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2011 Birthday Post

October 13, 2011

I never imagined na maeexperience ko ang birthday salubong… sa office! while working!

May sudden request yung client namin that day (Oct 12) so I have no choice but to stay.. and when the clock hit 12 midnight, my team mates sang a Happy Birthday song to me. Natuwa naman ako. And the greetings from text messages and twitter started coming in. Nawala focus ko bigla. hehe. I went home 1am .

I woke up a lil late, but just in time to tune in to The Morning Rush. Kahit wala si delle, ok lang.. Chichi and Gigi greeted me naman, along with the rest of the rushers.  Unfortunately, I have to go to work that day (coz I’m saving my VL for the long weekend).  And when I got to the office …

Inabangan ko talaga yan hahaha! I even received a surprise cake from my boss! So sweet!!!

And my phone continuously received the greetings from friends and strangers. I thought that it was ok sana if I was on leave, so that I could answer all the greetings. But I really can’t.  So ayun, continue working and ended my day normally.. kahit daming pangungulit ng mga officemates for treat. deadma lang LOL.

When I got home.. walang handa. As usual. So I went directly in front of my PC to check my online greets.. and there were a LOT!!! It was overwhelming! More than 430 greets from facebook, twitter, instagram, and text messages (oo, binilang ko po sya LOL)… and a day was not enough for me to thank all the people who bothered typing the words “happy birthday”.

And with that, I thought of picking the Top 10 20 Birthday Greetings for me.  Gusto ko lang.. bakit ba! Let’s do this:

1. Dru Salazar: Haaapppyyy birthday Jhhhhhuuuuuuunnnnhhhhhhhhh (pahabaan ng greetings?)

2. Rico Lagbao: naks, daming greets ni “legendary rusher”! happy birthday jun13, este, odh!!! (From Chico Garcia!!! whoaaa.. and he still remembered my old codename ^_^)

3. Mark Cerbo: “Everyone is Here. Have you heard RX93.1 Cheer. Celebrate Today. Happy Birthday.” (rhyme kung rhyme)

4. Beatrix Arazas: “happy bday to the most wholesome outside but pervert on the inside :p” (she knows me too well 🙂 thanks badette)

5. Alhmar Acer Cervantes: “it’s the Big-O (as in occasion) for the perverted O (as in one) hehe… happy birthday jhun13!” (daming O!)

6. Raffy Barreiro: “Happy birthday, Delaho!!!” (shocked when I saw this on my timeline! The Boss of RX is greeting me!!! #AkoNa)

7. Edzcel Balicusto: idol!!!!!!!!!!!! happy birthday! *samba* (nakakastarstruck!!!)

8. Jerome Bautista: hbty! (not the usual hbd)

9. Remar Garcia: belated merry bday,,,hehe (sa kanya naman, merry!)


11. Tin Murillo: hey! wala lang.. belated happy bday. hindi mo ako kilala for sure… just wanted to greet you (awww.. nice di ba, even if di nila ako kilala personally, binabati pa rin nila ako ^_^)

12. Jaime Rhyan Bautista: to Oscar Delahopia Garcia na dumadagungdong ang pangalan hanggan angeles pampanga! happy birthday! Cheers! 🙂 (abot sa pampanga ang fan base!!! LOL)

13. Alan M. Agrao: Sa kapitapitagan, kagalang-galang at wala ni katiting na kaberdehan sa katawan na si Oscar Delahopia Garcia… MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN IDOL!!! Isa kang alamat! : ) (KKK?)

14. Rina Rañada: Nung narinig ko sa TMR ang mga entries ng pinakamagaling na Rusher (sa larangan ng malalanding kulitan), di na virgin ang ears ko hahahaha… Boy Bastos, The Big O, #ODHthePirate, ka-SMB, at ang fave ko Manager ng RiotBoyz! Happy happy Birthday Oscar! Mwahugsss! ? ^_^ (hindi ito kapani-paniwala!)

15. stephensoul @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday Oscar, Jun, Jhun, ODH, Boy Bastos, #BastaArtistaDamingScreenName :)) LOL (wala pa yung Junjun, Oskie, Oskee, Oski, Oscimao, Oca…)

16. Paul: Hey Oskie! Pahabol bday greetings sayo! Eto na ang iyong bday text! Hahaha. Hope you enjoyed your day kahit nasa office ka. Still having a blast? Haha. It’s an honor to be acquainted to a legend like you lol. (ka-plastikan nitong ni Paul LOL)

17. Peter Moore: My Birthday Song for Oscar Delahopia Garcia (Birthday Sex) You’ve survived another year. Although you’re older, it’s better than the alternative. Hahaha (may song dedication pa! amp)

18. djgambit: “To the friendliest rusher of them all @oscardelahopia Happy bday.” (my first birthday on IG!)

19. @ervic_vijandre happy birthday! (celebrity greeting me!!!!)

20. Gelli Victor Happy happy birthday ODH! i still remember the day I had to send you a request for you to allow me to follow you on twitter! 😉 happy happy birthday to the sweetest Jun there is!!! (^___^)

I feel so blessed to have all of these people, to have all of you in my life. Thank You. Looking forward to another year of fun and blissful days with you, my friends!

(check for more greetings! :P)

courtesy of djgambit. Thanks Ish!


Happy Birthday 2010

It’s been more than a week since I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Celebrated? hmm.. parang ganun.. though wala naman talagang celebration/party/kainan/that-kind-of-thing.

It was a normal day actually.. I slept early that night para makagising ako ng sobrang aga on my birthday.  I woke up as early as 1:30 am, and tuned in to Tom Alvarez (hehe. adik talaga sa RX).. ayun, nagpagreet na ako.. then gising na ako hanggang 6am.  Andre greeted me during his show.. bigla ko tuloy namiss si Gelli.  I wonder what she’ll say on air.. haaaay..

Anyway.. then Morning Rush na.. was really waiting for the bday greetings.. kaso biglang nasira yung net connection. Dang!! Pero buti naayos din hehe.. and I felt happy when the duo greeted me (and granted my request, pa-special kunwari)! 🙂

At the office, my colleagues started greeting me, and my batchmates on 3rd BU, and my teammates on DSL.  Then nagpakain ako ng pandesal (sosyal na pandesal from Pan De Manila :P) sa B17.

After ng work, I met up with friend Mr.Perk to get my Bohol tickets, then headed home.  I was expecting for a cake that night, pero nung umuwi ako.. wala 😦  They expected pala that I’ll be the one who will buy my own cake, eh tinamad ako.. kaya ayun.  So I spent my evening in front of the PC, checking the overwhelming number of birthday greets I received from my friends and strangers. Approximately 600 greets. wow. (binilang ko talaga? haha).  It didn’t matter to me anymore that I don’t have a birthday cake that day, coz I know that I’m living a life that’s worth living, and people around me are loving me.. kahit di romantic, tsk. 😛

Anyway, I’m not doing the Ang PINAKA birthday greets for this year.. maiba naman.  And tinatamad din ako hehe.. I’m just thankful with all of the greetings I received, from my friends, and kahit sa mga di ko pa namimeet in person, thank you so much. Galing talaga ng facebook calendar no? Hahaha!  And to those who forgot my birthday, may araw din kayo. LOL

And gotta say thank you to my Riot Boyz for an awesome gift.  🙂

And to my college friends na nagpromise na may gift daw sakin.. ehem. Sige I’ll wait for it.. pero wag sanang umabot ng Christmas at maging christmas gift na lang. 😛

Again, THANK YOU GUYS for all of the love.  *big smile*



Monsterized Birthday ~ ang Pinaka-list

10.03.09 ~ Tanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!!

from Czarovic ~ pinaka-Creative

from Czarovic ~ pinaka-Creative

I decided na magbirthday leave for this special day of mine. Not because meron akong birthday party or something, but because I wanna to listen to RX the whole day! Haha.. yeah.. wala lang. Just wanna celebrate it with RX. Naks. 😀

Anyways, this birthday post is inspired by my Acer’s (my co-Rusher) birthday post. CLICK HERE.  In his post, he prepared a list of ang pinaka-list of bday greets. And I promised myself na I’ll do the same.. inggit ako eh hehe. This is just a recognition on the unique greetings that I received. Pinag-isipan, pinag-handaan ang pagbati. That’s nice, right?

But this is a lil different. Masyado kasi akong naaliw, kaya ang dami kong categories. And let me start this with a diff category,

<Forecast Greetings>
Edzcel (co-rusher Mr.Perk via text) [06:38am] – “Weather forecast for you today: There will be showers of blessings all over you in the morning, a heavy downpour of love all around you by mid-afternoon & occasional flashes of laughter & joy by early evening with continuous sweet dreams by midnight. Happy Birthday!
_duffs (co-rusher via twitter) – “according sa PAGBATI bukas babagyo ng birthday greeting kaya dala kang payong. enjoy!!!

True enough, the love from my friends and strangers overflowed! Let’s get it on!

Bea (rx radio1 via radio on-air) – Bedtime with Bea on RX93.1 That was last sunday, October 11. I told her kasi that it was my birthday on tuesday so she greeted me. yey!

Anna (co-rusher whoabanana via text) [Oct. 14]- Niresearch pa nya yung number ko just to text me.  “Odelaho! Okay lang b, pnagtanong tanong ko ang number mo?” Hehe. Belated happy happy birthday! Sori late greeting. dame na kc nagreet sau kahapon hindi na ako nakasingit. Hope you had a goodone! =)

<pinaka-ATAT (EXCITED)>
hemustberomeo (rx friend via twitter) – “Countdown: 5 mins to go til @OscarDelaHopia ‘s Barfday! *cheers…” ~ may countdown talaga? hehe

Selwyn (co-rusher silverbullet via text) [12:05am] – “happy birthday!

Stephen (co-rusher stephensoul via text) [11:46pm] – “Happy birthday jhun a.k.a oscar dela hopia… My mga nag uunahan bumati sayo pero pinili kong mag pahuli.. Save the best thing for last lol.. Bday po parin naman.. Wish ko magkalablayp ka na.. Power bday bro!

mr_perk (co-rusher via forum)- “ODH! HBD!

vashnsync (co-rsuher via forum) – “may your birthday today be a day of thanksgiving to God for the gift of life; a day of thanksgiving for the blessings you had received and the blessings you will receive in the future; and a day of optimism for a brighter future ahead. have a memorable and blessed birthday again to oscar dela hopia! cheers!!!

Jihan (co-rusher jeespot via Text) [Oct 12 07:57] – This one surprised me because i received the text with a very weird number, then I learned it’s straight from UAE pala 🙂 “Maligayang Kaarawan! Have a good one. May God Bless you more and more.. Have a blast Jhun! Muah. 🙂

Alhmar (via forum) – from my co-rusher and co-LXP Acer “to one of the most active perverted rushers, enjoy your day. have a happy, happy, birthday! 😉“. Of all the greets I received, sa kanya ko lang nabasa yung word na “pervert” hahaha.

It’s a tie between Raine and Pepperoni!
Raine (via text) [11:51am] – “Do not strive to be happy but strive to be good because being happy is not always good but being good will always lead to being happy… Happy birthday! Have fun and enjoy your day! 😉
_pepperoni_ (via twitter) @OscarDelaHopia The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.~Oprah Winfrey ODH cumpleaños feliz!! ~ feeling close daw, hehe. ok lang yun! 🙂

Playtime: Hazel & Cerah
After Hours: Tom Alvarez
TMR: Chico & Delamar, Rushers ~ too many to mention daw 🙂
The Ride: Jude & Gelli ~ Natouched ako sa sinabi ni Gelli.. “Happy birthday from your RX Family” and she said I’m part of RX na rin. awww!
The Daily Survey: Louie & Christi ~ I enjoyed DS coz Christi read all the messages for me, and L&C guessed my age, and hey, they said I looked 21!
Jumpstart: Gino & Fran ~ I was so happy kasi they played my twin spin request!!
AllAccess: Rico, Danielle, & P$ ~ my co-rusher Dar-C, who’s a regular caller in all access, greeted me on air! hindi ko lang narinig sayang hehe

SashaPurse (co-rusher via on-air) – “Batiin nyo naman ng happy birthday yung favorite nyo, si oscar dela hopia!” ~ drama queen!!!!!
_duffs (on-air) – “@rxtmr guys kakainggit naman si @OscarDelaHopia bumabaha ng bday greetings. kaya ako hndi ko siya babatiin ng happy happy birthday. promise!

Boknoi (co-rusher via text) [08:44am] – “Hopia have a great day today. Hopia make all your dreams come true. Hopia make the top10 everyday. Hopia stay humble, witty, and bastos. Hopia have a HAPPY HAPPY BDAY! Maligayang kaarawan kaibigan! P.S. Hopia have a lovelife soon.

melags (sister poop via twitter) – “@OscarDelaHopia poop brotha from anotha motha! babatiin na kita kasi busy ako bukas. HappyPoopDay to yoU!woo may all your poopsies come true

madstick (co-rusher via twitter) – “@OscarDelaHopia…psssst….happy birthday!…:D
Mr_Perk (twitter) – “@OscarDelaHopia pssssssssst! happy happy birthday!

Mark Ferdinand Tayag (rx friend via fb) – “happy birthday! ur from pque pla. taga san k? sang school ka?” ~ oh diba dami nyang tanong? hehe

Benjai (co-rusher via Blog) – [Oct 4, 2009 at 1:15 pm] – “cge.. ako naman bahala sa notebook.. dami pa sa office.. yung magsaysay pa!! ballpen gusto mo?? happy beerday (advance) pa-inom ka ha!! lasinging mo kami!! hik hik hik.. ay mali *nyif nyif nyif (*tawa ng angel) ^___^” ~ oh diba? hehe mwah benjai!!

Mga pang-asar na greets! but they made me smile hehe
Dru Salazar (co-rusher via fb) – “OIST KUYA JHUN HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
James Cortez (my friend all the way from Canada fb) – “oskie! tumanda ka na namn ng isang taon! theres more to come 😀 happy bday and god bless!
Frances Gulpe (my HS classmate via fb) – “hahahah gurang mode ka ngayon today! hehe. peace! enjoy ur day! 🙂
Candy Lou Candies Benitez (co-rusher via fb) – “Nagbibirthday ka pala??? Have a good one!!! 🙂

mostly my officemates hehehe.
Simon Esguerra (fb) – “Boss! Birthday mo pala!! Basbasan mo naman ako ng libre jan. hehehe
Ederlyn Bongabong (fb) – “Birthday boy, penge nmn ng biyaya jan…Happy Birthday…!!!
Ronald Imperial (fb) – “pipertdey batchmate oscar ^^, donut?!? hehe
Lovelyamour Medina (fb) – “Oscar Delahopia Garcia Hapi Hapi birthday boss Oscar!!!hintayin na lang namin handa mu dito sa
Enrico (my college friend via text) [01:03am] – “Hapi bdy oskie… libre k nmn..

Enzo Lawrence Marcos – rx radio1 friend viua fb, お誕生日おめでとうございますayan ha alam ko nagaaral ka ng japanese so might as well greet you in Japanese. 😀 otanjou-bi Omedetou gozaimaesu
twittedsunshine (co-rusher Kim via twitter) – @OscarDelaHopia 祝你生日快樂!
kirky_mommy (co-rusher via Twitter) – “@OscarDelaHopia happy US birthday to you [Oct 13 sa US]

czarovic (co-rusher Jobert via Twitter) – “Happy Happy Birthday @OscarDelaHopia from the bottom of our broken heart! Todoinks! Hehe! More Power! I mean, more Birthdays to come!” ~ not surprised with the emoness. lol

Cherrie Tambasacan (college friend via facebook) –

♥════Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑════ ♥
•.¸¸,øº°*»Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ«*°ºø,¸¸. •
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
hApPy bOitdei osckie!!! take care!
i love you!
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ๑Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
•.¸¸,øº°*»Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ«*°ºø,¸¸. •

tampire (co-rusher viaforum) – “andaming bumati kay ODH! makikisali na din..Maligayang Birthday at Merry Christmas (malapit na naman)!
Kristine Astroboy Concepcion (co-rusher via fb) – “Birthday mo? Happy New Year! 😀” ~ excited kayo masyado sa xmas at new year haha! 😛

Jihan Baluyut (FaceBook) – “Oscar Delahopia mani popcorn sagot gulaman!!!!! maligayang kaarawan. 🙂 pa hopia ka naman!!! hopia hopia hopia!!!
sizzlingbanana (co-rusher Dru via Twitter) – “@OscarDelaHopia Uy haberdei ODH! Hopia! Hopia! Hopia!

Dhey (co-rusher masterbather via text) [11:35pm] – “Huy, greet mo naman ako. Bday ko ngayon eh! :p haha.. Nag-aadik lang! Dami mo ng bati eh. Dagdag lang ako sa mga chuwariwap…happy hopia! Este bday! 🙂 mmmwah!” ~ natawa ako dito dhey! hehe mwaaah LOL

Badette (co-rusher babyburn via text) [06:56am] – “Weee! hapu beerday gOlden boy!!! wishing you a golden lovelyf heheh mwahugz! (para uminit naman xmas mo! enjoy ur day!)” ~ mainit na xmas daw oh!
Jackemon (co-rusher vua twitter) – “Haba haba berdie to @oscardelahopia :p
RCandCess (co-rusher via twitter) – “@OscarDelaHopia habdi birdney Jun!” ~ akala ko talaga hapdi bird ni jun. LOL

Joannasas (co-rusher & g-crew via Forum) – Mostly kasi puro happy bday to you song. perso sa kanya, hiphop! “Happy Birthday, ODH! 🙂 Go ODH, Its your Birthday!!! Were gonna party like its your birthday! Go! Go! Go! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hehehe! Oscar delahopi Mani popcorn! cute Wishing you good health and happiness in life. God bless you 🙂

Doc Gelo [October 10, 2009 at 12:20 am] – “advance happy birthday, oscar! with or without party, who cares anyway? just have a happy & meaningful one.  Thanks for being one of my on-line-friends 😀 keep the faith! God bless.” ~ right on doc! 🙂

sashapurse (forum) – “happy birthday oscar dela hopia mani popcorn chicharon turon polvoron siopao siomai mami……………

elen.p (co-rusher via Forum) – “ODH, Happy Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday to the uber sikat Oscar dela Hopia!!!  Eto na lang gift ko sa iyo…*mwah icon* Uber cheeeeeeeeeeeesssy!!!

Keysi (co-rusher astroboy via Text) [06:30am] – “Ksma ako sa t0o many to mention na bumati! Haha. happy birthday! Mwah!” ~ ok fine! LOL

Ghel (co-rusher via Text) [06:58am] – “haaappyyy biiirthdaaayyyy toooooooo youuuuuuuu!! 😉

Bridgeport (Text) [07:05am] – “Good am! menu 1. Grilled Beef burger 2. Pork tapa wd fried lumpia togue 3. Breaded porkchop 4. 2 pcs Pork BBQ. Pls pass n make ur orders earlier. salamat” ~ akala ko kasama sa greetings. Hahahahaha.

JoeSpecialist (bday card) _ Very touched ako sa only birthday gift na narecive ko. Very touching kasi yung message sa card ahehe. at may kasama pang Jason Mraz CDs! whoootwoot. :).. *natouch din ako sa text nya that goes: “Naexcite na din ako makita mo yung gift ko. A lil something for the years of friendship. Grabe, studyante ka pa lang nun!” awww.. yeah! memories! imagine, matagal na rin pala yun hehe. I’m so thankful!

Gifts from Joe!


TMRF Greetings

Thank You to all the people who greeted me. It really made my day! To my family, my HS Friends College Friends, Officemates, Rushers, G-Crew, Christinatix, RX Airstaffs, RX listeners (to those I personally know and those I haven’t met)… Thank You Very Much!! I feel so loved! yiheee.

Sa mga hindi bumati.. hmph! *tampo*…

And don’t you worry, if you didn’t make it to the list, just check out the full list on the other page CLICK HERE. Mababasa nyo din dun yung greets nyo. adik no? Hahaha. Next Year ulit!! 😉

It’s a tie between Raine and Pepperoni!
Raine (text) [11:51am] – “Do not strive to be happy but strive to be good because being happy is not always good but being good will always lead to being happy… Happy birthday! Have fun and enjoy your day! ;-)”
_pepperoni_ (twitter) @OscarDelaHopia The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.E~Oprah Winfrey ODH cumpleaños feliz!!

Drag me to heaven!

Date: 05/06/2009

It was the best weekend so far!!!

We (me, astroboy, and paul) watched Drag Me To Hell nung tanghali.. it was a shocking/funny movie.. super enjoy naman!  Talagang shocking yung ibang part, and nakakadiri din at the same time.. OA lang yung ibang scenes hehe.. pero mukhang sulit naman 🙂


Then we bought a box of brownies para sa Jumpstart Gang, surprise visit namin 🙂 Then deadma sa MMDA :)) at nag-on-air pa si Astroboy nung papunta na kami sa RX.. natawa naman ako sa sinabi ni Jolly, I quote: “Astroboy and Oscar watched Drag Me To Hell together.. yiheee” hahaha adik! Syempre we’re the new (horror) movie buddies! hehe

SURPRISE!! And as expected, nashock sila sa visit namin!! Tumambay muna kami sa Jumpstart hanggang matapos yung show, kasama pa rin si Paul and also electromarkie.. tapos photo ops.. with Yoda, with Fran, with the Jumpstart Gang..


Then diretso kami ni astroboy sa gateway (at medyo naligaw ng konti hehe). Kumain muna sa Taco Bell with Acer while waiting for the other rushers.. and natawa kami ni Keysi sa nakita namin.. naalala kasi namin si Mrs. Ganush!!! :))

Then sa Birthday party ni Pam, riot mode ang videoke ng rushers hehe.. it was really fun!! Muling nabuhay ang love team nina Manay Gee at JDV!! whoootwooot!! Kumain kami ng sobrang kanin!!, cake, mga ulam, at kung anu-ano ang ininom namin (nila pala) hehehe..


Then after that, Astroboy, me, and Dru went back to RX. We joined Enzo and Bianca sa The Show. Naexperience din nina Keysi and Dru ang maging DJ for a while hehe.. Tumawag pa sina Electromarkie and Jolly.. And sobrang saya ng off-air discussions!! I also met Papu, also a regular listener ng RX 🙂 IMG_3055IMG_3056IMG_3071

Then after ng show, nagsipag-uwian na kami.. at 6:30am na ko nakadating sa bahay.. sobrang pagod.. pero SUPER happy!! may internet na ulit hehehehe


Humpy Bortdei!

Last year, October 13, 2007, was my most memorable birthday. That was the time kasi na na-meet ko in person sina Chico and Delamar, my two favorite djs!.. That was one of the most treasured moments that I have so far.

Yesterday, October 13, 2008, was also a remarkable birthday for me.

The day started really moist (‘am borrowing dRu’s words).  Hindi naman ganun kadilim, the sky is still clear, but it was drizzling all over the metro.  Good sign.  Sabi nga nila, God is showering me with lots of blessings.  Ayun, positive thoughts.

I tuned in to the show (TMR) early on, waiting for something.  6:00… masyado pang maaga… 6:30… 7:00…wala pa rin… hindi na ako nakatiis… so I texted chico and delle, saying:

RX sigh, mukhang wala yatang babati sa akin on-air, so might as well greet myself a happy birthday today! Naku dadami nanaman baggage ko nito hahaha.. pls play Love you anyway.. thnx

ayun, binasa nga ni chico ang text ko and they laughed and greeted me.  Apparently, tama nga ang hinala ko nung una pa lang, marami ngang rushers ang malilito kung kelan ba talaga ang birthday ko hehehe (they played my song too! xcutex).  And finally, may mga rushers na din na bumati sa akin hehe (thanks joeSpecialist… yung sa’yo yung narinig ko eh hehe.. thanks thanks).  And that made my day (I thought… but wait… there’s more).

So pagdating ko sa office, dagsa na ang greetings ng mga kachat ko sa email (mga officemates ko na mahilig magthreading sa mail hehehe).  And hindi rin nawala ang birthday song courtesy of my project-mates.

Then, during lunchbreak, pumasok na ako sa forum, and tons of greetings (exaggerated yan, pagbigyan nyo na, birthday ko naman eh) are there in the shoutbox.  My greetings din sa News Headline ng forum! (which I was able to capture, and yun ang wallpaper ko ngayun sa PC hehe).

Then after work, I went to SM Mega, and check out some rushers at Krispy Kreme.  Naabutan ko si vice Acer! Hehe… and he bought a doughnut for me (with matching brochure… hehe businessman talaga! apir!).  It was my first, take note: as in FIRST, krispy kreme doughnut ever! (big thanks Acer!! You are now a part of the remarkable events in my life. naks).  Nakakatuwa lang, kasi my first starbucks coffee is for free, tapos ngayun naman my first Krispy Kreme doughnut is for free din.

We chatted a while at hinintay ang hapong-hapo at iritable pero cute at perky pa rin na si KC (astroboy) hehe… and took a picture of us three, then left them there (thanks guys for the company!).

I went to Trinoma naman, meeting my college friends.  We had our dinner at KFC courtesy of my beloved college friend Cherrie!  Nabusog kami sa kwentuhan at tawanan at picture-picturan.  Then we parted ways around 9:30pm and I went home agad.

Medyo nakakapagod yung last part of my day, pero super saya naman.  May mga konting pahabol pa na greetings that night (matapos ko silang itext na “hoy birthday ko ngayun… langya di nyo ba alam” ahahaha joke).  Suma total, masaya ako nung birthday ko.

Sa lahat ng mga bumati, maraming maraming salamat! (hindi ko na kayo iisa-isahin dahil nakakapagod mag-type)… Sa uulitin.

Understand how beautifully God has added one more day in your life, not because you need it, but because someone else needs you.

– (thanks to Kim for this very nice quote).


Last Week’s Happenings

Saturday – August 16

The Rushers (adik sa EB)

The Rushers (adik sa EB)

– Rusher’s EB! We went again inside the booth of RX 93.1 and watched Chico and Delle doing the show live! Then after that, kulitan with Chico and Delle and the rest of the Rushers (including the craze with Alpha). Then JoetheSpecialist shared some greenwich pizzas which we ate at SM megamall foodcourt (with Ice breaker on the side courtesy of Mother Kytes). And the best part of the EB is the Movie Treat of Astroboy/KC!! We watched X-Files: I want to Believed. Thanks a lot to KC.

Rusher’s I finally met: Astroboy, Masterbather, Argueliz and Exmortis

– After that event, I stayed a little longer at the mall, waited for my classmates. Eco, Cherrie, Jayson and I ate our merienda at McDo.. kwentuhan, kamustahan.. it was a short get-together.. and we went to cyberzone to canvass some laptops

Monday – August 18

– Birhday of my Mon and Kuya Kaizer. We bought a bucketmeal at KFC, pizza at Greenwich, and cake at Goldilocks. Maliit na salu-salo lang sa bahay.

si mama

si mama

Thursday – August 21

– may kainan sa office.. celebration ng pagkakapanalo namin sa Sportsfest.. 3rd Place kami hehe (at 4 na team yung naglaban-laban hehehe).. anyway.. masaya naman.. i really enjoy my work right now.. dami kasing events ng company, and lagi ding may kainan.. enjoy kahit windang na sa Machine problem. =)


2007 birth anniversary!! — 10/13/07

it was a simple day for me.. but it was memorable, and i’ll treasure this first time experience forever.

Finally, i got my biggest dream! I finally met Chico and Delamar in person! Yes, face-to-face! it’s the biggest gift I’ve received for my birthday (actually, wala naman akong nareceive na gift, so it’s the only gift..)


I’m really a big fan of these two DJs, of this tandem. They are simply the best in the whole wide world — no,  in the whole universe! Meeting them is such a memorable moment to me. I even had a “picture taking” with them. They were so nice, Delle is very perky, Chico is a little quiet, but still they are really nice..

Img_6510I also met some of the regular rushers there, and they welcomed me warmly. They are also nice and bubbly, lalo na si Cherry (ge, i won’t call her ate, or use po hehe).. they are nice too.

it was indeed a memorable birthday.. i won’t forget that moment.



now, let me say my heartful thanks to those people who greeted me on my birthday.. THANKS guys!! thanks for remembering that date.
(base sa pagkakasunod ng text nila :P, excluding my family)

1. Adeng (advance yan)
2. Ate Remy (nagdefrost ng ref hehe)
3. Bianca
4. Aysa (lapit na ring tumanda :D)
5. Cherrie (thanking my patience)
6. Camille (madaling araw bumati)
7. Enrico (matipid yung bati, may galit? :P)
8. Leah (who bears w/ me, wala ng tuesday!)
9. Ms. Christine
10. Dennis (naliligaw yata, san daw kame? ahehe)
11. Julie (hindi nkasama sa RX)
12. Francis
13. Erika (mukhang hindi pa sure kung bday ko :D)
14. Jennelyn
15. yung kumanta ng happy bday (jhen, kaw din ba yon?!)
16. Jayson
17. Mabel (late na, at least hindi nakalimot :D)
18. aisha
19. ky2tes
20. frances

-> ang konti lang pala.. haay.. anyway.. dadami din yan someday (sana).
Thanks ulit mga peeps!!! Thanks!!


ink: VacAtioN wiTh a spLaSh!!

friday, October 20,2006

it is the birthday of Enrico, one of the berks, and now is also the day for the class outing (whootwoot).. this plan is for the celebration of Quiya and Eco’s birthday, and im pretty glad that were on it!

that morning, i just prepared my things, i put my clothes on this bulging bag (yeah, i hate it).. then buy the stuffs i needed.. unfortunately, there was an invitation for me to watch a concert of MYMP, and i cant take it coz we have this swimming thing.. i was thinking twice right at that moment, and eventually i’ve made a choice..

i texted my classmates for confirmations (though i really know that all are settled for good).. just quite excited bout it hehe..

at 12:00nn, i left the house, bid my goodbye to my mom and pop.. my Mom is somehow anxious of letting me go, thinking something bad might happen.. knowing it will be in Bulacan (which is quite far from our place), typical mother ya know, but i assured her i’ll be safe (though im really worried too)..

just to ease my worries, i passed by at the Baclaran Church and asked for guidance for our travel, then right after that i took the MRT to reach Cubao.. i arrived a little early, so i roamed around the Farmer’s Plaza.. then i met my classmates at Jolibee, and we waited there for almost 2 hours.. but that’s ok.. we’re too way excited to think of the time at that moment..

then we headed our way to Jed’s Resort in Bulacan at 4:30pm.. on our way, we were quite sad coz Cherrie decided not to go, there were conflicts on picking her up at the Paulilan.. so we weren’t complete, and it’s quite depressing..

eventually, we arrived at the Jed’s Resort at exactly 5:30pm, safe and sound.. there were only 20 of us, and 3 friends of Quiya also arrived to join the celebration.. we fixed our things, got our cottage, prepared the food, and eat a little.. btw, Enrico lost his wallet, which contains no money, but his ATM card was there.. very unfortunate indeed..

and the thing we’ve been waiting for.. we fin’lly hit the pool, took a splash, and swam from dusk till midnight.. whootwoot.. it was a joyous moment.. we played in the pool.. habulan.. tayaan.. it was exhausting, yet were so happy.. im just depressed coz i cant swim well at the pool, all i did is walk in pool, run in the pool, sit in the pool.. kamusta naman yun dba? hehe..

then we ate together, barbecues, pansit, putopaos, grilled fish, and rice.. then we played 1,2,3 pass.. and held our lungs out singing in videoke!! i even saw a FALLING STAR in the sky that night! gee, it was my first time.. so i whispered my wish later.. man i really cant believe i saw it!!

it was an outrageous night/morning (i cant tell).. unforgettable indeed, Meanne and Hero slipped in the stairs ahehe.. they also threw some people in the pool.. some took a slide at the pool.. some enjoyed grilling the barbecues.. it was all fun..

and we swam until 5:00am(?), and we took a nap in a comfty cottage there..

i woke up at 6:00am (Saturday, Ocober 21, 2006).. it was a beautiful morning.. we ate bread and drink some coffee.. then after that we transefered to other cottage.. took the hanging bridge.. swam in the newly opened pool.. there’s a lot of pools around that morning.. we took some group pics here and there.. and FINALLY, i learned how to swim and to float!! whoowoot.. just for 2 hours i did it!! (that made the outing really worthwhile, i learned something, and i’ll treasure it!)..

we fixed ourselves after that.. and part our ways and went home (oh Eco fin’lly found his wallet, he left it at the FX, good thing Manong driver is really kind and trustworthy)..

it was exhausting, our bodies aching in every parts.. yet the memories and experiences are unforgettable, though it would be happier if we were all there, the whole class.. it would be a happier bunch..

still, we’re looking forward for another moment like this.. hopefully soon. (^_~)


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