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April 2012

Another jam packed month for me! And the happiness continues, with work, social life, and personal life.

Apr-04 – Holy Wednesday! Was not planning to go out but my friends, Saturday Movie Buddies, decided to go out and have dinner together. It was my first time to eat at Army Navy. Enjoy naman yung food and tea. Then we had coffee at Starbucks G5.

“Dyou ‘like’ me? Who/What I am?… Yep. I admire you for being you :D”

Apr-05 – During our dinner that wed night, napagusapan ang Alay Lakad sa Antipolo. Ayun, biglang natuloy. From Rob Galleria, we started walking around 7pm hanggang marating namin ang Antipolo Church by 12midnight. So happy na natapos ko sya. Thanks to my company as well Ron, Jaycee, Ina, Bryan, Tonio, Renren, and Adrian.

“You deserve the sweetest first love 🙂  Hindi ka mahirap mahalin, tandaan mo yan :D”

Apr-09 – Since it was a holiday, as usual, we went to The Morning Rush for the holiday EB. I finally met one of the Nutty Nuts of Gelli, Chris Van! Then I had lunch with the Milk Tea Gang,

then went to Alabang to play bowling with SanGabriel Family, tapos dinner na din. 🙂 Fun day it was!

“♫ My universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came, I’m glad you came :D”

Apr-14 – Rushers 1st April EB. Met new rushers! It was fun din, as usual. Then ate lunch with cherry and the gang. After nun, diretso naman kami sa Alabang, for the Southern Rushers Bonding!

Bowling then inuman at Giligans. Inabot na kami ng madaling araw, coffee sa mcdo. Whew. What a day!

“It’s more than enough for me knowing YOU are happy :D”

Apr 17 – I was guested in The Maan Show of @maan_taj 🙂 It was a fun activity, a getting-to-know-me kind of thing.  I’m happy with the questions asked to me, and I really enjoyed answering them. I just hope they (the ‘audience’) enjoyed it too! Here’s the link for the full interview:

Apr 18 –  Tampuhan. That night, I was restless and so sad. I thought that’s it.

“Let’s leave what had happened last night. Love doesnt keep a record of rights and wrongs :D”

Apr 20 – I met up with my college friend, Cherrie, and we had dinner at Fazoli’s  Eastwood.  It was the time that I opened up with her.  I’m happy with our time together and I’m happy that she’s happy 🙂

Apr-23 – My 4th anniversary at Tsukiden!!! Ayun, 1 more year at magkakaservice award na ko.. I’m still happy with what I’m doing right now, I must say. 🙂

Apr-24 – Finally met OnealBryan (from dubai) and LyndonMartin! We accompany them on their RX Booth visit and had a little conversation with Chico and Delle.

Apr-24 – First movie bonding together. =)

Apr-26 – I had dinner with my friends dru, bob, and erna at Peri Peri, Megamall.  It’s always fun talking with the “old” rushers. And they gave me nice advices about.. everything.

“I just want you to be happy, that’s it. 🙂 I just Wish I am successful doing this and make you happy at least… I have no intentions of stopping this, fyi. :D”

Apr 27 – Had dinner at Il Mercanti Food Bazaar with The MilkTeaGang, Kit, Ivan, Jing and Aj. At dahil dun, napuyat ako! lol. Had fun pa rin 😀

Apr 28 – One of the funnest EB we have! Ubusan ng pera ang peg lol. And ayun, I was so late dahil sa lakad kagabi. Then we ate lunch at Rob Galleria.. tapos diretso bowling na! The bowling part was the best! From the history of my bowling experience, dun lang ako naka 147 score! wow!! Then we went to Chicago for our videoke session, occupied their biggest room, and the rest of the evening was a riot!

It was a super fun April indeed! And I just wish that the succeeding months will be like this! =)

Anong petsa na!?

May 2012

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