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Missing Cebu

it’s been a month since I left the Queen City of the South.

I was one of the lucky ones to be deployed in Cebu last August.  At first, I was so excited because it’ll be my first time to work in a new environment, but scared at the same time because I’ll be away from home for a couple of months, and meeting and dealing with new people has never been an easy thing for me.

To my surprise, our (well, “my”) work there has been very light, and the people in our work are very nice.  I’m happy that I was assigned to PTM team under Ms. Arlie, and our project went really smooth. Then when I was transferred to Eval Team, I met Boss Rex,  Nins, Che, and others, and they’re all very nice.

Livin there in Cebu was really fun. I was able to learn the daily languages that are essential, like for travelling.  “Lugar lang” and “Palihog” were my overused words there 😀 .  Every weekend, when I’m so bored staying in our apartment, I used to go to Ayala Cebu or SM Cebu, watch movies, or just walk around.

We also had the chance to roam around Cebu.  I miss our trips to Moal Boal, Sto. Nino Church, Mr. A, Sutukil food places, Mactan Shrine, Magellan’s Cross, and our Island Hopping in Cebu! Yeah, it was work and leisure for us there!

I also miss the food places that we’ve tried there.. AA BBQ every night, Golden Cowrie, Chowabangga, Chicken Charlie, Casa Verde, and of course Jollibee, KFC, McDo and Shakeys hehe.

It was also a chance for me to meet some Cebu Rushers there.  I was able to meet and greet @dreivance and @giantumulad, and I also met up with Manila Rushers like Ina, Dru, Merl, and Kim!  It really felt like I was not that far from Manila.

There are other things that I really miss in Cebu.. the light traffic, the fresh environment, the gorgeous people, and a whole lot more.  Given the chance that I’ll be deployed again there, I’ll gladly take it and fly back there again.


June 2012

It was a roller coaster month, I must say.  There came a point that I reached the lowest point of my life, but a lot of times, thankfully, I was on a high!  Still, it was a good month for me.  Here we go!

(singit lang ng konti nung May)

May 28 – I attended the RX Concert series featuring Imago. They were soooo nice! So happy when they sang “Sundo”… best moment of that night!

May 29 – Was lucky to be included in the guest list of the launch of the NEW iPad by Globe Tattoo. Thanks to Igersmanila for this opportunity! Went there with my friend winthoughts, and met other fellow igers.  Medyo boring yung launch pero panalo naman yung food.  And I had a chance to have a picture taken with TIM YAP! and I saw the very beautiful, the goddess, Georgina Wilson. Yum, este, wow! :))

June 01 – One of the craziest mini-instameet I attended! Inumanyt with Sarci!  We had dinner at Kalye Juan, Rob Manila, then transferred to Cowboy Grill in Malate.  It was crazy! We drank a lot of San Mig Light, then few shots of Tequilla.  We finished around 3 or 4 in the morning.  Then had a coffee at Aristocrat.  Then Aaron drove us all the way to Cavite and we ate Lugaw for breakfast.  I arrived home around 8am 😀

June 02 – At kahit kulang sa tulog, I asked some of my friends to watch Snow White and the Huntsman with me. Thankfully, sumama naman sila! Fun bonding with Leo, Izzie and Alex

June 07 – One of those mornings na ayoko ng balikan. A lot of things have been said.  One thing is for sure, I’m careful now.  And I’m still happy now.

June 08 – 1st BU has its Kick-off/Milestone at Texas Roadhouse Grill in El Pueblo… Love the food and most especially the dessert they prepared! Then after that, I met the Rushers and we visited Wow FM 🙂

June 09 – After sooo many years! lol Nakapagbadminton na ulet with some Rushers..  We tried organizing a game that day, and kahit 5 lang kami, it was fun! Then we meet other rushers in SM megamall and hangout sa labas ng starbucks

Then after this, I met with my college friends to welcome home (again) Eco! Dinner at Banana Leaf was not that fun hahaha! Kasi naman yung mga food!.. Not sanay with Malay Cuisine.  Thank God libre ni eco yun hehe.  Then we watched Prometheus at Podium.

June 12 – No work means Rushers EB.  Independence Day!  Went early morning at Strata to meet Winthoughts and and nagbabalik uwi na si Mitch (my IG friends), and first time meeting @Jaypoknat.  We went to RX booth and joined the other rushers. Bonding with Chico and Delle and Gino.  Free ice cream from Picket Fence. And kwentuhan!

Then I meet with Kuya Joe and Ate Macel and we went to Banawe to meet some of our friends for a buffet lunch at Chinatown’s Best Food.  Buffets are love! Then we made tambay sa house nila Kim at kwentuhan and coffee. That’s my typical holdiay!

June 15 – After so many attempts, natuloy na rin ang videoke session with Android Team! And ayun, I was tasked to organized it.. The place, the food, the budgeting, etc. Thank God it was a success! And so happy to know na talented kaming lahat haha!. Too bad may nakatalo sa 99 score ko. TSK.

June 16 – Then kinabukasan, Bowling game naman with the Rushers.. and again, I’m organizing the event!  Pansin ko lang napapadalas na sy actually haha!  And I’m so overwhelmed with the number of attendees!  And so happy that Chico and Gino joined us!! It was really fun!

June 23 – Second mini-instameet for this month is with my oBESe family! Videoke night and meeting our bunso, Jajeco, and our new member, Xander!

June 24 – Jay (astroboy0069) invited us to visit their house at Calamba, Laguna and participate on their Fiesta!  It was one of the best!  We ate lunch, of course, then sinolo na namin yung nirent nilang videoke machine! haha! Badtrip lang kasi madamot sa score yung machine. Boo!  We went home a lil late, around 8pm already.. but we had so much fun there!

June 29 – My college friend from US, Jepp, surprised us that night by showing up and treating us for a movie! We watched The Amazing Spiderman and it was… wait for it.. Amazing!!!!! 😀

June 30 – As usual, for the last saturday of the month, Rushers flocked to the RX Booth to visit CnDnG.  And it was the Lechon Party of Kikay Barkada!! We shared on this huge lechon from cebu and it was so delicious!! It was also a pleasure of mine to finally have a picture with Chefchefan and Callcenternurse.

Then after this, we went to Bonchon to eat some lunch (di pa nakuntento sa lechon), then headed to Greenhilss Badminton Center for the Rushers Badminton EB!  IT WAS AWESOME! another successful event for us.  And I’m so happy that Chico joined us that day.. Hopefully other RX jocks will join us next time! 🙂

And the day did not end there! My SMB friends went to Gerry’s Grill, SM North and had our free dinner courtesy of Irene!! Then we also tried the “Wengweng” cocktail.

Other than these happenings, this month has been really ok.  With work, I only have two lates, which is a good feat for me!  And I’m so proud with my iOS team, coz they’ve been accomplishing a lot of things on time!  My brother is now back at school, so I’m really wishing that he will do this seriously this time;  Then I got a new phone courtesy of Globe Postpaid Plan, and I’m really loving it!! Though my phone bills is uncontrollable 😦  and finally, I’m so addicted with Dragonvale!!! 😀



Les choses ne sera jamais le même puisque vous êtes venu dans ma vie.

Things are getting better again. I thought there will be changes after that morning conversation.  Thankfully it didn’t go that way.  Some of my doubts were already gone. Back to happiness, I am. And for sure, that’s what HL want me to be.  Happy.

But I always remind myself that I should take it easy.  No expectations, that’s the deal. Just stay the same. That making-each-other-happy stage.  And I should not think about the future, right?  Coz what matters most is the present. It’s a gift. 🙂

Je serai toujours là pour vous, rappelez-vous que. pardonnez-moi, je peut-être occupé dans le temps, néanmoins, je serai la.


May 2012

Homecoming. Concerts. Misunderstandings. Forgiveness. That’s how I sum up this month.

May 06 – Instameet with Eric (efsalo). I spent half of my day with my IG friends Eric, Gold, Bry, Ed, Den, Makoi, Dee, Icoh and Eugene at MOA.  We had lunch at Congo Grille, then Bowling.  After that, we went CBTL to chill and chitchat.  Pinagkatuwaan yung mga damit ng magsasantacruzan.  We waited until 7pm to see the Flores De Mayo there.  Then we ate at Chowking and played Truth or Dare 😀  It was also our first time to meet fellow Path-er, Herbie 🙂

May 12 – EK EB!!!! This has got to be the MOST FUN EB I had! A bus load of Rushers travelling to EK, Going to different rides together, Lunch and Dinner and Party at Foodcourt. It was sooo much fun!  And the fact that I’m one of the organizers of this event, I’m fulfilled to know that it was a success.  So happy that I survived Space Shuttle and Anchors Away, and I tried Go Kart again. Relieving the memories of this trip makes me smile again.  Excited to do this again with the Rushers 🙂

May 14 –  2nd homecoming for this month. We went to RX Booth to welcome Daomingza, MaanTaj, Dadagwapo, and Leshaun15!  Was surprised to receive another pasalubong from Jay, such a thoughtful friend he is!  Then I hang out with the Milk Tea Gang at Starbucks, got the chance to avail the Happy Hour thingy of sb. Had a quick trip to the dentist, but she was not there.  Then went back to RX (with MTG) to watch 6 Cyclemind live!  It was fun day indeed!

May 19 –  Went to Rob Galleria early in the morning to play Bowling with Erwin (Boi Bakal).  We really planned to have a face-off with this game, and had a deal that the loser in the match will be punished.  I ruled the first game with 115/107.. pero nakabawi naman sya game 2 with 146/98.  Unfortunately, I lost the match.  And the consequence for me was no sweat at all. sobra! tsk tsk!  Then we had lunch and exchanged stories.  Guess I found a new friend! 🙂

May 20 – Ina texted me that day and asked me to join them at Nido Discovery Center in MOA.  Me, Ina, Tonio, Renren and Madi went there and had so much fun! Talking with the funny fish cartoon, playing Kinect!, and watching this documentary about the Universe.  Then we ate dinner at Wendy’s and visited the Ice cream stall which serves special ice creams named after Chico, Dell, and Gino 🙂

May 23 – The second wave of SG Rushers invasion happened! Finally met Braso and Abs (spike_08 and LGtitular).

May 26 – Another jam packed day for me.  First, I attended the Rushers EB.  There were lots of attendees, as usual.  And we had so much fun sa Megamall Foodcourt when we had our lunch!..

Then our ultimate taksil time! Yes, we visited Suzy of Magic 89.9 during her show! haha! Apparently, she just came back from suspension that time. And we’re the one who welcomed her back. Nice!!

After this, I went to Malate to meet some old friends.  I was still undecided if I’ll watch Lifehouse that night. But a friend of mine, rocel, texted me and she’ll do something for me to be able to watch, so I rushed back north, went to Araneta, and watched Lifehouse with my friends! 🙂

May 27 – It was the 9th Instameet of Igersmanila! The event was held at this streetfood resto called Chef Arch’s Lime.  I met old and new faces there, and I even won something from Bahay,Baboy,Bagyo game 😀  Then after the instameet, some of us went to Chicago, Metrowalk to celebrate our friends’ birthday! Had 2 shots of Vodka and went home very late, kahit Monday na kinabukasan. I had fun though, that’s all good 🙂


This month is also the Performance Appraisal Month in our company.  I finally got my PA rating, and I must say, it was not that bad.  Now I feel more responsible, especially now that I got my own “team” to train and guide.  I can feel the pressure, so I need to work hard.  With regards to my tardiness naman, I am so happy! Finally, NO LATE for this month! Yay to that!  Hoping to this again this June, and I will surely reward myself 😉

This month is also the time where we help again some students to go to school.  RX’s Monster scholar.  Even if, I admit, that I was not able to contribute an amount this sem, at least I did something to help to spread the word.  So happy that the rushers managed to raise up a big amount of money, and now we’re sending 2 scholars to school! 🙂

Happylemon.  We’re still happy. Despite the numerous misunderstandings we’ve gone through this month.  There were instances na magagalit sya sa akin dahil di ko sya natext when I’m home already, and minsan naman ako yung magagalit kasi di rin sya nakapagtext.  Those simple things. Pero we’re always apologetic naman to each other and patch things up 🙂

I also did something…umm. thoughtful.. para sa kanya.  I went to their office early in the morning and gave a box of food.  So happy sa naging reaction nya.  Now, if someone will ask me “what’s the sweetest thing I did for someone I like?”, may masasagot na ko 😀

But we went through, probably, our most major misunderstanding so far.  All of a sudden, di nya ko tinext.  Whole day na walang messages galing sa kanya.  I was so worried. I swallowed my pride and texted sorry, kahit di ako sure if may kasalanan ako. Then next morning, I feel so depressed. I started thinking of those sad songs, remembering the promises. And sabi, “hay, maybe that’s it”.  Then when I was about to get in inside the MRT train, i checked my phone and saw a message. Happy Lemon!. I almost.. well, I teared up after seeing the text. Inexplain naman nya kung bakit nya ko dineadma the whole day, I completely understand.  Now we’re both leaving those things behind and start happy.  Hoping this things will strengthen whatever we have right now 🙂


April 2012

Another jam packed month for me! And the happiness continues, with work, social life, and personal life.

Apr-04 – Holy Wednesday! Was not planning to go out but my friends, Saturday Movie Buddies, decided to go out and have dinner together. It was my first time to eat at Army Navy. Enjoy naman yung food and tea. Then we had coffee at Starbucks G5.

“Dyou ‘like’ me? Who/What I am?… Yep. I admire you for being you :D”

Apr-05 – During our dinner that wed night, napagusapan ang Alay Lakad sa Antipolo. Ayun, biglang natuloy. From Rob Galleria, we started walking around 7pm hanggang marating namin ang Antipolo Church by 12midnight. So happy na natapos ko sya. Thanks to my company as well Ron, Jaycee, Ina, Bryan, Tonio, Renren, and Adrian.

“You deserve the sweetest first love 🙂  Hindi ka mahirap mahalin, tandaan mo yan :D”

Apr-09 – Since it was a holiday, as usual, we went to The Morning Rush for the holiday EB. I finally met one of the Nutty Nuts of Gelli, Chris Van! Then I had lunch with the Milk Tea Gang,

then went to Alabang to play bowling with SanGabriel Family, tapos dinner na din. 🙂 Fun day it was!

“♫ My universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came, I’m glad you came :D”

Apr-14 – Rushers 1st April EB. Met new rushers! It was fun din, as usual. Then ate lunch with cherry and the gang. After nun, diretso naman kami sa Alabang, for the Southern Rushers Bonding!

Bowling then inuman at Giligans. Inabot na kami ng madaling araw, coffee sa mcdo. Whew. What a day!

“It’s more than enough for me knowing YOU are happy :D”

Apr 17 – I was guested in The Maan Show of @maan_taj 🙂 It was a fun activity, a getting-to-know-me kind of thing.  I’m happy with the questions asked to me, and I really enjoyed answering them. I just hope they (the ‘audience’) enjoyed it too! Here’s the link for the full interview:

Apr 18 –  Tampuhan. That night, I was restless and so sad. I thought that’s it.

“Let’s leave what had happened last night. Love doesnt keep a record of rights and wrongs :D”

Apr 20 – I met up with my college friend, Cherrie, and we had dinner at Fazoli’s  Eastwood.  It was the time that I opened up with her.  I’m happy with our time together and I’m happy that she’s happy 🙂

Apr-23 – My 4th anniversary at Tsukiden!!! Ayun, 1 more year at magkakaservice award na ko.. I’m still happy with what I’m doing right now, I must say. 🙂

Apr-24 – Finally met OnealBryan (from dubai) and LyndonMartin! We accompany them on their RX Booth visit and had a little conversation with Chico and Delle.

Apr-24 – First movie bonding together. =)

Apr-26 – I had dinner with my friends dru, bob, and erna at Peri Peri, Megamall.  It’s always fun talking with the “old” rushers. And they gave me nice advices about.. everything.

“I just want you to be happy, that’s it. 🙂 I just Wish I am successful doing this and make you happy at least… I have no intentions of stopping this, fyi. :D”

Apr 27 – Had dinner at Il Mercanti Food Bazaar with The MilkTeaGang, Kit, Ivan, Jing and Aj. At dahil dun, napuyat ako! lol. Had fun pa rin 😀

Apr 28 – One of the funnest EB we have! Ubusan ng pera ang peg lol. And ayun, I was so late dahil sa lakad kagabi. Then we ate lunch at Rob Galleria.. tapos diretso bowling na! The bowling part was the best! From the history of my bowling experience, dun lang ako naka 147 score! wow!! Then we went to Chicago for our videoke session, occupied their biggest room, and the rest of the evening was a riot!

It was a super fun April indeed! And I just wish that the succeeding months will be like this! =)


March 2012

Another eventful month it is! And I could say that I’ve been so inspired this month, for so many reasons..

March 04 – Chai tweeted me and asked me if I would like to meet her and some rushers for a coffee.. kasi wala syang magawa. And I agreed naman. Little did I know, madami pala ang pupunta. Ayun, instant EB! That was my first time that I met Kuya Maui (The nBodyguard) and Sham (stealth_hiroshi). Then biglaan, we decided to visit UPD! Ganun kami ka-spontaneous. Hehe. I enjoyed my time with them 🙂

March 05 – When I heard that Zia is guesting on RX Concert series, dinala ko talaga yung album and left the work immediately to let her sign my copy! Fan boy moment lang!.. Then listen to her first performance and leave. I joined some of my friends for a light dinner and ice cream bonding at Big Scoop.

March 11 –  Igersmanila’s 8th Instameet! It was another fun activity held at Ayala Triangle Gardens.  I met a lot of new faces, familiar names, and ol’ friends. Lots of fun and exhausting activities. Met there my Group 6 buddies 🙂 Then I had dinner with some of my oBESe friends and coffee with the rest of the gang.  And also on this day, I received the first text message from that someone who I never thought will bring smiles on my March 🙂

…. but wait, how was my work? our 1 month project went well. Natapos naman namin in time yung mga tasks… the only disappointing part here is that may memo na naman ako for this month! wtf! Haaay.. I dont know anymore kung makakaperfect pa ako ng isang month. Oh well..

March 16 –  SouthernRushers get-together again at Giligan’s Alabang, now joined by new members Leo, Coi, and Ash. We stayed so late, dumaan pa sa McDo, and sa bahay nila Santi.. then..

March 17-18 – Company outing and sportfest at Momarco Resort, Rizal. Walang tulog lang! The place was awesome though.. The food they prepared was yum-oh! We managed naman to have our cheerdance presentation, and after that, tulog kaagad ako 😀

March 18 – And since nakabawi na ako ng energy sa napakahabang tulog, after our outing, I went straight to MOA to have some Yakimix Lunch with the bitches hehe.  Parang yung napuntahan lang namin sa Makati before, but at least this time, madaming dessert. And how could I forget that it was my “birthday” that day! lol

March 21 – #HappyLemon. Yun lang. 🙂

March 23 – Movie Bonding with my officemates and friends. Naisipan lang naming manood ng Hunger Games that night after work. Even though di ko pa nababasa yung book, I enjoyed the movie!

March 25 – Outreach activity at CRIBS for the 3rd Anniversary of Christinatix. I am so very happy that I became a part of this thing.  Nakakataba ng puso yung ginawa namin. At least we know that we made a bunch of kids happy that day. Then after that, we went to KopiRoti. Bonding with Christi!! At nahotseat na naman ako. Geez.

And am I inspired? Yes I am. Pero I still dont know kung anong mangyayari. Sabi nga nila, just enjoy the moment. Dont rush things. If it’s meant to be, it will be. 🙂


February 2012

This is how my February looked like.

A lot of things happened this month. I attended a lot of biglaan/planadong EBs. I met a lot of interesting/nakakastrastruck people like (1) The HighestPaidSGRusher Daomingza, the legendary V58, the co-bastos rusher Maximo, the celebrity bodyguard Kuya Maui, my college friends Enrico and Cherrie, my new inaanak Johann, my new buddy Astroboy0069, a couple of new rushers, and of course… Ms. Francine Prieto!

And since this the love month, I would say that I felt happiness on this time of the year.  A special friend of mine celebrated his birthday today, and I am so proud of what he have done so far.  He even sent me a message (see pic below) saying how grateful he is for having me as a friend. And so am I. I’m just wishing him a healthier and happier life right now 🙂

Then I had a memorable post v-day dinner with a friend. A lot of kilig moments with crushes (plural?!?), a lot of new friends, an an old friend came back to make kulet with me again =)

I would say this has been a great month for me. And I’m looking forward for a better month this March. Let’s do this!


2011: Year-end Post

2011. A Year of Discovery.

The first few months of this year was pretty crazy. I was out of control.  I discovered a lot of things, tried a lot of things, and broke myself free.   I wasted a lot of time and money.. and love.

I discovered a new friend.  I met Jake.  On that moment when we first met, I knew that he’ll be a good friend.  He stood by me during the scariest time of my life.  And I’m happy that he was there! Despite his condition, he stayed strong for me. Such an inspiration.  And he made me proud on what he’s been doing now.  And knowing that I’m somehow one of the reasons why his life changed, I’m touched.  That’s one of the highlights of my year.

I discovered a new light in my career.   Being a part of the Android Team is such a fun part of my job.  And, this year, I think I got my mojos back.  Promotion, New office, New officemates, New projects.  It all happened this year.  Although it was not perfect at all! I think I accumulated my most number of tardiness this year! Haha! But my tardiness brought in something good at the end of this year!  Was awarded as Person Of The Year of The Filipino Time for being consistently late, and still proud of it! LOL

I discovered more rushers. This year is also one of the best! I met a LOT of new rushers this year, and they’re crazier than the former rushers I know (but of course, iba pa rin ang mga orig, those I’ve been with since 2008).  But combining them altogether is such a riot. And big thanks to Twitter for connecting me to them.  My day is not complete without them.  To all the old and new rushers, Cheers!!

I discovered a new book. Also this year was the release of Chico and Delamar’s TMR Top 10 Book.  It’s an another feat for the duo, and I am so very proud that I’m part of the book. Reading all of the entries there brought back a lot of memories.  And seriously, when people asks me to sign their book, it makes me proud of what I contributed to the show.  As I’ve said before, I never dreamt of this treatment, I still consider myself as one of the simple, regular texters/listeners.  Still, thank you guys for the love!

I discovered a new world.  Instagram.  I thought at first that it was a simple app where you will post your photos.  A virtual photo album.  I was wrong.  There I found a new community, a new group of friends, creative and wonderful people, a new family! Big thanks to all my instagram friends, esp to Igersmanila and all the 9pmhabit people.  They brought in a different fun on my life this year!

I discovered another beauty of the Philippines.  My most memorable trip this year is our Palawan Getaway with my College Friends.  It was a fun trip, and the experience will be treasured forever. I actually wanna go back there and experience it all over again!

I discovered new communities. Kik, Path, Soundcloud. I’m getting addicted to these things.

All in all, 2011 has been a great year for me. Thanks to all the people I’ve been with this year. To my family, relatives, HS friends, College friends, Officemates, Rushers, FB friends, Twitter Friends, Instagram Friends, KaPathid, LP brothers.  Thank you guys for a great year! See you all this 2012!

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