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[project 365] day 35 – 41

[Day 41] Feb 10 – Sweets from Kite 🙂

My good friend and co-rusher Kite Cruz just got home here in the Phil from Texas, USA. She texted me one morning that she brought something for me. Na-touch naman ako syempre.. so I met up with her at Powerbooks and I finally met her in person!! We talked for quite a while and ayun.. she gave me this KitKat.. Love it! Thank you so much Kite!!!

[Day 40] Feb 9 – Tissue Tissue Tissue

*sneeeeeeeezzzzeeeee* my day started with not-so-awesome-colds. Darn. And I really consumed a lot of tissues that day. I really hate this feeling..*sniff sniff*… neozep na naman 😐

[Day 39] Feb 8 – Brownies!!

Colorful brownies from Dunkin Donuts. Love the taste and the toppings. and very affordable pa.. 60 pesos for 6 brownies.. next time bibili ulit ako 🙂

[Day 38] Feb 7 – Happy Birthday Alex!!

We (with my rusher friends) attended the 1st Bday of baby Alex, the daughter of Acer and ate Susie.. the party was held at McDo, Festival Mall. We enjoyed the food, and the mascots 😀

[Day 37] Feb 6 – This iz it!

No. Not Michael Jackson’s Concert. Finally. Got to watch three awesome acts in one night. Boyce Avenue is amazing, Alejandro’s voice FTW. Jabbawockeez.. umm they’re great. Kainis lang yung mga audience.. and Kris Allen? He’s the Best!

[Day 36] Feb 5 – It’s ALIVE

yeaaah! after that one horrible week, my PC is back. Thank you to my very new dvd-rom… I succeeded in installing the new OS in my PC. Here’s hoping that this will be the very last time. haaaay

[Day 35] Feb 4 – Tickets

Me and my friend Julie bought three tickets for the concert of Boyce Ave, Jabbawockeez, and Kris Allen. Gen Admission lang, which only costs 500+ pesos… This is my first big concert for this year 🙂

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Are you afraid of the dark - Sidney Sheldon
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He glanced at Kelly and smiled. "I haven't been there since I met you."