). Unfortunately, there was no Amazing Race that day (I don’t know why), so I left the house earlier. I went at Baclaran Church and utter some prayer to give us guidance for the day’s activity.

We arrived at Jayson’s house at exactly 12 noon. Sadly, we were very few that time, and we heard some of our classmates wouldn’t be there. But we still enjoyed the party. We played some games and ate lots of food. We also exchanged gifts and I’m very satisfied with what I’ve received (Thanks angelie!).

The most memorable part of our Christmas party was the round-the-fire event. It was exactly 9 pm when we started to gather around a huge bonfire on the church ground. It was memorable because that night we thanked each other for all the special reasons we know. Some were teary-eyed and some were very emotional. There were lots of revelations, lots of funny remarks, and lots of heartfelt messages. It was really special, though it would have been a lot better if the whole class were there.


hodge podge ulit

Merry Christmas!

3 weeks na lang, christmas na!… and habang tumatagal, lalung
lumalamig… and here’s a little confession: in our house, until now,
wala pa rin kahit isang christmas decoration (
I don’t know kung kailan nila balak maglagay ng palamuti sa bahay.
Medyo hindi ko tuloy maramdaman yung full spirit ng christmas…

anyway, bago ko makalimutan, may inaanak nga pala ako na dapat
regaluhan ngayong pasko! yay! wala pa akong naiipon… tsktsk… hmmm… may
pupuntahan pa naman kami ng mga classmate ko this december 13, and
medyo malaki ang gastos… so i need to save a lot of money… haayy, ang
gastos talaga. )



whootwoot! finally, after 7 months of living life with no
television, natupad na ang pinakahihiling ko — may TV na kami!!!

Marami na rin akong hindi nasubaybayan when we lost our TV. I really
miss 24 oras so much… yeah, i like watching those news program. It is
good to be socially aware. At heto ulit, i’ll have my sleepless nights
again.. puyat nanaman… and i’m really happy kasi napapanood ko na yung
Survivor and Amazing Race!! wheee…


Lonely days

I’ve been spending a lot of times at the house right now… two days a
week lang kasi pasok namin sa school, at wala naman akong part time job
or anything na pwede kong pagka-abalahan… At ngayon ko narerealize na
napakalungkot pala ng buhay kapag mag-isa ka lang or hindi ka busy… no
special someone, no school works, no jobs to be done.

Imagine, my cellphone won’t even beep for a message sa buong araw!
Like no one cares that I’m existing… yeah, kahit mga kaibigan hindi
nagpaparamdam… oh well, I can’t demand for their time… they have their
own lives too.

Now I envy those people who have their special someones… syempre at
least pwede silang magdemand ng time and attention, they have the
rights to do that… and I suppose that when you a have a special
someone, you’re life won’t be dull or boring…

Narealize ko rin na nakakatakot pala kapag wala kang trabaho… what a
watsed day it would be kung maghapon ka lang nakatunganga sa bahay… and
now that I’m graduating, I’m cringing at the thought na baka maging
full-time bummer ako… whaaaa… wag naman sana.

Anong petsa na!?

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