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Getting Bored with AI

Last year, my blog is soooo busy with AI post. It was a fun-tastic season, so many great talents and crazy Paula was still there.

But this season, it is freakin different!

I thought it will be an awesome season too. The top 24 was a talented bunch, Ellen was added as the new judge, and Seacrest is bitchy-er!

But not until the real talents started disappearing. Joe Muñoz was booted out on the first week of elimination night.. It was a surprise.. his rendition of Mraz’ You And I Both was really awesome, that’s why I really didn’t get it why america didn’t vote for him.

Then the contestants started killing the songs, I mean killing in very bad way… Kara is acting weird-er.. and too much pimping on some contestants became very obvious.. you can definitely tell the season is going nowhere.

And I was totally upset when they formed the top 12. Alex Lambert didn’t make it to top 12. SERIOUSLY! That was the worst news I’ve heard that day. That guy is so talented, amazing voice and personality, very down to earth! It was really heartbreaking to see him go…

But I was still hopeful that time.. my other bet, Didi Benami, is still there. Then it was RnB Week. Usher was awesome mentoring the contestants, and his performance during the elimination round is super OMG kick-ass! But the fun was over when Didi was announced to have the least votes.. and the most frustrating part was the stupid judges didn’t use the SAVE for her!!!!!!!

and that’s it! I definitely lost my interest in watching the show.. It’s too depressing.. and I really hate the fact that the judges decided to WASTE the save by using it for Mike. WTF.

I just hope Crystal, who almost quit the show, will stay and win this thing.. Yeah, they’re pimping her out too much.. but it’s okay. She’s talented and she deserves the title.



Top 10 Guys – American Idol 9

top 10 guys

michael (this is a man’s world)
– ok. he can sing. But I’m really not impressed with what he did. Standing O? really? – 7/10

john (gravity)
– He sang it differently but it’s still lame. His voice is okay though. – 7/10

casey (i don’t wanna be)
– I finally appreciated his voice, but his performance this week is not that awesome for me. –8/10

alex (everybody knows)
– HE IS AWESOME. That’s all I can say. – 10/10 (to Vice: not really Keane, more like James Morrison singing a John Legend song )

todrick (what’s love got to do with it)
– weird song choice. He’s a performer, but not a singer – 7/10

jermaine (what’s going on)
– I’m sooo disappointed and annoyed at the same time. He’s really awesome in his audition, I really don’t know what happened to him – 7/10

andrew (you give me something)
– A lil disappointed, but with this perf, he showed that he can still perform without the guitar. –8/10

aaron (my girl)
– I disagree with Sash! He can’t sing? are you serious? ahehe.. I like his voice. I’m not sure if he’s better than archie or not.. hmm maybe not.. but he’s still good. – 8/10

tim (come on get higher)
– He sang one of my fave songs!! And I think his performance is okay. Waaaay better than last week. He should do something like Ryan Cabrera.. maybe he can nail that. – 8/10

lee (lips of an angel)
– Love his voice.. raspy and rough..but he’s not the best singer this season (among the boys).. definitely not. – 9/10

My Top3 this week are:

Alex Lambert

Andrew Garcia

Lee Dewyze


I’m happy that John and Jermaine went home…
hopefully next week, si Todrick naman.. and.. maybe Michael. 😛


and since I really can’t get over with Alex’s performance, I’m sharing his performace in this post.  I hope he’ll get far in this season 🙂

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