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[project 365] day 244 – 273


Probably one of the busiest month for me.. lots of things happened on this month.. watched a lot of movies, new reality shows, concerts, and reunions.

[day 273] Sept 30 – tomorrow is the big day. The day that I’ve been waiting for. John Mayer Live!

[day 272] Sept 29 – after a tiring work, i went to McDonalds and bought this large fries. and then I felt better. πŸ˜€

[day 271] Sept 28 – the second episode of Glee is all about Heather Morris.. oh Britney, I mean. Love this episode too. Happy that the spotlight is on Heather M. She deserved it.

[day 270] Sept 27 – and it’s also the start of Amazing Race 17!!! whoooot.. really love this month. and I love this new season of TAR. The express pass, the hyper contestants, and the fact that they’re passing by here in the philippines. can’t wait for that leg of the race.

[day 269] Sept 26 – random: grapes. Not really my favorite fruit. weird, yeah?

[day 268] Sept 25 – BSCS 1-4 reunion at Bosay Resort, antipolo. Finally, natuloy na rin ^_^

[day 267] Sept 24 – one of my favorite order kay Ate Letty.. Beef with Broccoli… love love broccoli.

[day 266] Sept 23 – It is my first time to watch The Amazing race asia.. it is now on its fourth season, and team Philippines is represented by Rich and Rich.. I hope they’ll get far.. and hopefully win this race.

[day 265] Sept 22 – coookies. and I’m a monster.

[day 264] Sept 21 – And the new season of Glee has started too… and the first episode is just awesome… seeing the name of Charice there, and seeing her singing on TV, it just makes me so proud. πŸ™‚

[day 263] Sept 20 – Finally. The 21st season of Survivor has started. Young Vs. Old. I’m loving it so far πŸ™‚

[day 262] Sept 19 – and after watching the concert, I requested a song from Git Fresh.. and I was surprised when I saw that the group retweeted my tweet! woooot πŸ™‚

[day 261] Sept 18 – and I just watched the Supafest concert, featuring Kelly Rowland, Sean Kingston, TPain and Flo Rida.. and oh, Git Fresh too. that was fun!

[day 260] Sept 17 – Our bosses (from COMMON grp) decided to give us a milestone party before we part ways and be assigned to different domains.. we had a blast at Music Match Home Depot.

[day 259] Sept 16 – and yes, I just jumped for joy when i saw this TV ad… nothing’s gonna stop this event.. John Mayer is coming to the philippines!!!

[day 258] Sept 15 – since the john mayer concert is coming up, and i just won a ticket for the supafest concert, I decided to buy a bigger SD card for my digicam.. to capture all of the moments.

[day 257] Sept 14 – shoe shine!! yeah, I noticed that my shoes is not looking good anymore, so i decided to buy this today to pimp my shoes. πŸ˜€

[day 256] Sept 13 – Grandeur Coffee courtesy of my friend Mr. Perk πŸ™‚ Love this HazelNut Flavor..

[day 255] Sept 12 – Me and my college friends went to christening of our new inaanak, Charles Malcolm. the cute baby of my good friend Camille πŸ™‚

[day 254] Sept 11 – One of the saddest moment of this year for me… Seeing Gelli teary-eyed while doing her last Sabaduo.. She just can’t say goodbye to the listeners.. I miss her so much.

[day 253] Sept 10 – Dont you just love KFC fries? and a bucket of em? Heaven.

[day 252] Sept 9 – i felt the need of sanitizing myself wherever i go. So i bought this cute little alcohol. Handy it is.

[day 251] Sept 8 – Me and my friend Marga tried the HipHop class of Summit Wellness Center at Tektite 4th floor.. it was fun.. i wanna do it again πŸ™‚

[day 250] Sept 7 – whaddyouknow!! My blog just reached the quarter million hits. Hoooorah.

[day 249] Sept 6 – I woke up today with a very read eye.. sore-eyes during rainy season?! that’s possible. And I’ve been scratching my eyes kasi when I slept last night.. that’s why. So i bought this thing. It worked.

[day 248] Sept 5 – We put Popoy and Basha inside a basin while we were cleaning their cage.. they’re so cute.

[day 247] Sept 4 – Refrigerated Cake/ Graham Cake.. my mom finally mastered this.. love the peaches and condensed milk. ^_^

[day 246] Sept 3 – digital cable.. it makes our tv much clearer.. but i dont like it.. nawawala yung HBO and Star Movies when we’re using this..

[day 245] Sept 2 – watched this fun movie with my rusher friends Mr. Perk, Ron, and Stephen.. it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!!

[day 244] Sept 1 – Leche flan of Iggi’s Kitchen (at The Podium).. we ate this before we watched Despicable Me. Yum-o!


[project 365] day 228 -243

[day 243] aug 31 – This one made me smile… napasama ang blog ko sa Top Clicks sa….. ^_^

[day 242] aug 30 – another starstruck moment… Airto, the youtube star.. tweeted me!!! i answered his question kasi about my all-time fave song πŸ™‚

[day 241] aug 29 – whoootwooot… heard the news about it, and true enough, BlueRitz’ podcast of TMR is the #1 audio podcast sa iTunes Philippines πŸ˜€

[day 240] aug 28 – after our exotic lunch at balaw-balaw.. we watched Splice at SLEGM.. panalo sila sa reminder =)
[day 239] aug 27 – It was my first time na makapasok sa White Ave… it was an awesome party!! may photobooth pa =)
[day 238] aug 26 – got my party tickets for the RX Anniversary party… so thankful for Gelli.. β™₯
[day 237] aug 25 – we watched this movie on 3D (with mr.perk and stephensoul)!!! whoa… havent seen the first and second movie.. pero oks lang.. I enjoyed Step Up 3D!!!
[day 236] aug 24 – and chico posted the video!!!! wow.. parang may special post para sakin hihi. Check out
[day 235] aug 23 – our movie night (for Grown Ups) ay nauwi sa dinner sa Max’s… i still enjoyed that moment with my rusher friends πŸ™‚
[day 234] aug 22 – chico’s reply on my suggested video made me laugh. sira na talaga ang reputasyon ko. Tsk
[day 233] aug 21 – dahil nainggit ako sa kapatid ko na may edited tattoo sa leeg, gumaya din ako. LOL.
[day 232] aug 20 – it feels great when your favorite artist is following you on twitter.. whoa ang feeling. πŸ˜€
[day 231] aug 19 – chocolate cake… mga natira sa handa nina mommy and kuya… *tulo laway*
[day 230] aug 18 – whuddup Cinnamon Roll πŸ™‚ this is my prize kasi naghighest ako sa T.I. task… sa C Checker? ayun.. lol
[day 229] aug 17 – Yessss. Chyna Ortaleza tweeted me. wala lang. nastarstruck lang ^_^
[day 228] aug 16 – first time to use Tweetitow… dati kasi API.. i think this is much better ^_^

[project 365] day 213 – 227

[day 227] aug 15 – soap i bought from my elementary classmate Faith πŸ™‚

[day 226] aug 14 – treat ni Kalai.. we salubong her birthday after watching BoyzIImen

[day 225] aug 13 – woootwoot whuddup… this is my first time na manood sa loob ng Big Dome!!!! πŸ˜€ watched boyzIImen with my rusher friends

[day 224] aug 12 – Happy Cream Puffs!!!! YUMMMMMY… i want to buy a box of this… *salivating*

[day 223] aug 11 – wooot.. one of my fave artists right now followed me on twitter..

[day 222] aug 10 – dibidi, dibidi…. no, I’m not pirating movies… this is for personal purpose.. puno na kasi yung HD ko ng.. umm.. downloaded tv series *safe*

[day 221] aug 9 – watched Silent Sanctuary live at RX concert series…. gusto ko magplay ng violin!

[day 220] aug 8 – Nusica – chocolate spread… this is my fave spread πŸ™‚

[day 219] aug 7 – watched this movie alone… but i enjoyed it.. galing talaga ni ange.. kaso nabitin ako.

[day 218] aug 6 – free chocolate from japan.. πŸ™‚

[day 217] aug 5 – this is what i want for my birthday!!!

[day 216] aug 4 – chikito.. this is my treat for my groupmates sa QA.. we decided to treat each other araw-araw, kain kami ng kain πŸ™‚

[day 215] aug 3 – downloaded this awesome concert of John Mayer… ganda ng quality.. and the songs and his performance.. wow.. sana talaga matuloy concert nya

[day 214] aug 2 – bought this new tumbler… and well, well, well.. i dont have to pay for it.. thanks sa sm advantage card! πŸ™‚

[day 213] aug 1 – started watching the cartoon series of Avatar The Last Airbender… this is waaaay better than the movie πŸ™‚


[Project 365] day 192 – 212

[day 212] Jul 31 – weeeeee unexpected gift from my friend dru ^_^

[day 211] Jul 30 – party night at Jupiter Makati… Yuppie party!! thanks to switjoe sa free tickets

[day 210] Jul 29 – ayun.. nagutom

[day 209] Jul 28 – bowling night na nauwi sa pagsubo ng melona bar… pagsubo talaga? lol

[day 208] Jul 27 – finally!!! mababasa ko na yung last book ng HP!!!! thanks aysa!

[day 207] Jul 26 – watched concert series with Julianne

[day 206] Jul 25 – eto ticket namin… inipon ko lang.. la lang

[day 205] Jul 24 – met my college friends at trinoma… ate at KFC.. and watched Inception again!

[day 204] Jul 23 – gastos na naman!!! new badminton racket!! sporty na sporty na ako wooot

[day 203] Jul 22 – bought my new belt…. kelangan pang butasan para sumakto hehe

[day 202] Jul 21 – inception craze is not over!!! awesome fb application ^_^

[day 201] Jul 20 – Thanks to stephen for this free pemiere tickets of The Last Airbender.. masaya.. maganda effects.. yun lang!

[day 200] Jul 19 – Inception!!!! watched this with my rusher friends.. no doubt, this is the movie of the year!

[day 199] Jul 18 – YUMMMMY!!!!

[day 198] Jul 17 – watched this alone.. consists of 5 stories… ok naman.. naaliw ako

[day 197] July 16 – watched this movie with my friend Julie at Podium cinema.. sarap talaga manood dun! this movie is… just okay πŸ™‚

[day 196] July 15 – received this award after ng C Training namin.. whuddup! hehe.. sayang kasi may isang exam akong nabagsak. Tsk

[day 195] July 14 – snacks imported from Japan!! whooot!! masarap yung Kinoko no yama! πŸ˜›

[day 194] July 13 – brochures.. (tama b?).. oh well.. basta yun.. I’ve been searching for cheap houses lately.. la pang makita

[day 193] July 12 – my second statement shirt.. cool.. love Fun Tee!! mura pa yung mga shirts.. i should buy again.. next time

[day 192] July 11 – my first statement shirt.. love it! Screw U!!!! πŸ™‚


[project 365] day 178 – 191

[day 191] July 10 – celebrated the birthday of the most Gorgeous, Endearing, Lovable, Lively, and Incredible dj of RX.. GELLI! we love u!

[day 190] July 9 – Dinner at Shichirin with “my” BU… Love the experience.

[day 189] July 8 – Got our smart card and locker keys. we’re officially LOCKED 😦

[day 188] July 7 – Ovalteenies… yesss.. may ganyan pa rin hanggang ngayun. Got this as a prize for being the highest scorer sa asssesment exam πŸ™‚

[day 187] July 6 – Good News!!! Just found out that Gabe Bondoc is visiting the Philippines. YAY!!!!!

[day 186] July 5 – The very sexy Hi-C! Live at RX Concert Series πŸ™‚

[day 185] July 4 – KFC crispy fries never fails. My source of happiness πŸ™‚

[day 184] July 3 – after the movie bonding with college, went straight to Amber to party with the RX peeps!!!

[day 183] July 2 – we we’re about to watch Eclipse that day. Since I’m the early bird as usual, went to Starbucks, sat there, and enjoyed reading Sheldon’s novel.

[day 182] July 1 – finally met our friend from abu dhabi, Jihan!!! πŸ™‚ Dinner with her at Dencio’s Grill, Megamall.

[day 181] June 30 – siopao again…. really love asado flavor. Thank you 7-11 πŸ™‚

[day 180] June 29 – Cassava Cake from Laguna. Prolly my most favorite kakanin πŸ™‚

[day 179] June 28 – RX concert series with Princess. She’s really good and super nice. Follow her on twitter. @PrincessVelasco

[day 178] June 27 – Summer is definitely over. This day is actually weird, it’s raining hard, with matching thunders, but the sky was bright and the sun was out there.


[project 365] day 167 – 177

[day 177] June 26 – after the EB, me, ron, selwyn, rina, ninya, and paul decided to watch the Toy Story 3… it was FUN!

[day 176] June 25 – Leadership training seminar the whole day.. we enjoyed the talk with Boss Manny Villa… and we love the meriendas πŸ™‚

[day 175] June 24 – PRIZE!! I won a Kaspersky anti-virus during the premiere… that was my first time.. again!!

[day 174] June 23 – another first time… First time to watch a movie at Greenbelt 3. It was the Monster Movie Premiere of Kinght and Day courtesy of RX!

[day 173] June 22 – we watched Karate Kid at Podium Cinema with Edzcel and Ron… that was my 1st time to watch there.. i LIKE.

[day 172] June 21 – I borrowed my officemate’s earphone because mine is not working anymore.. but i already have my own now πŸ™‚

[day 171] June 20 – special day for the fathers… we didn’t do anything special tho.. sad 😦

[day 170] June 19 – one of our new pets… this is popoy, and the other one is basha πŸ˜€ walang kinalaman ang One More Chance dyan lol

[day 169] June 18 – my latest addiction… but i like the other flavor/variant/whatever.. Latte β™₯

[day 168] June 17 – we dropped by sa booth to celebrate Chico’s bday! We gave him our present and he really liked it… obvious ba? hehe nice job riot boyz

[day 167] June 16 – my new shoes!! Thanks to ron and selwyn for picking this new pang-porma… and nung sinuot ko na sa office, they didn’t stop making binyag my shoes! grrr


[project 365] day 136 – 166

[day 166] June 15 – our very own Mr. Perk… nadyaryo!! lol.. clap clap clap!!

[day 165] June 14 – scramble sa mega!!!!! waaaaah.. nakakaadik!!!! i miss my elementary days πŸ™‚

[day 164] June 13 – Arrozcaldo sa tagaytay.. FTW

[day 163] June 12 – The special day of Kuya Doe!!!! nakisama ang weather.. Thank God!

[day 162] June 11 – at ang pasalubong ng seaman!! Thanks p-jay!

[day 161] June 10 – at Pablito’s place… celebrating his birthday

[day 160] June 9 – new perfurme… haven’t tried it though

[day 159] June 8 – ang sagot sa pagiging hapontukin… Enervon!

[day 158] June 7 – RX concert series with the RnB Prince, Jay-R!

[day 157] June 6 – the wedding invation πŸ™‚

[day 156] June 5 – Thai Horror movie “Coming Soon”…. pinanood ko dahil sa top10 na scary stories at dahil sa pagsigaw ni delle… it is a good movie.. nice story

[day 155] June 4 – quake bar!! not really that awesome.. i still prefer the old one.

[day 154] June 3 – free mcdo coffee courtesy of Kuya Doe πŸ˜‰

[day 153] June 2 – The beans!!! one of my favorite desserts.

[day 152] June 1 – sex and the city 2 Premiere!!! it was a fun movie pala. πŸ˜€

[day 151] May 31 – Tweet cloud πŸ™‚

[day 150] May 30 – i finished all the levels… pero it’s not over yet.

[day 149] May 29 – watched this movie with the rushers… love it πŸ™‚

[day 148] May 28 – new rubber shoes!! yey.. pangbadminton πŸ™‚ and pwede na rin pang-run

[day 147] May 27 – bowling place sa starmall… wala na kasi yung sa Mega.. pffft.

[day 146] May 26 – macaroons from goldilocks.. mas masarap pa rin yung butter flavor.

[day 144] May 24 – gulaman with milk.. HEAVEN.

[day 143] May 23 – Tinola. naalala ko tuloy yung Noli Me Tangere

[day 142] May 22 – Pacman game sa google!!! coolio.

[day 141] May 21 – after a tiring badminton game.. picture picture

[day 140] May 20 – candle in the dark… may silbi din pala ang brownout

[day 139] May 19 – the light.. wala lang.

[day 138] May 18 – souvenir from puerto galera… nakasama sana ako.. Thanks marga!

[day 137] May 17 – chocolates from Japan!!!

[day 136] May 16 – the moon and the star.


[Project 365] day 121 – 135

[day 135] May 15 – midnight snack!!!
This is our food when we worked overnight… hectic work!! Thank goodness to McDo. πŸ˜€

[day 134] May 14 – Lights, Camera, Eat!
At Mang Inasal, Pearl Drive.. dinner break sa OT.. love their hanging lights there πŸ˜‰

[day 133] May 13 – tiled
la lang… bigla ko lang napicturan haha

[day 132] May 12 – Hongkong stuff
pasalubong from Boss Rich & Boss Jason… a cute pen from HK!

[day 131] May 11 – The Last Song
Monster Movie Premier of The Last Song ft Miley and Liam… I enjoyed the movie kahit si Miley ang bida.. peace! Thanks to Cherry for the tix!

[day 130] May 10 – VOTED!
I did my job! and I’m proud that I participated in this special event. πŸ™‚ 3.5 hours is not that horrible.. it was fun.

[day 129] May 9 – back to school
i went to the nearest ATM in our place.. and that was located near at my Highschool building.. memories!! and that room on the 2nd floor right side corner.. that’s my room when i was in 1st and 2nd year.

[day 128] May 8 – Instant Macaroni Spag!!
Lucky Me macaroni spag… not bad at all πŸ™‚

[day 127] May 7 – Happy anniversary!
me and my batchmates in tsukiden celebrated our 2nd yr anniversary in our company πŸ™‚ lunch at shakey’s! Looove Mojos!

[day 126] May 6 – katas ng sportsfest!
The whole 1st BU celebrate our 2nd place win sa sportsfest namin last March.. na hindi ko naman naexperience.. buti na lang pinakain pa din kami.. yey πŸ™‚ Go Green Team!

[day 125] May 5 – nakakainsultong text message
Kinongratulate ka pa.. 0 points ka lang naman… pffft

[day 124] May 4 – Yo, Froyo!
Red Mango experience.. thanks to Edzcel for this treat πŸ™‚

[day 123] May 3 – Chowking!
Late dinner at Chowking Greenhills.. with Perk, stephen, ron, and jay-r’s siko.

[day 122] May 2 – Blue?!
Hindi naman obvious yung fave color ko diba? πŸ˜›

[day 121] May 1 – 4:44pm! Make A Wish!!! πŸ˜›

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