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March 2012

Another eventful month it is! And I could say that I’ve been so inspired this month, for so many reasons..

March 04 – Chai tweeted me and asked me if I would like to meet her and some rushers for a coffee.. kasi wala syang magawa. And I agreed naman. Little did I know, madami pala ang pupunta. Ayun, instant EB! That was my first time that I met Kuya Maui (The nBodyguard) and Sham (stealth_hiroshi). Then biglaan, we decided to visit UPD! Ganun kami ka-spontaneous. Hehe. I enjoyed my time with them 🙂

March 05 – When I heard that Zia is guesting on RX Concert series, dinala ko talaga yung album and left the work immediately to let her sign my copy! Fan boy moment lang!.. Then listen to her first performance and leave. I joined some of my friends for a light dinner and ice cream bonding at Big Scoop.

March 11 –  Igersmanila’s 8th Instameet! It was another fun activity held at Ayala Triangle Gardens.  I met a lot of new faces, familiar names, and ol’ friends. Lots of fun and exhausting activities. Met there my Group 6 buddies 🙂 Then I had dinner with some of my oBESe friends and coffee with the rest of the gang.  And also on this day, I received the first text message from that someone who I never thought will bring smiles on my March 🙂

…. but wait, how was my work? our 1 month project went well. Natapos naman namin in time yung mga tasks… the only disappointing part here is that may memo na naman ako for this month! wtf! Haaay.. I dont know anymore kung makakaperfect pa ako ng isang month. Oh well..

March 16 –  SouthernRushers get-together again at Giligan’s Alabang, now joined by new members Leo, Coi, and Ash. We stayed so late, dumaan pa sa McDo, and sa bahay nila Santi.. then..

March 17-18 – Company outing and sportfest at Momarco Resort, Rizal. Walang tulog lang! The place was awesome though.. The food they prepared was yum-oh! We managed naman to have our cheerdance presentation, and after that, tulog kaagad ako 😀

March 18 – And since nakabawi na ako ng energy sa napakahabang tulog, after our outing, I went straight to MOA to have some Yakimix Lunch with the bitches hehe.  Parang yung napuntahan lang namin sa Makati before, but at least this time, madaming dessert. And how could I forget that it was my “birthday” that day! lol

March 21 – #HappyLemon. Yun lang. 🙂

March 23 – Movie Bonding with my officemates and friends. Naisipan lang naming manood ng Hunger Games that night after work. Even though di ko pa nababasa yung book, I enjoyed the movie!

March 25 – Outreach activity at CRIBS for the 3rd Anniversary of Christinatix. I am so very happy that I became a part of this thing.  Nakakataba ng puso yung ginawa namin. At least we know that we made a bunch of kids happy that day. Then after that, we went to KopiRoti. Bonding with Christi!! At nahotseat na naman ako. Geez.

And am I inspired? Yes I am. Pero I still dont know kung anong mangyayari. Sabi nga nila, just enjoy the moment. Dont rush things. If it’s meant to be, it will be. 🙂


Hodge Podge 3

Okay..  this seems to be the craziest week ever.

My monday is pretty awesome coz I won another promo at  The Morning Rush, P2000 worth of smart loads.

Now my problem is I dunno what I’ll do with this stuff. Oh I know.. I have to sell them somewhere… but I don’t know where.  Need to earn some money.. There are a lot of upcoming concert this summer.. must-see concerts.

And speaking of concert, I feel so bad that I missed the Paramore Concert here in Manila.  I really wanted to hear them live.. pero tinamad talaga ako.  Anyway, there are still a lot of concert na paparating, sabi ko nga.  I’m excited to see Owl City, Justin Timberlake & Jojo & Timbo, John Mayer, and Kelly Clarkson… so, I BADLY NEED MONEY.


Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite Hollywood Actresses.   And on the 82nd Academy Awards, she bagged the Best Actress trophy.  I’m happy that she won this award.  I love her movies, I love her wit, and her personality.

I already seen her movie The Blind Side.  To tell you honestly, I didn’t cry when I saw the movie… but her performance is really good, I must say.  But when I heard her acceptance speech when she received the award, I was in tears!!

So there, I’m really happy that she won.  Academy Award Winner, Sandra Bullock.


I know American Idol is really crappy right now… with the disappointing result of Top 12 and with the disgusting Kara-Simon Thing.  I’m just thankful that there are still reality shows that can save me from agony.

Love this season.  Great idea, Exciting challenges, Exciting survivors. Love it.  Of course, we usually root for the good guys, but for this season, I think I would love to see the Villains to win this.  They’re more entertaining.  The only bad news, to me, is that it’s not exciting anymore, coz I already found out who will be on the top 3.  Pero exciting pa rin kasi hindi ko naman alam yung mga magiging challenges and who will win.. so okay pa rin 🙂

I thought this is also a lame season. But No! Thank God to the Cowboys, Jett and Cord.  They are very entertaining, their expressions, their interviews, sobrang nakakatuwa.

I also love the father-daughter tandem.. I think they’re strong, and they’re playing the race really nice.  And for this season, the team that I hate is the Lesbian couple.  They’re annoying and sneaky.  Puro negative vibes.

I hope there’ll be more exciting challenges.  And I hope this will be an awesome season.  May the deserving team win!


Hodge Podge 2

Cory Aquino, the first female president of the country, died today. I got the news when I was checking my facebook, and i saw my friend’s status about it. Sad day. And it’s been raining the whole day. I guess the sky is also mourning for the president’s death.


I realized today that there’s still hope.  Wag lang sigurong pilitin.. pero I know, everything will be back to normal again. I’m crossing my fingers now


Check out my request in Song Of The Week. new unreleased song from Jojo. click here.


I love the Bot Application in facebook. Naaliw ako sa mga result hahahaha.. check out my profile. add me up. (check nyo yung side bar)


Happy Birthday to Ria aka Laida Magtalas (July 31), Paul Ignatius (July 31), and Papu Estrada (August 1)!!


Hodge Podge 1

Friday Random thoughts.. wow, my blog is improving!! yeah.


i miss the old days… nung medyo maayos pa ang lahat.. sigh


ang cute nung FX na nasakyan ko… may kurtina!!


everything is LEGAL now. dammit


My party songs right now: I got a feeling, Patron Tequila, and that new song of Missy Elliot and Ciara.


My song for a friend of mine 😦


Excited for tomorrow’s Ice Cream Bonding!!


The HP question in Playtime was soooo easy. Too bad I didn’t call.


Harry Potter 7 sliced in two

Harry Potter in two parts

harry potter 7

I recently heard the news that Harry Potter 7, the last installment of the Harry Potter movie series, will be divided into two parts. The first part will be shown on December 2010, while the second part will be on May 2011. I haven’t finished the novel yet, but I heard from my classmates and friends that the last book is really full of important events, and it is really impossible to fit it in a 2-hour movie. It is much better this way, and I’m really excited about it.

Colby Caillat in Manila

Colby caillat

I had the chance to see Colby Caillat performing live in Manila. In case you didn’t know, Colby Caillat is the voice behind the hit ‘Bubbly’ and “Realize’. My classmates and me went to Trinoma last March 12 to see her mall tour in Ayala malls. It was quite a long wait, and we really felt the starvation while waiting for her. And when the show started, we just listened to two songs and decided to leave our place and have our dinner. At least, we saw her, that’s what matters.

David Hernandez being booted out in American Idol

David Hernandez

I’m really disappointed with the result of American Idol last week. David Hernandez, one of the best male vocals in the competition, was voted off in the competition. I personally think that he is not the weakest performer that night, and I truly believe that he deserve to be in the top 5. There was news that it might be because of the rumors about his ‘stripper’ past. But that was unfair for him. But anyway, I think he will still emerge in the Music Industry.

Binibining Pilipinas

janina san miguel

Unfortunately, I catch this show in the television. And I really find it hilarious. And I’m really surprised that she won the title. Personally, I’m not against the contestant. It is okay with me if she messed up in the question and answer portion. I’m not saying that she don’t deserve to win. But the only point is there are other contestants who really deserve it. Anyway, let us just wish her luck. 🙂

Nihongo play, a success

Whootwoot. I’m very happy that our play in Nihongo class was a success! And because of the good flow of the story and the great performances of my group, we emerged as the best group! It was really fulfilling. And I’m happy that it was already finished.

End of classes

aww… this is the end of our college days. And I really feel happy and sad at the same time. I will miss my classmates, and all the treasured memories we shared together inside and outside the school. I won’t forget them… I will miss you guys! Till next time! 😦

Anong petsa na!?

July 2020

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Are you afraid of the dark - Sidney Sheldon
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He hesitated. "Loneliness. I felt less lonely
He glanced at Kelly and smiled. "I haven't been there since I met you."