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What happened in 2013?

2012 has been a very happy year, and 2013, well, was so-so.

It started really great. An out of the country trip for the first time. Memorable moments there. Then things went out of hand. A lot of ups and downs happened as the months progressed. 

A lot of changes happened. A lot of regrets. A lot of what ifs.

But despite all of these, I am still thankful. I met new cool people this year. Well, like I said, my first out of the country, SG! And my first time in Boracay and Anawangin too. A lot of gala this year with friends, i think. It was a tiring but fun year.

And of course, the best thing that came this year is our little angel, Baby Clyde Euann.  Our house has never been this fun 🙂

Now, I am looking forward to a better new year. I really wish 2014 will be a lot better. And I am praying that i’ll be happier next year! 🙂


2012: year-end post

*late post*

How was your 2012?

For me, it was one of the best.  2012 is a blessed year for me. A lot of good things happened this year that I am thankful for.

My family has been ok all throughout 2012. Despite the fact that my brother was not able to pursue (again) his studies and a baby is about to come, we still managed to survive 2012. No major sickness in the family. Financially, we’re still stable, and we were able to spent christmas and new year together!

Work has been very busy… it was my 4th year in Tsukiden last April, and.. I’m still here! Well, looking for a new job has never entered my mind yet, I’m still happy with what I’m doing right now.  I am thankful anyway that last year I was deployed in another company (Cebu & Taguig) which gave me more experiences and well, a new environment.

Social life has been funtastic too! I met new people, and new friends again last year! A lot of Groupees, EBs, Instammets, Inumans, Videoke, Out of town, Parties! I’m such a social butterfly last year hahaha! Twitter, IG, and Path has been my life last 2012.  And moreso after I got my new phone last October, I became more active! 🙂

Love life?.. I remember a post last January 2012 that all I wrote is “next”.  But now, I’m happy to say that I can write a paragraph about it. LOL. I’m happy. That’s it. I used to go to Baclarann church every sunday, light a candle, pray for my family and friend, and… I always wish to God for a love life.  Never really thought it will happen.  Well, for the record, there’s still no “us”. But knowing someone out there is treating me extra special is enough.

Overall, 2012 has been good to me. I’m wishing that 2013 will be better. More great things may come my way this year.


Missing Cebu

it’s been a month since I left the Queen City of the South.

I was one of the lucky ones to be deployed in Cebu last August.  At first, I was so excited because it’ll be my first time to work in a new environment, but scared at the same time because I’ll be away from home for a couple of months, and meeting and dealing with new people has never been an easy thing for me.

To my surprise, our (well, “my”) work there has been very light, and the people in our work are very nice.  I’m happy that I was assigned to PTM team under Ms. Arlie, and our project went really smooth. Then when I was transferred to Eval Team, I met Boss Rex,  Nins, Che, and others, and they’re all very nice.

Livin there in Cebu was really fun. I was able to learn the daily languages that are essential, like for travelling.  “Lugar lang” and “Palihog” were my overused words there 😀 .  Every weekend, when I’m so bored staying in our apartment, I used to go to Ayala Cebu or SM Cebu, watch movies, or just walk around.

We also had the chance to roam around Cebu.  I miss our trips to Moal Boal, Sto. Nino Church, Mr. A, Sutukil food places, Mactan Shrine, Magellan’s Cross, and our Island Hopping in Cebu! Yeah, it was work and leisure for us there!

I also miss the food places that we’ve tried there.. AA BBQ every night, Golden Cowrie, Chowabangga, Chicken Charlie, Casa Verde, and of course Jollibee, KFC, McDo and Shakeys hehe.

It was also a chance for me to meet some Cebu Rushers there.  I was able to meet and greet @dreivance and @giantumulad, and I also met up with Manila Rushers like Ina, Dru, Merl, and Kim!  It really felt like I was not that far from Manila.

There are other things that I really miss in Cebu.. the light traffic, the fresh environment, the gorgeous people, and a whole lot more.  Given the chance that I’ll be deployed again there, I’ll gladly take it and fly back there again.


2012 Birthday Post

10.13.2012. Birthday away from home.

It was my first time to celebrate this day away from my family, away from most of my friends.  It was a bit sad, but still there other things to be thankful for, and it’s a new experience nevertheless.

A day before my special day (friday) I already started receiving birthday greets! Too bad though that there’s no morning rush on my special day, so I decided to ask for a greeting from them.  The things was, THE Georgina Wilson was with the Kikay Barkada that morning!! So I tried, and there ya go, I got a birthday greeting from a gorgeous celebrity!!! Then some of the rushers started greeting me na rin.

Then I was at the office, working overtime.  And I remembered what happened last year when I salubong my birthday in the office.  I told myself, “that will never happen again!”. So when the clock hit 10 PM, I decided to stop my tasks and zoom away from the office hehe.

So there I was, home at last, waiting for 12 midnight… (I’m too excited!).

So when the clock hit that time, the greetings poured in!! First I got a call from my friend Ivan, and the rest of Team Kips (Kit, Tonio, AJ, Eugene, Jobert and Marcky), they greeted me a happy birthday ^_^.  Then I started receiving text messages and tweets.  I just realized na ngayun, konti na lang talaga ang nagtetext (or wala na yata talagang nagmamahal sakin lol)… but most greets are now coming from twitter, facebook, instagram, and now, Path!! And speaking of Path, the new online world i discovered this year, I’m so happy with the greets I received from my Path friends!

Then when I woke up, the greets and tweets went on, Kuya Specialist Joe called me and greeted me Happy Birthday. He never failed to greet me over the phone kahit na from SG pa yung call.. really love that guy! Then my friend John Carlo (JLP) called that morning too to greet me!  I also received greetings from my groups, SMB, PSGs, and Obese. I spent most of my day replying to tweets and fb posts.  My friend Rina also called me and DJ Danielle greeted me that afternoon!

Then by night, I treated my housemates for a dinner.  We were planning to do videoke but my housemates were too busy with their work (wooot haha iwas libre :P).  So my celebration just ended there. 🙂

I found out that day too that my IG/Path/SC friend Quahloi is also celebrating his birthday!! Katuwa! And as “gift” from him hehe, I asked for a birthday greeting from… Bobe!! Woooot! Bobe was sooo cute.  That was the cutest greet I got that day. ^__^

I’m so much happy with how my special day turned out. I’m happy that my family is still complete,  I’m happy that Happy Lemon is there, and I’m happy that all my friends are present to make it a happy birthday for me.

And oh, as a birthday gift for myself, I got my iPhone now! ::happy dance::


A Month Before 10/13

30 days from now, I’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday. 

Looking back, my life @ 24 has been very good to me. Problems and struggles are still there, but I managed to overcome these things. 
My family is still complete, and even gained a new member when my brother got his girlfriend pregnant. This definitely brought us major headache, but all we can do now is accept the situation, and work harder, and look forward to see our new baby.

Work has been a lot of fun too. I became more responsible this year, were able to manage my own group. Became more exposed with smart phone development. But the most exciting thing that happened to me was when I was deployed here in Cebu to work for our partner company. It’s tough to work and live away from home, but day by day, I’m getting used to it. And here (in Cebu), my set of friends and acquaintances are getting bigger and bigger. 🙂

My social life was awesome too this year. I met a lot of new people and new friends again (though I lost a dear friend just recently 😦 see previous post). My summer was a bummer but I still got a chance to hit the beach (Laiya moments). And I also finally got the chance to visit the City of Pines, Baguio!! Movies, get-togethers, EBs, Instameets, Parties, they were all there. There’s nothing I could ask for.

Then lastly, the “love” life. It was okaaay. I think at my 24th year, I got inspired, and hoped, and got disappointed twice. But that’s fine. Then I met a new inspiration. A new friend, or bestfriend maybe. But that’s just it.  Honestly, I still dont have a lovelife. Maybe I’m all this happy and in love and all, but technically, I’m still single, I’m still alone. But like I said, I’m happy 🙂 I’m experiencing something new, something that makes me hopeful, and I’m really fine with it.

So, there are so many things that I have to be thankful for at this stage of my life. I’m just so excited to add another awesome year in this journal. So at my 25th, I’m writing down a list again, and I’m wishing to have/experience all of these stuff:

– a healthier self, 100+ lbs
– a healthier and complete family
– our own house
– promotion
– iPhone
– new desktop pc
– see Jason Mraz LIVE
– more local travel experiences
– more magnets
– visit SG
– TMR Book 2
– birthday cake
– wristwatch
– Run/Marathon
– maging abay sa kasal
– lovelife
– more birthdays to come

I hope that God will grant me all of these things, and may my 25th year will be more awesome and more exciting 🙂



Francis N. Rodriguez. Kiko. Una ko syang nakilala nung 1st year Highschool ako sa PNHS La Huerta. He’s one of those bunch na maiingay sa likod non, hehe, coz he used to seat near his classmates in elementary.

Di ko maalala kung pano kami naging magkaibigan, magkabarkada. We’re from different elementary schools, and di naman kami magkatabi ng upuan nun. Basta siguro nagkasama lang kami sa isang lakad, then ayun, nagclick na.

Napakamasayahin nyang tao. Sobra. Saming magbabarkada, isa sya sa mga nagpapatawa sa amin. Magaling din syang kumanta, one of the song birds sa room namin yan. He loves Christina Aguilera so much.. as in makikipag-away yan kapag usapang Britney-Christina na.. a true blue music lover. Na palaging nakatutok sa Myx at MTV. I also admire his penmanship din. Must admit na sinusubukan kong gayahin yun sulat nya, ang ganda lang kasi. And most specially, he’s a smart guy. Consistent. Top 3 sa klase. Yun lang, mas matalino ako sa kanya LOL. 🙂

Marami akong fond memories with him nung Highschool pa kami. Madalas kaming magpagalingan sa klase nun. At naaalala ko na tuwang tuwa sya kapag natataasan nya ako sa mga quizzes, pero minsan lang mangyari yun :P. At tuwing groupings, kami kami din yung magkakagrupo. Syempre abusado din sya most of the time kapag nagpapadrawing or kokopya ng notes, pero ayos lang sa akin yun. Gumagala din kami sa malls nun after ng exams, at madami ding group practices ang napagsaluhan namin.

Mahilig din sya sa mga letters. Every occasions, valentines, birthdays, christmas vacations, bago mag summer vacations, nagpapadala yan ng mga sulat sa amin. Friendly letters na kung anu ano ang laman. And until now, tinatago ko pa rin yung mga yun.

I also became very close to his family. Madalas kasi kaming tumambay sa kanila since isang tawid lang ang bahay nila from our school. Sobrang bait ng mom and mga kapatid at pinsan nya. Everytime he celebrates his birthday, or fiesta sa kanila, laging may handa, and we’re always invited. And kahit sya, naging kilala na rin sa bahay namin. Madalas din syang pumunta sa bahay nun para makigamit ng computer or minsan tambay lang din.

Then nung college, sinamahan nya pa akong mag-enroll. We went to the same school, PUP, and same college, CCMIT. Pero naghiwalay din ang landas namin. He took up IT while ako naman ang nag CS. Pero madalas pa rin kaming magkita at mag-usap, and ang ending, nakilala at naging kaibigan ko pa yung mga college friends nya, and nakilala din sya ng mga college friends ko.

And now.. just hearing the sad news.. na wala na sya.. it totally crushed me into pieces. Sobrang bilis ng pangyayari. Almost a year ko din syang di nakikita.. and I couldnt remember anymore when was the last time I saw my friend 😥


August 2012

CEBU. ayan. Yan ang summary ng month na to.

It’s my first time in Cebu! Our company deployed us here to work under a partner-company.  I must say, I’m enjoying this a lot!! Pero syempre nakakamiss ang Manila.. and my family of course..

And first month palang, nakagala na rin kami sa Cebu! Yey.. finally saw the Mactan Shrine and Magellan’s Cross.. and the Sto. Nino Church.. and kabisado ko na rin pasikot sikot papuntang SM Cebu and Ayala Cebu..

While I was here, i found out a news from home.. ayun, nabuntis ng little brother ko yung girlfriend nya 😦 Now the responsibility is on our family.. I really wish na masurvive namin to..

Then for mom’s birthday, I surprised her by coming home!!! Her reaction was really priceless nung nakita nya akong natutulog sa kwarto ni kuya 😀 So happy that I made her happy..

Pero aside for my mom’s birthday, I also went home to have my first Baguio Experience! hehe thank you long weekend. Kahit medyo inulan kami,, it was fine.. PSGs had so much fun pa rin!

And with regards to my work here.. it’s all good.. so far ok pa ang ginagawa ko at mukhang hindi pa hectic.. sana lang talaga ganito until October 🙂


July 2012

Waah.. this is soooo delayed post na.. at hindi ko na maalala kung anong nangyari nung July.. #SeniorMoments

Well, It’s the anniversary month of The BEST Morning Show in the whole wide world — The Morning Rush! – and the best thing that happened this year was they won an award from OMG Awards!! And as an active rusher, it felt great to see that event live!

Also happy that my friend Elen (Rina) is finally home from Turkey!!! So we went for a karaoke night with SMB and Dru. It was fun!..

Right after that videoke, I went to Pansol Laguna for the PSG swimming.. fun overnight with the guys! 🙂

We also prepared a tribute for TMR para sa anniversary nila.. nastress ako dun sobra.. but thankfully naging successful naman 🙂

Too bad PSG didnt able to attend the Anniversary EB sa McDo.. we went to Laiya that day.  It was my first time in Laiya, and I really love the place!.. and we went home na sinalubong pa kami ng bagyo.  But it was really fun.

Anong petsa na!?

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