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Final Three

The Final Three - AI8

The Final Three - AI8

Danny Gokey:

1st Song – yeah it was an upbeat song.. but unfortunately a forgettable one.  Now I can’t remember it too.. hmm well I think his voice is just okay.  I’m just really not a fan.

2nd song – it started really soft and a little lame for me, but good thing is he belt it out in the end.  Vocally it’s really good.

Kris Allen:

1st song – Singing apologize.. his version is actually just okay.. the vocals is good.  It’s actually a hard song to sing, but he pulled it off, I think… but yeah, it would be better if he didn’t use the piano.

2nd song – Artistry!! Good thing he transformed a song into something that will magnify his talent. He is amazing!!

Adam Lambert:

1st song – definitely the best song choice of the night.. At this song, I think i can tolerate the scream.. it was more controlled.. and the end is good.  Definitely “in” for the finals.

2nd song – oh I soo agree with my friend Acer.. the back-up singer was a mess. I love the first performance than this one though.  Fine, he will be the american idol.

Hoping for a Adam – Kris Battle!!!!


American Idol 8 – Top 5

American Idol Top 5

American Idol Top 5

I enjoyed their performance this week. Rat pack theme.

I won’t post any comments right now.. I’ll just rank them based on how I like their performance.

1. Kris – I’m really hoping he’ll win this season. I still dont understand why he landed in bottom 3.. but at least not in bottom 2 🙂

Kris Allen

Kris Allen

2. Allison Iraheta – super great!! I also hope she’ll go far after this competition.

Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta

3. Danny Gokey – Probably his best performance. But I still don’t like him. hmp.

Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey

4. Adam Lambert – It was a good performance. The shrieking is not that irritating, but I still hope he tone it down.

Adam lambert

Adam lambert

5. Matt Girraud – Yeah, I think he deserve to go.. nuff said.

Matt Girraud

Matt Girraud

(pics courtesy of  Vicki’s Music Blog)


Disco night!!

top 7 disco night

top 7 disco night

LiL Rounds
-After all of the mistakes she have done in the past weeks, it seems like she lost all her charm and identity. It does not sounds so karaeoke to me, but I think it was really not enough.

Kris Allen
-S.U.P.E.R.B!! full of originality, great vocals, amazing guitar-playing. Definitely the one who deserves a spot on the finals!! (though I won’t say that he’s as good as Jason Mraz.. he’s not there yet :P)

Danny Gokey
-So predictable performance. Not exciting. I’m not a fan.

Allison Iraheta
-definitely a HOT stuff!! still very rocky, the vocals is superb, and she ended it very very well.

Adam lambert
-yes, he’s unpredictable, but I’m not a fan of this performance. The start was very smooth and good, but again, when he went further to the highest of the highest notes, the magic was gone… He’s good, yeah, but not his best performance for me.

Matt Girraud
-He started it good, but there were rough and pitchy moments in the middle. His high notes messed up the whole performance. Not really a solid performance. tsk tsk. It’s like he was dragging his own vocals to a higherlevel. sigh.

Anoop desai
-The last note was a bit rough. But it was an okay performance for me. The beat of the song is good. And the high notes was very smooth. I disagree with Simon’s comment on his performance. I really think he (anoop) did well.



Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai were eliminated.. too bad for anoop.. i don’t think he deserve it right now.. 😦


American Idol Top 8 – Goodbye to Scott

American idol season 8 - TOP 8

American idol season 8 - TOP 8

danny gokey – stand by me
I don’t like the arrangement of the song. The first part of the song is a little boring and I kinda lost there. But it is still a good performance. I also liked the end part. (-.-)

kris allen – all she wants to do is dance
I really don’t know the song, but he made it interesting. Though the problem is the band or the backup sounds overshadowed his vocals. And the song didn’t give him a shining moment, it’s just like an ordinary performance. (-.-)

lil rounds – what’s love gotta to do
Her voice is really powerful. I like her performance. But it’s still not enough. Still waiting for that right song that will make me say WOW. (-.-)

anoop desai – true colors
I love his rendition of the song. He owned it. He made a new version of that song. Yeah, his phrasing is really good. And I say he should stick with Ballads. He’s very good with it. (^.-)b

scott mcintyre – the search is over
The start of his song is actually good, but he ended it Horribly!! At some point, it feels like he’s shouting or something. And his vocals is not that powerful, the high notes is not that smooth. And I hate the last part of the arrangement of the song. q(0_o)p

allison iraheta – i can’t make you love me
I love her performance. Still has a rock flavor on it. Her voice is really powerful, flawless. I like her personality. She’s really the next big thing!! Love her. Love her. Love her!! (^.-)b

matt giraud – part time lover

LOVE IT!!!!! whootwooot!! It’s so hip.. Great vocals!! The best performance of the night for me. Hopefully he’ll be good like this all the way to the end!! d(^.^)b

adam lambert – mad world
I still disagree with the standing o, even if I watch it over and over again. The blue lighting kinda distracted me. The start of his song is actually really good, especially when he do the vocal controls. But when he starts hitting the highest note, it turns me off. And the ending is not that smooth. For me, not his best performance. (^.-)b

My Ranking:
1 Matt
2 Anoop
3 Allison
4 Adam
5 Kris
6 Lil
7 Danny
8 Scoot


iTunes week for American Idol finalists – Megan eliminated

American Idol 8 - Top 9

American Idol 8 - Top 9

In our forum, we have this thread about American idol where the members give their comments on the performances of the AI finalists.  We have our own panel of judges there, namely Dru (Simon), Geyp (Paula – she hates that fact haha), Acer (Randy), and Rhix (Kara).
So for a change, I’ll include some of their comments here, try to sum it up like how Ryan do it during the elimination round, and add my own comments too.

Forum Judges: Acer describes it like “a fish out of water!”. Judges Geyp and Rhix hate the arrogance.  All of the forum judges think it was a wrong choice and a disaster!
Me: I also love his voice but the thing is he didn’t add anything new on the song. And be humble next time, his arrogance is not a good attitude  (o.-)p

Forum Judges: All the forum judges think that she’s in trouble, it was a wrong song choice again.
Me: Disappointed on her song choice and performance.. It’s really boring. She loses that magic in her voice.. Too bad for her  (o.-)p


Forum Judges: Judges Geyp, Rhix, and Acer loved his performance and taught that it was a good song choice. But Dru was not blown away.
Me: I would agree with… Dru. I’m still not a fan. I think there’s nothing special on his performance. (-.-)

Forum Judges: All the judges disagreed with the song choice and the OUTFIT!! Rhix describes it like “a school program performance only better but not good enough for American Idol”. But Geyp liked the first part of the song and Acer still thinks that she’s the best girl candidate this year.
Me: I kinda like her performance. It was actually okay for me. Good vocals and still very rocky (^.-)b

Forum Judges: All the judges liked his performance and thinks he’s back in the competition.
Me: Yeah, probably his best performance.. But I’m still not fan. (-.-)

Forum Judges: Dru loved the performance, “like being brought from the ground to the high heavens”, but the other judges think that it’s boring and safe.
Me: I agree that it is too safe, though I also like the second part of the song.  Hope to see her doing more upbeat and challenging songs. (-.-)

Forum Judges: The girls think that it was a major disaster, quoting Geyp: “from being a dark horse to the dark side”, but the guys actually liked it.
Me: I agree with the… Guys! I don’t think it’s really a disaster. It was okay, he put his own flavor on the song, and it’s not really bad at all. I liked the falsetto and the rock flavor on the song. (^.-)b

Forum Judges: Acer liked it, but other three judges think that the screaming and shouting is too much AGAIN! Dru said “Too over-the-top”, and Geyp said “i always feel like I’m listening to a combination of a shrieking banshee and a wild bear on the loose. I just don’t think that’s how music should sound. To me, it’s noise pollution more than music..”.
Me: the first part of the song is good. He’s a good singer, i admit. But when he started the screaming and shouting thing, I hated him instantly.  It’s too much!! aargghh (o.-)p

Forum Judges: All the judges Loved it!!!
Me; I’m a FAN!!! Best performance of the night!! This convinced me that Kris Allen should win this season, He has a good vocals, great in guitar, and great in piano!!! d(^.^)b

My Top 3:
1. Kris – d(^.^)b
2. Matt – (^.-)b
3. Allison – (^.-)b

– Lil – (-.-)
– Danny – (-.-)
– Scott – (-.-)

My Bottom 3:
7. Adam – (o.-)p
8. Megan – (o.-)p
9. Anoop – (o.-)p


Eliminated this week: MEGAN – i hate the result 😦 I love her uniqueness, but the song choice is really bad.. so sad 😦


Top 10 – Motown Week

It’s Motown week for the top 10!!

Top 10 Season 8

Top 10 Season 8

Matt – Let’s Get it on
-> d(^.^)b d(^.^)b – very bluesy performance!! Really loved it! I’m a big fan! Let’s get it on!!

Kris – How sweet it is
->  (^.-)b – I think he’ll have a good career.. for sure.

Scott – You can’t hurry Love
->  (-.-) – An okay performance.. but at least I’ve seen some improvement/change on his performance.. mas lively na :).. at syempre Laughtrip yung coloring book for Simon!! :))

Megan Joy – For once in my life
->  (-.-) – I agree with kara.. mas bagay kay Megan yung My Guy 😦 Yeah, she really has the most unique voice among the group 🙂 Though I’m not a fan of this performance.. oh well.

Anoop – Oh baby baby
->  (^.-)b – I like him doing the ballads.. really really good.. 🙂

Michael – Ain’t too proud to beg
->  (o.-)p – the start of the song is actually good, but he blew it on the last part. disaster.

Lil – Heatwave
->  (^.-)b – I enjoyed the performance though.. I just love her! 🙂

Adam – Tracks of my tears
-> d(^.^)b – @Kara: napa-count ako bigla sa sinabi nya haha.. but seriously, finally, nagustuhan ko ang performance nya. Sana ganyan lagi sya every week.

Danny – Get ready
->  (o.-)p – ewan ko ba.. I’m just annoyed with him this week, I just don’t like his performance

Allison – Papa was a rolling stone
-> d(^.^)b – Amazing vocals!! Actually inaabangan ko talaga kung madadaigan nya yung version ni David Hernandez last season, and I must say, she did!! Mas malinis pagkanta nya, and I really liked how she ended the song! Marvelous!


Unfortunately, matt is part of the bottom 3. 😦
But the good thing is,  Michael got to go home (Yey! well, it’s just time for him to go ^^,)

michael sarver

michael sarver

Wala pa ring kupas si Pareng Stevie Wonder!! whootwooot.. Really really love him!


Not Good Enough to save Alexis Grace

The bottom three for this week are: Allison Iraheta (Blame it on your heart), Michael Sarver (Aint Going Down), and Alexis Grace (Jolene).

And the result…

Alexis Going Home

Alexis Going Home

(internet news)

Alexis Grace was revealed to be the third finalist eliminated from American Idol’s eighth season during last night’s live results show broadcast on Fox.

Grace, a 21-year-old from Memphis, TN, was sent home from Idol’s eighth season based on the 31 million home viewer votes cast immediately following Tuesday night’s live performance episode broadcast that saw the Top 11 finalists perform country songs in a tribute to the Grand Ole Opry.

The newly introduced “The Judges’ Save” rule twist also provided its first drama of the season when, following American Idol host Ryan Seacrest‘s announcement that Iraheta had not been eliminated from the competition, Simon Cowell admitted that he and the show’s other judges — Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi — were considering using the save to prevent the elimination of one of the two remaining bottom three finalists.

After Grace was revealed to be the low vote-getter, Cowell revealed that she was the one the judges had been considering saving.

“So it’s all gonna come down to this performance now,” Cowell told Grace.

However, following Grace’s second rendition of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” during which the judges huddled to discuss whether or not to save her, Cowell told Grace that they’d decided her encore performance hadn’t been good enough to merit the utilization of “The Judges’ Save,” which the judges can only use once during American Idol’s eighth season.

“We’re kinda unanimous on this. It was good, but it wasn’t good enough, sorry,” Cowell said. “It’s the end of the line for you.”

“You have an amazing life and career ahead of you my dear. Everything’s gonna change for you,” added Abdul.

“Thank you for the opportunity,” Grace responded.



I’m sad about this result.. I prefer Michael Sarver more to be eliminated.  Alexis Grace still has a lot to offer.  But that’s how the show goes.. eventually it will all come down to two finalists.. oh well.

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