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Level UP!

I’m so happy with the things that happened to me this day. Freakin awesome.

Ilang weeks na rin akong nagtatry na manalo ng Greenwich Pizza sa Morning Rush Top 10.. and today is definitely the day!

So start pa lang ng show, I started sending entries for the Top 10 Worst Titles for a Summer Movie (courtesy of Homer Singson).  First batch, my entry landed at #4.. then I kept on waiting…and sending…and waiting.. and sending.

9am.. Hindi na ako nakatune-in that time because of my PhilNITS review sa office… so when I get back at my desk at 10am, I saw that I just received 15 messages!! whoa!!! Naexcite na ako.. then I started opening the messages.. and there you go.. my co-rushers are congratulating me coz finally, naglevel-up na ako!! and the entry na nagpalevel-up sakin is *drumroll*:

Babangon ako at Lolotionin Kita

So, I thought, that’s it. Then… my officemate told me that the results of the JLPT exam are already available at our HR dept. So, we nervously went there… and hell yeah, I saw that “check” beside my name!!! waaaahhh! I really never thought that I will pass that exam!! I’m just so frekin happy with that news.. whew..

Hopefully, these great things will continue… next thursday, we will take another exam, the PhilNITS. We’ve been reviewing for that every morning… Hopefully it will paid off.

Thank God for all of these blessings. ^^,)


Thank You 2008!

I’m so thankful for this year.  Napakaraming changes ang nangyari sa buhay ko,  as in great changes na hindi ko inaasahan na mangyayari.

This year would be the most memorable year for me (so far).  Marami akong na-achieve, marami akong nakilala, marami akong naipundar, marami akong natikman (na food ah).

I don’t know where to start, haiizz … anyways, I’ll just list down all the things na dapat kong ipagpasalamat sa Kanya:

– We successfully surpassed our thesis.. weee.. I actually reached the point where I thought na impossibleng matapos namin yung thesis na yun.  Pero we’re still lucky.. ayun!

– Graduating as Cum Laude.  Never thought na magkakamedal pa ako sa College, akala ko talaga hanggang highschool nalang yun.  Dami ko pang pinagdaanan para maayos yung application ko dito.. pero oks naman ang nangyari! Nagbunga din pagdadasal ko sa Baclaran 🙂


– First Work at Tsukiden!  I really had this worry nung pagraduate na ako na baka mahirapan ako sa paghahanap ng work [because of my situation].  But luck is really on my side this year.  I easily passed the exam, and had no trouble with the interview.  And from here on, my life changed so much.


– New Things! I was able to buy new items in this year.  DVD Player, Dual-sim Cellphone, Body bag, Shoes, Polo Shirts, Jacket, Books (my first time to buy a book), Desktop PC!! (and may internet connection pa, which give me sleepless nights of… yoville :P), Wristwatch, and a very new eyeglass!! whootwoot

new things in 2008

– New Friends! syempre i met a lot of new people in my work, and they are all nice.  And syempre, I also met and befriended a lot of strangers this year, my Morning Rush Buddies!!! basta kilala nyo na mga sarili nyo.. dami nyo eh 🙂

new friends in 2008

– And also this year, it was my first time to have a taste of Starbucks (thanks to Marvs), Krispy Kreme Doughnut (thanks to Acer), Gonuts Donuts (thanks to Tsukiden), KFC Snackbox (thanks to Selwyn/Bullet), and Yellow Cab Pizza (thanks to Boss Ariel).  It was also my first time to watch a movie in a Monster Movie Premiere (thanks to Liz).


– I’m also thankful this year kasi hindi ako masyadong nagkasakit, also my family, they are pretty healthy this year.

I’m very thankful this year.  I’m so glad that God continually blessed me and my family with good things.  And I hope this will continue next year.  I’m facing the upcoming year with great hope and possitivity.  Happy New Year!!


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