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Amazing Race 16: DAN AND JORDAN

It was an upset. Really.  But seriously, with this season, I’m okay with whoever wins the race… though I was really rooting for the Cowboys.. they made this race very interesting and entertaining.. dang!… bitter pa rin ng konti haha!  But the brothers did great, I must say… Their strategy is really commendable.  Though I still hate the thing that they did at the airport, that’s a little nasty move. Oh well, oh well… gotta move on.

I really enjoyed the last leg of the race… the challenges were so awesome.. especially that virtual game… and the memory challenge is back! yey for that!  And it was much more entertaining when Katie faced the angry lesbians… that was really hilarious.. hoorah for Katie though.  She really handled it very well.

So I’ll just share this video, showing the Cowboys being gracious on their defeat.

American Idol: LEE DEWYZE

Another (minor) upset here.. I was not rooting for the underdog this year, unlike last year (Kris Allen that is).  I thought Crystal is much deserving.  But heck, yeah, Lee is still okay.

I’ll just give my comments on the whole result show… It was awesome, and I never expected that.. of course, it is the last night of Simon Cowell.. and I really doubt if American idol will survive without him… I enjoyed the performances of the guest.. though I skipped some of them, coz they we’re so corny and old-ish… Love the Kris Allen, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera, Janet jackson and Alanis Morisette performances… and oh, how can I forgot the number of the past AI winners!!!! That was amazing.. though it’s a lil sad because Cook was not there 😦

anyway, here’s the winning/coronation song of Lee Dewyze, the acoustic version of Beautiful Day…

and here’s the tribute of the past AI winners and contestants for Simon Cowell


Now here’s a true winner!!  With this one, I’m definitely happy with the result!  Sandra, for me, is the sole survivor of this season!!

For me, Heroes vs Villains is the best season of survivor.  It was a crazy season… I mean CAH-REY-ZEEE!  There were a lot of twist.. shocking moves.. interesting tribal councils… exciting challenges!  The producers really succeeded in gathering the best and the most interesting castaways for this season.

I was on the side of the Heroes at the start of the game.. but I realized that the Villains are much more entertaining!  And I noticed Sandra right away.  I;m not a big fan of Russell… during Samoa, he was really good, but during the reunion show, his true personality came out… so arrogant.. and this season, he’s more wicked and arrogant and annoying!  So, I’m really happy that Sandra won this season.. Second victory for her!

~ o ~

Right now, I really miss watching Survivor and Amazing Race… oh, and American Idol, too (since january pa!)… I really hope that the next season will be awesome 🙂


Top 8 of Guys & Girls – American Idol 9

Top 8 girls
KATIE – the song choice is much better this week, but the performance is still the same.. she didn’t do anything special with the song.

SIOBHAN – I love the first part, the middle part is weird, the last part is okay.

LACEY – there was a part in her perf were her voice sounds annoying. Still sleepy and boring. If her performances will still be like that, better say goodbye now.

KATELYN – I thought the song choice is okay… but I found her performance a lil messy, like it was all over the place.. tsk tsk!

DIDI – I LOVE DIDI!! whooot! I’m glad she finally played the guitar… but I’m still waiting for a much awesome performance.

PAIGE – what the heck? It was a tragic performance.. the arrangement is really horrible.

CRYSTAL – BEST performance of the night!! Crystla Bowerrocks!

LILLY – still not a fan of her voice and singing style.  I’ll be okay if she left the competition someday.

Top 3: Crystal, Didi, Katie

bottom 3: Paige, Paige, and Paige.

Top 8 Guys

LEE – it was a nice try. But definitely NOT better than the original. Hmp!

ALEX – Not as goos as last week, but he’s still great. His voice is definitely awesome.

TIM – Waaaay better than last week. Yes, he can sing. That was a smart song choice, good for him.

ANDREW – He’s starting to bore me. I’ll just watch Gabe’s Come On Over.

CASEY – it was a so-so performance. Kinda bland.

AARON – Ok, I’m already awake. He’s not that great. Trying hard much. His moves, hands, voice, and everything about him is annoying.

TODRICK – The performance is awesome. But I don’t think he deserve to stay there. He’s the tendency to overdo/murder a song.

MICHAEL – I agree with sashapurse, the first part was really awkward.  Not that great. Really…

Top 3: Alex, Tim, Lee

Bottom 3: Andrew, Aaron, Casey


top 10 girls – american idol 9

top 10 girls

crystal (as long as i can see the light)
– Love her! i love the way she sings. She’s more okay when there’s no harmonica, there’s more emphasis on her powerful voice 🙂 – 9/10

haeley (the climb)
– the arrangement of the song is confusing, and her high notes are annoying – 6/10

lacey (kiss me)
– I like her voice but it’s still a boring perf. – 7/10

katie (put your records on)
– I actually liked what she did with the song, putting some style on it. I enjoyed it. – 8/10

didi (lean on me)
– Not the best song choice for her. It sounded soooo weird. – 8/10

michelle (with arms wide open)
– I thought it will be an awesome version, but it’s not. There’s nothing special on her performance – 7/10

lilly (a change is gonna come)
– Her voice is really unique but I’m not diggin her style. It still sounds so weird, at least for me.7/10

katelyn (the scientist)
– I Love her version!! Just like what Simon said, it’s pretty close with NB’s version. – 9/10

paige (walk away)
– I enjoyed her performance. Her voice is controlled. I like her! – 9/10

siobhan (think)
– Her big voice is amazing. She wow-ed me with that performance. amazing. – 10/10

My Top 3 Girls this week are:

Siobhan Magnus

Katelyn Epperly

Crystal Bowersox


Top 10 Guys – American Idol 9

top 10 guys

michael (this is a man’s world)
– ok. he can sing. But I’m really not impressed with what he did. Standing O? really? – 7/10

john (gravity)
– He sang it differently but it’s still lame. His voice is okay though. – 7/10

casey (i don’t wanna be)
– I finally appreciated his voice, but his performance this week is not that awesome for me. –8/10

alex (everybody knows)
– HE IS AWESOME. That’s all I can say. – 10/10 (to Vice: not really Keane, more like James Morrison singing a John Legend song )

todrick (what’s love got to do with it)
– weird song choice. He’s a performer, but not a singer – 7/10

jermaine (what’s going on)
– I’m sooo disappointed and annoyed at the same time. He’s really awesome in his audition, I really don’t know what happened to him – 7/10

andrew (you give me something)
– A lil disappointed, but with this perf, he showed that he can still perform without the guitar. –8/10

aaron (my girl)
– I disagree with Sash! He can’t sing? are you serious? ahehe.. I like his voice. I’m not sure if he’s better than archie or not.. hmm maybe not.. but he’s still good. – 8/10

tim (come on get higher)
– He sang one of my fave songs!! And I think his performance is okay. Waaaay better than last week. He should do something like Ryan Cabrera.. maybe he can nail that. – 8/10

lee (lips of an angel)
– Love his voice.. raspy and rough..but he’s not the best singer this season (among the boys).. definitely not. – 9/10

My Top3 this week are:

Alex Lambert

Andrew Garcia

Lee Dewyze


I’m happy that John and Jermaine went home…
hopefully next week, si Todrick naman.. and.. maybe Michael. 😛


and since I really can’t get over with Alex’s performance, I’m sharing his performace in this post.  I hope he’ll get far in this season 🙂


American Idol 9 first week on stage

A LOT of people are so disappointed with the performances of AI’s Top 24, and I’m one of them.

I really expected a lot from them! But a lot of my early faves disappointed me.  And yes, Simon is extra mean this season, and IMO, Ellen is just doing okay.

So here’s my assessment of this week’s performance:

Disappointed with Ashley and Janell. Suicide it is  realmad
Haeley = Nightmare… Angela Martin deserves her spot!  skeptical

i LOVE Didi!!! love love love her voice… maybe next time she should pick something upbeat, but will still preserve that cool-sounding voice.

Siobhan is promising too 🙂

Todrick Hall – his version of since u’ve been gone is dsiturbing – 6/10
Aaron Kelly – he needs more energy when performing – 8/10
Jermaine Sellers – the next Adam Lambert?! Disappointed with his perf – 6/10
Tim Urban – weak voice, so stay low. – 6/10
Joe Munoz – LOVE the SONG. Haha! But his version is cool. Like it! – 9/10
Tyler Grady – Pitchy and Boring. I’m not diggin’ his style. – 6/10
Lee Dewyze – love that raspy voice, but I agree with the song choice. – that was not so good. – 8/10
John Park – Boring – 7/10
Michael Lynch – Not a fan!! parang saling-pusa lang sya – 6/10
Alex Lambert – love his voice too.. there’s something in that raspy voice. More energy too – 8/10
Casey James – the vibrato is good, but I’m still not satisfied. safe. – 8/10
Andrew Garcia – i honestly love the song choice… I think he did great 🙂 – 9/10



Janell Wheeler and Joe Munoz were booted out, disappointed with this result.

Angela Rodriguez and Tyler deserves to go, I’m happy with that 😛


American Idol 9 Top 24

Here are the top 24 of American Idol 9!!!


Michael Lynch
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Lee Dwyze
Todrick Hall
Tyler Grady
Alex Lambert
Joe Munoz
Jermaine Sellers
John Park
Andrew Garcia
Tim Urban (Replacing Chris GoLightly who got disqualified/withdrew from the competition; story developing)

Didi Benami
Katelyn Epperly
Janell Wheeler
Lacey Brown
Ashley Rodriguez
Crystal Bowersox
Katie Stevens
Lilly Scott
Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus
Michelle Delamor
Haeley Vaughn

so far, this set is impressive. A lot of great talents, all of them are promising. So this season will be very tough. It will all depends on their song choices.

So who are my bets?

Right now, I’m rooting for Katie Stevens, Andrew Garcia, Didi Benami, Jermaine Sellers, Janell Wheeler, and.. oh can I just list down all of their names?! Haha… There are some of finalists though that I haven’t heard yet… So I’ll just wait for their performance next week 🙂

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