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End of Season

Almost all of the TV shows that I’ve been following has finally ended their current season this year. I’m happy that I’ve finished them all, but now I suddenly missed downloading the episodes and watching them every weekend.


The 18th season of TAR, Unfinished Business, ended its race wherein Sisters Kesha and Jen emerged as the winner of 1 million dollar prize.  I’m ok with the result… but I’ll be happier if Dad-Daughter Gary&Mallory won the race.  The finale was not that exciting since it was very obvious that K&J were really ahead of the other 2 teams.  Anyway, it was a good race. A memorable one.


Rob Mariano is the Sole Survivor of Survivor 22.  I think he really played it well this time, plus the other contestants were pretty lazy and dumb. It will be also great if Matt won the final Redemption Battle, and stayed all the way to the finals.  For sure, he will win that title.  This season is definitely memorable because of Phillip. What a character!!!


Yeah, the second season of this hit musical show is also over.  This season has also its ups and downs.  I havent seen the finale but I heard our very own Charice has an appearance and solo performance again! My favorite new character for this season though is Miss Holly Holiday!!! Gwyneth is definitely good, I love her character, and I love her versions of Fuck You and Turning Tables.


I already downloaded the last two episodes of this show.. not just for this season, but definitely the last 2 episodes!!!! Waaaah. My friend told me that the show was cancelled and it won’t have its next season… that sucks 😦


From a great bunch of fresh talents to a very boring season finale. Scotty won. KTHNXBAI.


Getting Bored with AI

Last year, my blog is soooo busy with AI post. It was a fun-tastic season, so many great talents and crazy Paula was still there.

But this season, it is freakin different!

I thought it will be an awesome season too. The top 24 was a talented bunch, Ellen was added as the new judge, and Seacrest is bitchy-er!

But not until the real talents started disappearing. Joe Muñoz was booted out on the first week of elimination night.. It was a surprise.. his rendition of Mraz’ You And I Both was really awesome, that’s why I really didn’t get it why america didn’t vote for him.

Then the contestants started killing the songs, I mean killing in very bad way… Kara is acting weird-er.. and too much pimping on some contestants became very obvious.. you can definitely tell the season is going nowhere.

And I was totally upset when they formed the top 12. Alex Lambert didn’t make it to top 12. SERIOUSLY! That was the worst news I’ve heard that day. That guy is so talented, amazing voice and personality, very down to earth! It was really heartbreaking to see him go…

But I was still hopeful that time.. my other bet, Didi Benami, is still there. Then it was RnB Week. Usher was awesome mentoring the contestants, and his performance during the elimination round is super OMG kick-ass! But the fun was over when Didi was announced to have the least votes.. and the most frustrating part was the stupid judges didn’t use the SAVE for her!!!!!!!

and that’s it! I definitely lost my interest in watching the show.. It’s too depressing.. and I really hate the fact that the judges decided to WASTE the save by using it for Mike. WTF.

I just hope Crystal, who almost quit the show, will stay and win this thing.. Yeah, they’re pimping her out too much.. but it’s okay. She’s talented and she deserves the title.



No Boundaries

American Idol 09

American Idol 09

No Boundaries
Kris Allen

[Verse 1:]
Seconds, hours, so many days
You know what you want but how long can you wait?
Every moment lasts forever
If you feel you’ve lost your way

What if your chances are already gone?
Started believing that I could be wrong
But you give me one good reason
to fight and never walk away

So here I am – still holding on

With every step, you climb another mountain
Every breath, it’s harder to believe
You’ll make it through the pain;
Weather the hurricanes
To get to that one thing

Just when you think the road is going nowhere
Just when you almost gave up on your dreams
Then, take it by the hand and show you that you can

There are no boundaries
There are no boundaries

[Verse 2:]
I fought to the limit, stand on the edge
What if today is as good as it gets?
Don’t know where the future’s heading
But nothing’s gonna bring me down

I’ve jumped every bridge and I’ve heard every lie
I risked being safe but I always knew why –
I always knew why

[Repeat Hook]

[Repeat Chorus]

You can go higher;
You can go deeper
There are no boundaries above and beneath you
Break every rule `cause there’s nothing between you and your dreams

With every step, you climb another mountain
Every breath, it’s harder to believe


There are no boundaries
There are no boundaries

With every step you climb another mountain
Every breath, it’s harder to believe
You’ll make it through the pain
Weather the hurricanes

There are no boundaries
There are no boundaries
There are no boundaries


Kris Allen’s Wastin’ Time

Fine. I know some of you are not happy with the AI result. You’re against the conservatives who voted for Kris just for the reason that they don’t want to have a gay AIdol. Yeah I guess it’s unfair for Adam.

But let’s just move on.  Anyway, the battle isn’t over yet. But please allow me to celebrate on Kris’ Victory. Whootwoot. Haha.  So let me share this song from his album Brand New Shoes, recorded before he joined the American Idol. Here’s Wastin’ Time, and I’m telling you, it’s not a waste of time at all 🙂 Enjoy!


I’m the person that you’re trying not to be.
I’m good at wasting my time;
I got it down pat so easily.

Some people they call me, they call me the king,
Sitting on my throne not doing a thing.

Everybody’s passing me on this road I’m on.
I gotta pack my things, get ready to go.
Send me on my way.

And if you could, would you please pay my toll?
‘Cause I gotta get out of this place
And this wasting time is getting old.

I’ve been writing all these verbs down and I don’t know why,
‘Cause I got no action, I got no action, I got no action in my life.
It’s easy living your life doing things the way I do.
If you give it up you better start running ’cause it’ll catch up to you.

Everybody’s passing you on this road you’re on.
You gotta pack your things, get ready to go.
Send me on my way.

And if you could, would you please pay my toll?
‘Cause I gotta get out of this place
And this wasting time – it’s getting old.

Everybody’s passing us on this road we’re on.
We gotta pack our things, get ready to go.

Get ready to go…

CLICK HERE to hear the song


The New American Idol (AI8)

Acoustic Rock VS Glam Rock

Acoustic Rock VS Glam Rock


Ok, I just gotta tell you now, my comments will be a little biased. Even when the show hasn’t started yet, I’m already rooting for Kris Allen.. so I’ll be dishing out good points for him, but I’ll try to be fair too. 😉


Mad World – Adam Lambert
– I think he picked the right song for this final battle. It was easier to digest (Less screaming, i think). The special effects were a little.. umm unfair?.. it’s like the AI staff pimped out his performance too much! What’s up with the smoke and the blue lighting, right?.. wala lang.. naiinggit lang ako para kay Kris. 😛 Oh btw, I like the part of the song where he playfully hit the word “nervous”.. it was a cute part. yun lang 😛

Ain’t No Sunshine – Kris Allen
– THE BOMB!! ok, a little OA.  I think he also picked the right song. One of my favorite songs that he performed. It’s full of dynamics, the low parts and the climax. I really like the way he control his voice. It was just right and very heartfelt. Round 1 really goes to KRIS!



Change is Gonna Come – Adam Lambert
– Now the shriek/scream is all over again. I know, i know, you love Adam, you appreciate his singing style and all that. But I’m sorry.. I just don’t dig it. Yes, it is very painful to MY ears.  I really don’t appreciate it at all. Someone said that Gavin DeGraw’s version of the song is much better. So I better check it out.  Weekmates (variation ng weekies hehe), are you ready for another Version battle?! haha.. wag nalang.. baka away lang ang mangyari 😛

What’s Going On – Kris Allen
– Yeah, a bit lame. But I think he did great. I really really love acoustic, so it really amazed me.  Kris is really an artist. Piano, guitar, pure vocals, he’s amazing! I still say that this round goes to KRIS!!



No Boundaries
Adam Lambert – it was pitchy.
Kris Allen – he was struggling.
But I also agree with randy, seriously.. mas bagay kay Kris yung song. babaan lang ng konti

fave part:  Carrie Underwood’s performance!!


And the winner is….. jaaarrrraaaann!!

The New American Idol - Kris Allen

The New American Idol - Kris Allen

Talk about Happiness! LOL





Napepressure ako mag-english dito sa blog ko! haha

Especially on my American Idol posts.. kasi on my previous posts, I kept on receiving trackbacks (links to other sites?) on my post, which shows that other peeps are reading my AI blog entries. Yikes!!!

Kaya ayun.. todo-English tuloy ako, kahit mali-mali na hahaha…

Anyways, thanks for reading and appreciating my posts (if you do appreciate it). I’ll try hard to post more.


AI8 Top 11 Performance

American Idol Top 11

American Idol Top 11

With no further intro, here are my comments..

1. Michael Sarver – Ain’t Going Down
– Huh??!? Wrong song choice.. too fast song, a bit annoying.. not good for him. With that song, you’re surely going down down down.. ==  q(0_o)p

2. Allison Iraheta – Blame it on your heart
– She’s still Rockin on this Country week. Still, great performance. She knows her thing, she knows what kind of artist she will be. I can’t wait to see her on the Rock n’ Roll Week! == (^.-)b

3. Kris Allen – Make you feel my love
– Hearfelt performance! With or without the guitar, he’s awesome!! == d(^.^)b

4. Lil Rounds – Independence day
–  It was an okay performance. not great but good. Yeah better stick with RnB. ==  (-.-)

5. Adam Lambert – Ring of fire
– Gayness Overload and Disturbing. I LOVE Simon’s comments!! super!! ==  (-.-)p

6. Danny Gokey – Jesus take the wheel
– what the H.. overdramatic performance. I really don’t like him. ==  (-.-)p

7. Alexis Grace – Jolene
– Mas gusto ko version ni Brooke White.. yung sa kanya, wala lang. ==  (-.-)

8. Anoop Desai – Always on my mind
– Welcome back!!! One of the best vocals last night!! kahit sumabit ng konti, ang galing pa rin!! == d(^.^)b

9. Megan Joy Corkrey – “Walking After Midnight”
– I just love her.. Her voice is really really unique!! mukhang forever na yata yung body movements. Pero ok lang. ==  (^.-)b

10. Matt Girraud – So small
– I’m just supppeerrr glad na nagkaroon ng Wilcard!!! == d(^.^)b

11. Scott MacIntyre – Wild Angels
– I’m getting bored with him.. he needs to go. (-.-)p

My TOP 3 for this week

matt girraud

matt girraud

kris allen

kris allen

anoop desai

anoop desai


Harry Potter 7 sliced in two

Harry Potter in two parts

harry potter 7

I recently heard the news that Harry Potter 7, the last installment of the Harry Potter movie series, will be divided into two parts. The first part will be shown on December 2010, while the second part will be on May 2011. I haven’t finished the novel yet, but I heard from my classmates and friends that the last book is really full of important events, and it is really impossible to fit it in a 2-hour movie. It is much better this way, and I’m really excited about it.

Colby Caillat in Manila

Colby caillat

I had the chance to see Colby Caillat performing live in Manila. In case you didn’t know, Colby Caillat is the voice behind the hit ‘Bubbly’ and “Realize’. My classmates and me went to Trinoma last March 12 to see her mall tour in Ayala malls. It was quite a long wait, and we really felt the starvation while waiting for her. And when the show started, we just listened to two songs and decided to leave our place and have our dinner. At least, we saw her, that’s what matters.

David Hernandez being booted out in American Idol

David Hernandez

I’m really disappointed with the result of American Idol last week. David Hernandez, one of the best male vocals in the competition, was voted off in the competition. I personally think that he is not the weakest performer that night, and I truly believe that he deserve to be in the top 5. There was news that it might be because of the rumors about his ‘stripper’ past. But that was unfair for him. But anyway, I think he will still emerge in the Music Industry.

Binibining Pilipinas

janina san miguel

Unfortunately, I catch this show in the television. And I really find it hilarious. And I’m really surprised that she won the title. Personally, I’m not against the contestant. It is okay with me if she messed up in the question and answer portion. I’m not saying that she don’t deserve to win. But the only point is there are other contestants who really deserve it. Anyway, let us just wish her luck. 🙂

Nihongo play, a success

Whootwoot. I’m very happy that our play in Nihongo class was a success! And because of the good flow of the story and the great performances of my group, we emerged as the best group! It was really fulfilling. And I’m happy that it was already finished.

End of classes

aww… this is the end of our college days. And I really feel happy and sad at the same time. I will miss my classmates, and all the treasured memories we shared together inside and outside the school. I won’t forget them… I will miss you guys! Till next time! 😦

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Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen
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Are you afraid of the dark - Sidney Sheldon
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