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Itchy hand = Luck


Until now, hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala.



Actually, matagal ko na talagang hinihintay to.  Sa sobrang excitement ko, I even asked Yoda (of Jumpstart) if I will win the preem tickets or not.  Yoda said NO.  Natakot na ko nun.  Most of the time kasi tama yung green thing na yun eh hehe.

So the Harry Potter week went on. Ayun, walang kaswerte-swerte.  One time nga, nagpromo yung All Access thru text, and my bad, I texted Prof. Loghorn instead of Slughorn hahaha.  Then nung Sunday, talagang kinarir ko yung pag-aabang.  From 3am hanggang 12mn.  Hip 26 Hiphop and RnB Overload. Pero di pa rin sinuwerte. sigh

And today, July 14, 2009, medyo kakaiba yung mood ko.  Kahit bawal sa office ang earphone, I still tried na makinig, patago (oh no, my officemates might see this!! oh well).  Nung Daily Survey na, I texted Astroboy, telling her na medyo itchy yung left hand ko that time.  Not sure if that was luck or skin disease or something. 😀

Jumpstart. Gino and Andre. It was about time na mamimigay na sila ng ticket.  First caller!! Kaso biglang may nauna na.  Okay, not lucky again.  But wait, that girl, the first caller, didn’t know the answer, and worst, hindi nya alam yung names ng mga DJs!! shameful tsk tsk..

So takbo ulit ako sa phone, pero may second caller na. damn. I kept on redialling pa rin kahit nag-uusap na sina Gino and yung second caller.  The question was sooo easy, and guess what, she got it wrong too! YEY

Redial. Redial. Nag-ring! Pero bigla kong nababa yung phone. waah!! Redial ulit. then RING!!!! and Gino said “Hello”.. waaaahhh that was a heavenly moment  (not because it was gino hehe).. so ayun na. The question was also an easy one (buong week na rin syang natanong so alam ko na talaga sagot hehe).  ayun.. I WON 2 premiere tickets!!!!!

waaaahh excited na ako tomorrow!!!!!



Drag me to heaven!

Date: 05/06/2009

It was the best weekend so far!!!

We (me, astroboy, and paul) watched Drag Me To Hell nung tanghali.. it was a shocking/funny movie.. super enjoy naman!  Talagang shocking yung ibang part, and nakakadiri din at the same time.. OA lang yung ibang scenes hehe.. pero mukhang sulit naman 🙂


Then we bought a box of brownies para sa Jumpstart Gang, surprise visit namin 🙂 Then deadma sa MMDA :)) at nag-on-air pa si Astroboy nung papunta na kami sa RX.. natawa naman ako sa sinabi ni Jolly, I quote: “Astroboy and Oscar watched Drag Me To Hell together.. yiheee” hahaha adik! Syempre we’re the new (horror) movie buddies! hehe

SURPRISE!! And as expected, nashock sila sa visit namin!! Tumambay muna kami sa Jumpstart hanggang matapos yung show, kasama pa rin si Paul and also electromarkie.. tapos photo ops.. with Yoda, with Fran, with the Jumpstart Gang..


Then diretso kami ni astroboy sa gateway (at medyo naligaw ng konti hehe). Kumain muna sa Taco Bell with Acer while waiting for the other rushers.. and natawa kami ni Keysi sa nakita namin.. naalala kasi namin si Mrs. Ganush!!! :))

Then sa Birthday party ni Pam, riot mode ang videoke ng rushers hehe.. it was really fun!! Muling nabuhay ang love team nina Manay Gee at JDV!! whoootwooot!! Kumain kami ng sobrang kanin!!, cake, mga ulam, at kung anu-ano ang ininom namin (nila pala) hehehe..


Then after that, Astroboy, me, and Dru went back to RX. We joined Enzo and Bianca sa The Show. Naexperience din nina Keysi and Dru ang maging DJ for a while hehe.. Tumawag pa sina Electromarkie and Jolly.. And sobrang saya ng off-air discussions!! I also met Papu, also a regular listener ng RX 🙂 IMG_3055IMG_3056IMG_3071

Then after ng show, nagsipag-uwian na kami.. at 6:30am na ko nakadating sa bahay.. sobrang pagod.. pero SUPER happy!! may internet na ulit hehehehe


My Summer 2009

I was really depressed last week nung hindi natuloy yung Bataan getaway namin ng mga college classmates ko. I thought kasi na this year’s summer will be different for me since it’ll be my first time to experience a Beach outing in a much farther place. Hindi rin pala. Prepared na prepared pa naman ako to go out of town, with all the money and stuffs.. pero ayun nga.. Pero ok lang din.. The weather is not that good din during our target date, too late because the rainy season has started already, so ok na rin (:

Moving on, I tried looking back on all the events and remarkable things happened to me during this summer.. and I come up with this list:

~ Milestones in Tsukiden:

Company outing – March 7. The one and only outing na napuntahan ko this summer.  Enjoy naman. Though hindi ako masyadong nasiyahan sa pool. Puro videoke lang ang nangyari.

1 year at tsukiden – I’m happy naman with where I am right now. Kaya nga umabot ng one year e hehe. I love the work, I love the officemateS, I love the bosses, I love the admins, I love the company. (salary increase naman jan! haha)

Nihongo Award. – unexpected award from sensei. LINK

Weekly Badminton – This summer din nagstart yung badminton sessions namin every week.  Nakailang laro na rin ako and super enjoy naman.  And this month, magkakaroon kami ng Badminton Tournament!! Kailangang magpractice para manalo kami ng teammate ko. Go CockingBirds!! (nice name, right?) LINK

~ I was there!

Eraserheads Concert – March 7 din. Kasabay ng company outing namin.  And lumipad pa talaga ako all the way from Pampanga para lang makarating sa MOA ng exact time.  And sulit naman.  It was a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Davids Concert – Also had fun watching this concert kahit sinabotahe ako ng digicam ko.  Pero may souvenirs naman so pwede na.

2 Monster Movie Premieres (RX 93.1) Knowing. Napanalunan ko courtesy of The Show.  Slumdog Millionaire.  And a big Thank You to JoeSpeciliast for giving the tickets to me (n,n)

~ All About Rushers

familia forumera umaga y ariba – Ang napakasaya at napakalaking angkan ng mga rushers!! I have no idea kung pano nagsimula, basta bigla nalang ako nagkaroon ng lolo, mga magulang, tito at tita, mga pinsan, at pamangkin sa forum…

astroboy birthday party –  Birthday party hosted by Ogie Diaz =)).  It was really a fun fun party.  Syempre present ang mga rushers kaya riot talaga.  And it was my first time to see Radio 1’s Enzo, Andre, and AM in person.

joe’s birthday party – Another blasting party of my co-rusher. Super saya din as usual, kahit nagkanda-pagod kami sa paglalakad pauwi hehe.  And it was a fun feeling to sit beside Christi, Chico, and Delamar, and eat dinner with them! =)

EBs – 3 unforgettable EBs happened this summer.  Last April wherein we had the most number of attendees (that time), and we even went to Treiz’ house and hang out with some of the rushers.  May 1 EB wherein I saw again Ella, one of the first rushers I met, straight from Sg, and she treated us for a very delicious lunch! And yung last week lang, Rushers’ EB May Edition!!

SPV – Ang nag-evolve na sakit ng mga rushers (hindi lang sa confe, kung saan-saan pa!). SPV – SashaPurse Virus.  Mas matindi na epekto nito.  Dati kasi syndrome lang (ACS – Agape Charmaine Syndrome).. pero ngayun virus na talaga. hahahaha.

~ Awesome Seasons

American idol – I must say this is the best season so far.  I love all the contestants.  Lahat talented (pwera kay Jorge haha jk).  And I’m super happy with the result. =) And of course, hindi nawala ang mga matatapang na comments ng mga forum judges: Acer Jackson, Dru Cowell, Rhix GioGuardi, and Sasha Abdul =))

Amazing race – I also love this season… wala masyadong epal na team.  Lahat lovable.  And I had fun sharing my insights about the race with Astroboy and Hellgirl.

Survivor –  A little sad with the result though, I was really hoping kasi na Taj will win.  Pero I’m okay naman with JT, he deserves it kesa kay Steven.  Si Jolly lang yata nakasundo ko sa show na to hehe.

~ New things:

Camera – I bought my first ever digital camera!!

revival of my blog – muling nagging active ang blog ko.. at nagkaroon na ng segments, oha!  And may regular readers na rin ako hehe (thanks anne & doc gelo).  And right now, nasa 66,000 hits na ang blog ko!! Whoooot!! Konti nalang 100,000 hits na 😀

Delamar’s Brain Farts – The loooong wait is over!! 🙂

~ New Expressions:

Whhhuuuuuttt – A Randy Jackson original expression.  Pero mas panalo yung version nina Chico and Delle. As in wwhhhuuuuuttttt!!

Yehess – A new way of saying yes.  Naaliw lang ako when I first saw it =)

I know, right? – I first heard this line from Delamar.  Ayun, nauso na sya. Nakakaaliw din kasi syang bigkasin. IKR?

New Addictions:

Twitter – Tweet tweet.  This is definitely the newest craze in the world wide web!! Very very addicting.  And nakakatuwa din yung feeling na a lot of tweetpeeps are following you. (except dun sa mga makukulit na horny kitties). Follow me:

Song of the week – Yeah, I think I became an official weekie just this summer.  I must say this is one of my fave sites (o walang halong bola yan haha).  I love the featured songs, the intros, the whole concept of it.  Aabangan mo talaga yung latest post.  Subsribe na!

The Show – This is the early morning radio show of Enzo and Andre.  I can’t remember right now kung pano ako nagstart makinig sa kanila.  Basta all of a sudden, na-hook na ako sa show.  I love listening to them kasi enjoy din yung discussions nila, and they always play my requests.. wala masyadong kakompetisyon hehe.. and I also enjoy chatting with them.. they’re very accommodating.

New Acquaintances, Wider Circle of Friends.

new friends – I’ve met a lot of new people… new forum mates, ka-twitter, ka-facebook, ka-multiply, and ka-blog =)).  And most of us share a common thing, that is RX 93.1!!  I even got new contacts on my phonebook and ym, I’m just not sure if they regret it hahahaha.

RX friends (DJs & Radio1s) – RX93.1 radio people are the nicest people I’ve ever met!! As in!! They really interact with their listeners, and all of them are reallllyyyy friendly =) I’m very happy na medyo kilala na nila yung witty name ko sa radio.

Fans – YEHESS.. may radio fans!! Hahahaha… I really have no idea na may nage-exist pala na ganun haha.. minsan lang naman kasi ako nakakapasok sa top10.. at puro pervy entries pa yun.. well, apparently naaliw sila sa ganun haha.  Thanks to twitter btw.  Because of that social network site, naglitawan ang mga taong ito hehehe.

lil_reb06@OscarDelaHopia I love your entry at C&D top-10 every morning it makes me smile =)

paulignatius@OscarDelaHopia probably bcoz you are famous! hahaha! im one of them followers hehe 😀 [yes paul, I included you here hahaha]

jeneerichard@OscarDelaHopia your name sounds familiar!ahh ikaw yung palaging nagtetext ng entries sa @rxtmr !

suprakadupra@OscarDelaHopia NOTHING.HAHA. I ALWAYS HEAR YER NAME ON RX:))

zoelovesgin @OscarDelaHopia oh my too bad i i forgot that it’s a monday today and there’s morning rush on rx, too bad i didn’t hear his humorous words.

zoelovesgin @OscarDelaHopia i get it 🙂 oh good thing, cuz i always go LOL everytime chico and del read your entries, how do you come up with those 🙂

zoelovesgin @OscarDelaHopia so sinesend mo yun via what? or are you a staff? hehe im a fan kase eh

zoelovesgin @OscarDelaHopia you call yourself a newbie? ok humble :)) make sure my mom and i will be hearing you tomorrow ha goodnight for now

ms_renzy@OscarDelaHopia i’m a big fan. hahahahahahaha!!!

Come to think of it, it’s not a bad summer after all. =)


Radio Revelations

I send two entries on this segment of The Show with Enzo and Andre (RX 93.1) last Sunday.. ayun, I won two premiere tickets for the movie Knowing.

In this segment, listeners are encouraged to send their problems to the DJs and the DJs will try to give their advices and opinions on the listeners’ entries.

So, share ko lang yung entries/problems na pinadala ko (through YM) and their advices about it.

My first entry is about my problem with my younger brother. Kami ng kuya ko ang nag-papaaral sa kanya right now. The thing is, we can obviously see na hindi sya nag-aaral ng mabuti. We don’t see him doing any assignments or projects, hindi din sya nagrereview. It’s like we’re wasting a lot of money for him. Kaya we’re still undecided if he should continue his study or not.

Enzo and Andre’s advice (not really the exact words.. medio nakalimutan ko na din kasi hehe): Talk to him. Tell him how significant it is to have a degree. That it doesn’t matter to graduate with an honor, as long as you have the degree, you’ll go far.  Or let him take a rest and let him realize how important education is.. if he’ll realize it, he will decide for his self to go back and finish college.

Nice! Actually yun nga ang sinasabi ko sa mom ko. Let him take a rest, or don’t push my brother too much. Paminsan-minsan sinasabi namin sa kanya na mag-aral sya, para sa kanya yon. Pero di namin sya pinipilit. It’s all up to him.

So ayun.. while enjoying the music at the background, nag-isip ulit ako ng personal problems na pwede kong ishare.. masyado kasi akong nagenjoy sa pagbibigay nila ng advice at hindi pa rin ako dinadalaw ng antok that time..

For my second entry naman, it was about my college friend na hindi ko na masyadong nakikita. And I don’t have any updates on her life and we do really miss each other. Pero I assume na nagtatampo na rin sya sa akin kasi nga parang wala akong effort to meet her. So I ask Enzo and Andre again for any special thing that I could do for my friend.

Enzo’s advice: Try to write a letter for her. Snail mail para mas may effort. Kasi nga naman kung email or text lang, parang it’s so easy to do that. With snail mail (or maybe a card).. mas matetreasure nya yon at mas makikita yung effort ng isang tao.
Andre’s advice: Try to bring her somewhere new. Or somewhere na special, yung may mga memories kami together, where we could reminisce the old times.

I’m so satisfied with what they said!! Really really great advice. With enzo’s advice, it was a pretty good idea. I used to text her kasi with quotes, pero that’s not enough nga. So maybe I’ll try it out.
With andre’s advice, the perfect place would be Intramuros!! Our college barkada used to hang-out there after departamental exams. It used to be our bonding place. With that thought, na-miss ko tuloy yung college barkada ko. haay

I never thought na makakapagbigay sila ng ganitong advice. Nakakatuwa. That’s why I also enjoyed listening to them. Sayang lang hindi ako makasali sa isa nilang game. Wala kasing phone sa bahay, at syempre nakakahiya namang mag-on-air.

Medyo nagulat din sila sa akin haha.. ang dami ko daw palang problema lol. They saw me kasi during Astroboy’s party and they think that i’m a very happy person. Hehe. Well, happy person naman talaga ako haha.. magaling lang magtago ng problema sa buhay. 🙂

Anyways, I’ll try to tune in again next week.. or more weeks pa kapag nakatulog ako ng maaga haha.. and may nakahanda na akong isa pang problem for radio revelation hehe! (adik?!)

Anong petsa na!?

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