Makoi – To our dearest friend oscar, hapibirdey!!! May you have more alluring, ravishing, and fabulousburpdeys to come

Den – Happy happy bday to the master rusher, pervie and obese beneficiary odh!!!

Dee – Wishing you a marvelous bday. May you always find true joy and happiness in everything you do. Hb awesome odh

Gold – happy bday master odh!! From being one of the famous friend that i have and a beloved obese.. Thanks for being sweet and for beautiful friendship that we had.. Miss you so much sobra love yah.. See you soon!

CM – Happy bday mga pogi! (Me and Quahloi)

Drew – happy bday mga idol (Me and Quahloi)

Sarci – He may be quiet and shy but boy does he pack a talent! Happy birthday to the ever popular mr oscardelahopia! Sorry i missed you in cebu! See you soon!

Herbie – happy bday osh!! I wish you good health, wealth and all the goodness there is! Hope to see you soon! Cheers! Enjoy ur day!

Jay – happy bday brother, God bless u always. Enjoy ur natal day

Sugar – happy birthday odh!

Pratty – (di ko nakopya yung greet nya huhu)

and to Quhaloi, Doj, edmond, chester, jesse, eder, darz, lkdc, kuling, yvette, dan, mogs, tomi and bobe



Mayeen, Rina, Chai


Text Messages

(to follow hehe)



from PSGs group page ^_^

Abigael Joy Tecson  – Happy happy birthday junjun!!god bless you..c=
Abraham Cacal Calicdan – happy bday!
Abyie Lozano – Happy happy birthday Master ;))
Adora Madeja Dimaala – Happy birthday, ODH!!!
Affy Galarosa – Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu
Aidz Go Cablitas – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASTER!!!!
Aimee Concepcion – Happy birthday!!!
Aisza Bernadette Kaharudin  – Oskie!! Happy Birthday! 🙂
Aiszy Brin  – happy bday oscar!!! 🙂
Aiza Estareja – happy birthday oskie!
Albert Libunao – HBD…. ODH 😀 godbless
Aldo Martz- Happy birthday Oscar! ^_^
Aldreich Aguilar – Happy Birthday 😀
Alger Babina – Happy Birthday!! 🙂
Alhmar Acer Cervantes  – hopia have a great birthday, boy! 😉
Alvin L Baes – Happy Birthday pre 🙂 Cheers! 🙂
Alvin Manlulu  – Hey! Joyeux Aniversarie! (Happy Birthday in French)
Ana Belle Raymundo Caisip – happy birthday ODH!!!!
Ana Casipe – happy birthday oscar!!!!! 😀
Analyn Flores – Happy birthday boss! 🙂
Andromeda Salva – Happy birthday..
Angel Rhayne – Happy birthday MAster Oscar Delahopia Garcia !!!!!!!
Angel Rhayne – Happy Birthday Master!!!!
Angel Shadowsong Warren – Happy Birthday!
Angelica M. Valencia  – Happy Birthday! 🙂
Angelie Carbonel Belleza – Happy birthday master!
Angelo Villasanta – ODH! Happy Birthday!!
Anna Regina Vega – Happy happy birthday Sir! God bless!;)
Anna Trinidad – happy birthday! 😀
Anne Charmaine Sangil – happy birthday ODH!
Ansyel Rei Sun – Happy birthday..
April Angelie Referente Kahulugan  – hapi birthday.. godbless u always
Ariane Fajardo – happy birthday ODH! 🙂
Arvyn Earl Monteagudo – happy bday oscy 😀
Aye Villanueva – Happy Birthday! 🙂
Ayrin Rose – happy birthday oskie
Beedee Aquino – Haberday Boss Oscar… =)
Belle B. Dado  –  happy happy birthday Jhun! wishin you all the best that this life could offer. Have a great one! 🙂
Benjai Bonita – Happy birthday ODH!!! (=
Bhelskie Delr  – Happy Bday!
Bianca Tamparong – happy happy birthday o dela ho!!!!:)
Blessie Paga – Happy Birthday Oscar! 🙂
Bob Balilla – Happy birthday perv! Hahaha!
Booh Reyes – Happy Birthday Po!!!
Bozs Nivram Jusay – happy bdya..!!
Brent Miko Mercado – Happy birthday master ODH! :))
Brent Miko Mercado – Happy bornday master ODH!
Brian Bautista  – heypibertday!!
Brian Graham Aransazo  – Happy birthday ODH. have a great one. God bless. Enjoy!
Brian Moreno – happy birthday! 🙂
Bryan Gabriel – Happy Bday
Callie Burn Ramos -Happy Birthday Master 😀
Camille Caoile – OdelaHo! Happy birthday! 🙂
Camille Umagat – Happy birthday to us ODH! =_
Camillo Nogoy – HAPPY birthday Oscar! ENJOY your day!
Candice Espejo – happy bday!
Carl Lozada – happy birthday!
Carla Elaine Marquez – Happy birthday! godbless..
Carlo L Cruz  – Happy birthday to my one true idol, Mr. ODH!!!
Cat Vega – Happy Birthday!!!!
Cathy Hernandez – Happy Birthday >>>>
Cel Espiritu Torreros – Happy happy birthday, Jun! Labyah! See you soon! Mwah
Cesar Alegro – Happy happy bertday ODH!!
Chai Borja – Happy, happy birthday Jun! Keep being the awesome friend that you are! Stay happy and God bless! Love you! 🙂
Charles Batchoy – Uy~ Birthday (^_^)
Charmaine Lantin – Hapee bertdey oscar!
Cherrie Lou – Happy birthday master ODH!!! Enjoy your special day! 🙂
Cherry Dean – Happy, happy birthday ODH!!! 🙂
Chesca Gutierrez  – M.A.S.T.E.R OSCAAARRR! :))) Happy happy birthday po! :)) Hail to you! see you soon!! *mwahhhh!
Chesca Gutierrez – master! :)) happy birthday po! for the third time! haha!
Chii Shinntot – hi, happy birthday. :))
Chin Sabaco – Blessed birthday! God bless!
Chris Robles – Happy birthday!
Christine Charllotte Cad Lopez – happy birthday master!
Christopher van Gestel – Happy 18th Birthday ODH!!! Hehe….
Chriz Fernandez – Happy Birthday
Chriz Fernandez – Happy Birthday! Godbless
Clare Raymundo – Happy Birthday…..
Cliff Santos  – Happy Birthday Oskie! 🙂
Coi Yap – Happy Birthday 🙂
Cons Sahagun – happy birthday boss!
Custer Winston – Happy birthday again Master!
Cz Ar – Pahabol sa bati! HBD! 🙂
Czar Zafra Reyes – Happy Birthday!!!
Dan Anthony – happy bday master!
Dan Anthony – magbigay pugay!
Danj Cañon  – Happy birthday osky!
Dar-c Silao – [_¯¯H_¯][_¯¯A_¯][_¯¯P_¯][_¯¯P_¯][_¯¯Y_¯] [_¯¯B_¯][_¯¯I_¯][_¯¯R_¯][_¯¯T_¯][_¯¯H_¯][_¯¯D_¯][_¯¯A_¯][_¯¯Y_¯] ODH!
Dave Cardeño – happy bday.. ^_^
Davidson Dela Cruz – Maligayang Bati
Demille Anne Mora  – MASTER ODH! LOL hahaha! Happy Birthday po! 😀
Diana Zaragoza Aguado – maligayang kaarawan 🙂
Divine V. Mangyao  – Happy birthday idol! The Master O. :))
Dru Salazar – Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy O!
Duaney Pabbey Barreza – Happy Happy Birthday Jun! *hugs*
Duard Cab – HBD master Oscar
Duarin Bergantinos – Happy Birthday 🙂
Dudop Cruz Flores – hapi bday..
Dyake Ke – Happy Birthday Master ODH….God Bless ^__^
Dyce Escama  – Happy happy birthday ODH! 🙂
Dyce Escama – Happy happy birthday Master!
Dyn Magbiro – Happy birdie master!!
Earl Benavidez – Happy birthday kuya Odh!!!!!!!!!!! Oscar Delahopia Garcia
Earl Eric Baladad – This is Earl, greeting you happy birthday. More blessings to come.
Edson Maasin – HBD!
Elen Salvador – happy bday!
Elmer Velasco – Happy birthday!
Elmer Velasco – Happy Lemon Birthday!
Ely Austria  – hapi bday!!! :))
Enrichard Valerio – Happy Birthday Master ODH!
Enrichard Valerio – Happy Birthday Master!
Erwin Leo Garcia – happy birthday ODH!
Erwin Mateo Trinidad – Happy Birthday to my humble and very down to earth friend Oscar ^_^
Fae-Santi San Gabriel – Happy birthday, Master! Cheers!
Felisa May Tan  – Happy Birthday! 🙂
Florelyn Micua – Hbd pows!
Francis Recto – Happy birthday! 🙂
Franco Carlo Buendia  – ODH Happy Happy BIrthday!
Franklin Asidera Roxas – happy birthday
Fraulin Cerafina – HBD!
Frederick Victorio Bueno – Happy Birthday Oskie!!
Genelyn Salonoy-Verian  – Happy Birthday Oski!!! Wishing u more to come.. Stay forever happy & blessed.. Hope to see you soon.. 🙂
Geoffry Heredia – happy birthday oscar! 😀
Gerald Guledew – Happy Birthday Oskie!
Gerald Villanueva – happy hatch day ODH!
Gian StaAna – Happy Birthday, sir ODH!
Gil Albert Gonong – Happy Birthday ODH!
Gilbert Ramos – happy burpday
Giselle Parungao  – HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ODH! 😀
Glendz Socuaje  – happy birthday ODH! 🙂
Gloria Labandera – Happy Birthday Master!
Gyan Carlo San Miguel – happy birthday sir!
Hariene Daet – Happy birthday ODH! :’D
Harvey A. DelaPeña – happy birthday
Hubbert Ocampo – Happy Birthday ODH!
Hydz Santos – Happy Birthday idol 😀
Iman Agcaoili – Happy Birthday BB (Boy Bastos)… Tagay na!!!!!
Imelda Caravaca Ferrer – Happy birthday!All the best!
Ina Ocampo – Happy birthday!!!!!
Iole Macairan Trinidad – happy birthday!
Irene Lumen debut pla ni ODH!lol Happy Birthday again Oscar Delahopia Garcia!:)
Iza Esumadia-Brazil  – Happy Birthday Odh^^
Jacklyn Kaye Remo – Wootwoot Happy Birthday to you!!! Missyou! :p
Jaclyn Kline Torres – happy birthday Oscar ^^
Jad Rabino – Happy Birthday 😀
Jaffa Marie – Happy Birthday! 🙂
Jake Bensol Ceneta  – Happy Birthday!!
Jam Sparks – Yaaaapppiiieeee beeeddiiieeeyyy master Odh! Hail to the king!! See you soon…
Jane Montero – ..HAPPY HATCH DAY! 😀
Janice Tolentino  – Happy birthday! God bless you!
Janus Figueroa – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Janzel Hanz J. Langcauon – Happy birthday Oscar!
Janzen Hanz  – happy birthday Oskie Oscar Delahopia Garcia!
Jasmin Tan – Happy Birthday Kuya Oscar!!
Jason Arances  – Happy Birthday!
Jasper Salcedo – Happy birthday!
Jay Donida – Happy Birthday Master!
Jay Donida – Happy Birthday! 🙂
Jay Escobar – Happy birthday jun jun
Jay Gonzales – @OscarDelaHopi naks naman binati ka pa ni Georgina Wilson–HBD.
Jay Tecson Ramirez – happy birthday jungjung!
Jayson Santos – happy birthday..God bless.. 🙂
Jeanne Trisha – Happy Birthday Master! Makiki-master na rin ako. Hehe.
Jenelyn De Leon – Hapi Birthday Oskie 🙂 enjoy ur day..
Jeng Gangcuangco-Gacula – wishes of prosperity and good health to you… happy hatch day!
Jenna Escobar – Happy birthday ODH! Enjoy your day!
Jenny Lyn Guaro-Berbaño – happy birthday master!! (nakikimaster lang) *^@^*
Jero Marquez  – happy birthday master o!!
Jero Marquez – happy birthday master!
Jerome Butista – happy birthday odh!
Jerome Santos – Happy Birthday Master Oscar dela Hopia!!!
Jerry Villena Turingan   – hbd oscar!
Jessie ‘J’ Santos – happy birthday po sir oscar delahopia! Cx
Jhoy Imperial – happy birthday Master ODH 🙂
Jhubhai Bedonia – happy, happy birthday odh! 🙂
Jhun Aquino  – hapie b-day,..t.c and g0dbless m0re b-days and blessing 2 c0me..:D
Jihan Baluyut – My dear Jhun! haba haba birdeeeeeee!!! 😛 thanks for the wonderful friendship! xxx uy happy birthday pala! 🙂
Jimmy Vasquez Lusabio – Happy Birthday!
Joanna Antonio  – Happy birthday po 🙂
Joanna Carzon – Happy happy birthday, ODH! 🙂
Joanna Marie Cundangan Suyom – happy birthday!!
Jobert Begonia – Happy Birthday, The Master Oscar Delahopia Garcia!
Jobert Begonia – Happy Birthday, The Oscar Delahopia Garcia!
Joe ‘Specialist’ Lagon  – happy happy birthday to one of my most special rusher friends!
Joe ‘Specialist’ Lagon – happy happy birthday dear friend! cheers to more years of friendship and good life!
Joel Socorro  – Happy birthday, oscar!
Joerex Diama – Happy Birthday!
Joey de Leon – happy bday Jhun!!!! 😀
John Andrew Delos Santos – Otanjoubi omedetou boss! Papupuntahin ko si Ma Angelie Maglana dyan ahaha
John Eustaquio -Happy Happy birthday ODH
John Paul Manahan – Happy birthday!
Jonalyn David-Gorgon – Happy birthday!!
Jonas Agpawa – happy birthday odh! 😀
Jonas Myco Codinera Sulit – Happy birthday!!!
Jonathan Santos – odh happy birthday
Jonathan Serrano – maligayang kaarawan impong… Haha, tagay!
Jonathan Serrano – oh bday mo na. Ganun lang? Haha, happy birthday.
Jose Mari Camposano – HAFI VIRthEy Master ODH! ^^
Jose Rouel Lim – haberdy tito osci
Joseph Michael Racho – Happy Birthday, O great ODH! Hehehehehe! May you be blessed with more and more and more and more! Have a great one!
Joseph-Marion Bernaldez Celiz – Hapi Bday!!!
Joti Molina-Rayos del Sol – Haberday, ODH! Have a good one! 🙂
Jovel Estrada Tansuico – Hapy bday..godbless..?
Joyce Rucel  – happy bday master!! =D
Joyce Villanueva  – happy birthday po! 🙂
Juddah Jusay – Happy Birthday ODH!
Julie Galang – Skie happy happy birthday! Miss you!
Juliebel Mariano-Nonato – happy birthday odh! 🙂
Jzë Guion – Happy Birthday! 🙂 ODH
Kahn Istarul – happy birthday Oscar Delahopia Garcia!! more birthdays to come
Kaizer Garcia – happy birthday 🙂
Kay Senga – Happy Birthday!!!
KC Astroboy – Pssst! Happy….. happy lemon!!!!! 😀
Keng Bañez-Sotto – Happy birthday ODH!! Uwi ka na!!!
Keng Bañez-Sotto – Master…pang-ilang greet ko na ba to? Happy bertdi!
Kentot Castaneda – Happy Birthday!
Kevin Sandiego – ODH! Happy birthday!
Khat Zia – happy birthday!!!…
Kiko Ribleza – Master!!!!Happy birthday 😉
Kimo Salen – happy birthday, idol!
Kimykimymore Fernandez – Happy happy birthday Master ODH! 😀 God bless!
Kimykimymore Fernandez – Heypi birthday!
Kite Cruz – Happy birthday! 🙂
Kym Parcon – pahabol oskie!! happy birthday!
Lavern Gascon – Happy birthday sir odh!
Leah Galsim – happy birthday oskie!!!
Lee Candido – Happy birthday!! ( I heard your name kanina sa Rx.Binati ka ni Danielle.:)
Leo Rodriguez – Happy happy birthday Jun! May nakita akong “Happy Lemon” hahaha Oscar Delahopia Garcia
Loreta Ramirez Peneyra  – Happy Birthday Jun. may the Lord grant your heart’s desires..
Lowell Tortona -Happy birthday Oscar
Lui Manapat Claudio   – hbd ODH!
Ma Angelie Maglana – master! tanjoubi ^^
Ma Angelie Maglana- happy birthday mga loves ko AnNa Katrina at Sheng, my former officemate-slash-proctor [and future mommy] Edi, at sa nag-iisang Master na niluhuran ko, Oscar Delahopia-sama! ^^
Maan Tajanlangit Tolentino – Happy birthday O! We really hope to see you soon here in Sg.
Makis Barceñas Estipular  – Happy birthday! :))
Makoy Tayag – Happy birthday!
Makoy Tayag – happy birthday!
Manuel Fajardo Bayrante – Happy Birthday!
Marc Anthony Gonzales – Happy birthday Master! 🙂 See you soon! Cheers!
Marco Antonio Angara – Happy bday
Marco Paolo – Master O! Happy birthday to you! Keep rocking! \m/
Maricor De Jesus Polangcos – Happy bday oscar
Maridel Sison Losanta – Happy Birthday!
Marj-jham Castillo – Happy birthday master!!!
Mark Aaron Balberona – HAPPY BIRTHDAY ODH!!!!!
Mark Angelo Sakay – happy birthday boss!!
Mark Anthony Cabrera   – Hapopy birthday oscar!
Mark Anthony Cruz – Happy Lemon, este! Happy Birthday, Master ODH! :)) we’ll see u soon! Ingat lagi! :))
Mark Anthony Laguna  – happy birthday O!
Mark Anthony Sales – Happy Birthday Master ODH!
Mark Cerbo – Happy Beer Day Mayor Oscar!
Mark Lasquety – Happy happy birthday ODH! 🙂
Marlo Lucio – Happy Birthday Master!!!!!!!!!…
Marlon V Morales – Happy birthday sir
Marnelli De Ocampo – Happy Bday, ODH! God Bless! 🙂
Marshall Gentiloso – happy birthday
Marvin Saralcodin Tipo – happy birthday
Mary Alix – Happy happy birthday ODH! Enjoy ‘n love life more! 😉
Mary Valerie Dee Abad – Happy Birthday Oscar!!! ^_^
Maryann Katrina Lorenzana – Hapi bday oskie!:))
Maude Evans Malapad – Happy happy boitday, Master OdelaHo! 🙂 Good health and more birthdays to come for you! Have a blast! Godbless….Mwuah! ?
Maui Camacho  – happy birthday
Maui Camacho – happy birthday
Maui Limsiaco –  Happy birthday to one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! God bless you always, ODH!
Maui Limsiaco – With a new year of your journey, shall come more challenges, opportunities and greater success. May God bless you. Happy birthday!
Maureen Ronquillo  – Happy birthday, Oskie 🙂
Maximo Mahusay – hapi bertdey master boss, saan ba handaan?
May Angelique Miranda – Happy birthday:)
Maya TiriRit – Happy birthday junjun!
Melai Ako – Happy Bday 🙂
Melai Polloso – Happy birthday Master ODH! 🙂
Melai Polloso – happy birthday master!
Melanie Canizo Corbe – Hapi bday
Menandro Espinocilla Macadaig – haberdey
Merlyn Laurino – Happy birthday, Oscar!!!
Mia Casida Ramos – pahabol! Happy Birthday ODH!
Michael Fajardo – Abot pa ako!!! Whew! Isang malakas na Maligayang Kaarawan sa iyo aking panginoon!!! Miss ka na ng mga kliyente natin … 😀
Miguel Voyager – Happy Birthday sa sikat na si ODH!
Mikaela Gonzales  – Happy birthday! 🙂
Mitch Barican – Happy birthday ODH! Dahil sayo natupad ang pangarap kong mameet ang Kikay Barkada! Hope you’ll have a good one! God bless!:)
Mitz Mercado – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
MJ Toyoken Martin – Boss oskie happy bday!daanan nio n lng kmi sa office mya para sa videoke night!
Ml Cool – happy-bday …God Bles…let me grret you on air…(ibang station nga lang) another year old wiser
Mon Cardenas  – happy birthday!
Neil Yamatot – HAberday Master!
Nervin Robediso  – happy, happy birthday, mr. odh! =)
Nikki Chico  – Happy Birthday, jhun jhun! miss you much!
Norbert Cruz – Happy Birthday MASTER ODH! (^_^)b
Norman Lloyd Simo – Happy birthday!!!
Norsy Almario – Hindi ba holiday kasi birthday ni Master?
O’Neal Bryan Cruz  – happy bday ODH!!!!
Orly Glenn Milana – Happy birthday Oscar!
Patricia Perello Santiago – Happy happy birthday Master  Many more birthdays and blessings to come
Patrick Joseph Daep – Happy Birthday!!
Patrick Joseph de Ocampo – Happy Birthday Sir
Patty Villafañe Casablancas – Happy birthdy ODH!
Paw Delos Santos’ – grbe parang kelan lang, Happy Bday ODH 🙂 I miss all Rushers..
Petim Etruiste Maminta – hey ODH happy birthday!
Pope Medenilla – happy birthday!
Rachel Anne Mijares – Happy Birthday! 🙂
Rai Tagle Mejia – Master happy birthday
Raine Palmero – Happy Birthday !!
RAnn Sesbreño   – happy birthday oskie..:p take care..more blessings!
Ranzie Escolar – Happy birthday!
Raymond Labro Poblete – Happy bertday master!!
Regina Abad Yray – Maligayang maligayang pagbati sa iyong kaarawan, celebrity poop son! Labya!
Ren Ren Terrora – Happy birthday ODH!!  stay humble! and ang pasalubong galing Cebu. lol!! have a great one!!
Ren Ren Terrora – Happy birthday ODH!! :))))
Renz Victa – happy birthday ODH!
Rhea Celi  – Jhun! Happy Birthday! Mwah! Mwah! We miss you here. Have a blast Master :))
Rich Joy Belo – Happy naa… Bday paaaa!
Richard John Kreuzz Arceo – Master!! Happy Birthday!! Godbless!
Richard Michael Jimenez Oppa – Happy Birthday Master!
Rico Gilera – Naks, shirtless photo! Hunk na hunk! LoL! Happy Birthday Jun! Miss ka na namin lahat..
Rico Vergara – Happy birthday Oskie.. 🙂
Rob Allen Palmejar – happy bday!
Rodrigo Tolosa Aguilar III – Happy birthday Odh!;-)
Rojie Calzado – Happy Birthday! c”,)
Romaliene Mendoza-Miclat – Happy birthday, Master!! 🙂
Romedee Moncada – Maligayang Kaarawan Master ODH!
Romedee Moncada – Maligayang Kaarawan Master ODH! 🙂
Romeo Lorrine Laxa  – Happy Birthday Junjun! God richly bless you more and more in everyway!
Ron Dagdayan – oy ah! today is the day! Sayang wala ka dito, sabado pa! Happy Birthday Jhun-sama! Have a blast! 🙂
Ronald Imperial  – Happy Birthday ODH!
Rose Fajardo – Happy Birthday, Jun! *hugs*
Rose Lyn Castillo Epil – Happy birthday 🙂
Ruby Encee Gentiloso – Happy birthday ODH! God bless!!
RVincent Potencio Babilonia – happy hatch day, odh!
Ryan Carlo Dela Rosa – Happy Birthday! 😀
Sahara Hazel Canja – happy birthday ODH…..
Sham Guarin  – Happy birthday master!
Sham Guarin – Happy birthday Master ODH!
Sheiya Miller – Happy birthday!! Cheers to more awesome years ahead! 🙂
Sheree Marie Jove Baldovino – Happy birthday ODH!
Sherline Parohinog  – happy birthday kuya 🙂
Sheryl Mae Beltran – Happy Birthday!
Shiela Mae Catapan – happy bday oscar 🙂 have a blessed year
Shirgie Scf  – Happy Birthday ODH
Skipz Sangalang – happy birthday! God bless! Enjoy your super special day! 🙂
Sonny Andalis – hapi bday!
Stella Marie Ovivir – happy birthday ka-rusher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__^
Stephen Marquez – Happy Birthday ang bagong master ng rushers ODH 🙂 more blessing to come 🙂
Suzie Gamido – Happy birthday, ODH!
Tepanee Lleva  – happy birthday. God bless
Tet Abaya Mejia – happy birthday sa pinakamabait na rusher! happy birthday master ODH!
Tet Abaya Mejia – happy birthday SEXY!
Tom Cruz – Happy Birthday!
Tom Cruz – Happy Birthday!
Tonks Perez  – Happy Birthday ODH!!!God Bless!!!
Trina Moncera – Happy bday Oscar! =)
Vergel Pila – Happy Birthday! God bless you! 🙂
Veronica Calud – Happy birthdaaaay! 🙂
Vince Martin-Gutter – Happy Birthday Oscar!
Virg Rizardo – Happy Bday , Oscar 🙂
WhIn Lopez – Happy birthday! oh dela hoe! hehe God bless!
Yohjmarie Villanueva Lorenzo – belated kuya
Yrlandre Vance Delosa – H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Master ODH!
Yrlandre Vance Delosa – Happy Birthday Master ODH!
Yul Cabahog Ruedas Jr. – happy birthday
Zoilo Francisco – malaigayang kaarawan, ODH..!
Zoilo Francisco – maligayang kaarawan…!
Zuchi Ray Cruz – happy birthday! c: wish you all the best, God bless you! ^.^

fan sign from my friend erwin!



 @_drix__ –  @OscarDelaHopia Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan Jun!!!
 @_itsIrene_ – Birthday mo ODH!?:D Happy Birthday!!!!:) @OscarDelaHopia enjoy..enjoy…;)
 @_peabrain – Happy Birthday! 🙂 ODH. @OscarDelaHopia
 @_PurpleRose_ – @jollybug kindly greet @OscarDelaHopia a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @monicafrancesca @jamesmcdizz #thejeep
 @_PurpleRose_ – @OscarDelaHopia (dito naman kita babatiin) HAPPY HAPPY HATCH DAY! enjoy your day! @_ODH_ Labya!
 @_spike08_ – @OscarDelaHopia Master O! Happy birthday to you! Keep rocking! \m/
 @abnabong – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday! 🙂
 @adiesvargas – Happy Birthday Master @OscarDelaHopia. Enjoy and God Bless 😀
 @aejzen – Before this day ends, ayokong palampasin ang chansang batiin si Master @OscarDelaHopia ng isang masigabong HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂 Enjoy master!
 @AHLtitude – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday sir
 @ahmerism – @OscarDelaHopia happy belated birthday! =P
 @aKMnO4 – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday po 🙂
 @akonikkulet – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday boss oskie!! 🙂
 @akosipoklong – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday Sir!!! 😀
 @akosipv – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday! 🙂
 @akosivinsama – Ikaw na @OscarDelaHopia ang may special happy birthday greeting from @ilovegeorgina . Advance Happy Birthday!! =D
 @AlanAgrao – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday dear ODH! Enjoy your special day! Sana magtuloy-tuloy pa ang blessings mo. God bless. : )
 @Angel_Rhayne –  @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday MAster!!!!!
 @angeliedesu – the only rusher i will bow down to… the master, @oscardelahopia @_ODH_, happy birthday! 🙂
 @annaisdanielle – Happy birthday, @oscardelahopia! Make it count! 🙂
 @AprilDeGuzman – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday. 😉
 @aprilrlopez  – Sa taong pinagod namin pumunta ng Taguig para lang bumalik ng Ortigas…MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN!!! @OscarDelaHopia GodBless O!
 @arkayb – @OscarDelaHopia huli man daw at magaling birthday mo pa rin. Hehehe! Enjoy!!!
 @ArtemusD – Happy birthday master @OscarDelaHopia!!! 🙂
 @asnallar – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday!
 @astroboyisgay – HEP HEP HEP!!!! Hindi ako nakalimot! Happy….Christmas in advance, @oscardelahopia!!!!! hihihi 😀
 @badettebadudels  – @OscarDelaHopia Happy bday kuya oscar! :)) Godbless you.
 @berryduchess – Happy birthday, Master!!! @OscarDelaHopia
 @bianxskie – @OscarDelaHopia heard it’s your special day!happy birthday
 @BigBadBaBoy – Happy Birthday Master @oscardelahopia.
 @BlackSiopao – happy birthday master rusher @OscarDelaHopia
 @Blue_Chubs – Happy, Happy birthday to our Idol @OscarDelaHopia!
 @bluegrey_ – Happy Birthday Master @OscarDelaHopia! 🙂
 @BrentStix – @OscarDelaHopia Happy bornday master ODH! Enjoy your day master! 🙂
 @butterbaby30 – @dre931 uy! pa greet naman si @oscardelahopia ng happy birthday! 😉
 @butterbaby30 – @jollybug @monicafrancesca @jamesmcdizz good morning! Its a great day for #theJEEP! Pls greet @oscardelahopia a happy birthday! 🙂
 @butterbaby30 – @sel_guevara please greet @oscardelahopia a happy birthday! Thank u!
 @CallmeAiks – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Happy Birthday to the famous Master ODH! Nawa’y di ka ma-twitter jail agad hehe. Enjoy ur day! 🙂
 @carlapot – Maligayang kaarawan po, Sir Master @OscarDelaHopia 🙂
 @CelestalDkAngel – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday master! ❤ hoping for more blessings!!!
 @cerahhernandez – @OscarDelaHopia Hey you belated happy birthday!!!!
 @chamsangil – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday sir! Wishing you all the happiness & love in the world! Enjoy your day! 🙂
 @chenieng  -Happy birthday master @OscarDelaHopia !! Enjoy your day!
 @cherrythegreat – Happy, happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia!
 @chescadizon – Happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia !!! Enjoy your day master! 😉
 @chessymode – @OscarDelaHopia Master’s birthday today!! :)) happy birthday po master odh! Hail to youu! *MWAH!
 @Choovlet – Happy birthday Master @OscarDelaHopia ! Have a great one!
 @CHRISTInatix – Happy birthday, @OscarDelaHopia!!!
 @COCOhernandez – It’s The special day of the LEGENDARY O!!! All the best @OscarDelaHopia! 🙂
 @cocoloids – @OscarDelaHopia Happiest birthday to you ODH! =)
 @crazyloudkeren  – @OscarDelaHopia HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 @CristinAmie17 – Happy birthday! @OscarDelaHopia #silentrusher from Pasig 🙂
 @Cryptoverbalist – Master @OscarDelaHopia ! Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy your day! Dapat masaya lagi… 🙂 Saka na yung pakain ko sa’yo… #AlamMoYan
 @Cust3rw1nst0n – Happy Birthday to the Awesomeness that is Mr. @OscarDelaHopia! Thanks for leading me to the dearest people I know, including U! #MuchRespect
 @czarovic – @rxtmr holla Kikay Barkada! @chicogarcia @ginoboi please #greet Advance Happy Birthday to @OscarDelaHopia and @DelamarArias! #TheMorningRush
 @czarovic – Happy Birthday, The @OscarDelaHopia! =)
 @dadagwapo – Happy Birthday Master @oscardelahopia 😉 enjoy your day
 @DJChibiyuki – @oscardelahopia HAAAPPY BIRTHDAAAY MASTER!! :))
 @Dorae_Rose – Happy Birthday @OscarDelaHopia!!!!! labyooooooo! *hugs*
 @dreiVance – @OscarDelaHopia tEnTEneNen! Happy Birthday Master ODH!. Enjoy your special day! ;D
 @duardcab – @OscarDelaHopia uy HBD master…have a blast today…
 @DyceNoK9 – @OscarDelaHopia Happy happy birthday Master! 🙂 GB.
 @dyo_soks –  @OscarDelaHopia happy happy birthday! 🙂
 @dyosaimma – Happy birthday, @OscarDelaHopia!!
 @EarLMFAO – Happy bday! @OscarDelaHopia
 @edcalaycay – Happy Birthday @OscarDelaHopia!
 @ektreyes  – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday!
 @eleapot – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday! 🙂
 @eleapot – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday! 🙂 ayan, sakto na. Hahaha! God bless! 🙂
 @elliot_girl – Happy happy birthday master @OscarDelaHopia!!!
 @emzsidle – happy birthday master @OscarDelaHopia 🙂
 @EngrMoks – @OscarDelaHopia Happy BEERday parekoy! kampai!
 @enricobayani – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday, ODH! Enjoy your day! 🙂
 @ereSays  – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday idol! 🙂 Have a great one! 😀
 @evil_inside – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday!
 @fishfiLEIGH – happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia! God Bless You. ^__^
 @forg9587 – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday!
 @FortuNataDeCoco – @kengkarots Thank you! @DelamarArias @OscarDelaHopia Advance happy birthday! 🙂
 @FortuNataDeCoco – Happy, happy birthday to the most legendary of all legendary Rushers, @OscarDelaHopia! He is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met!
 @fOur_dee – Maligayang Kaarawan @OscarDelaHopia 🙂 #1013isODHDay
 @FryAndPop17  – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Born Day 😀
 @geek_orthodoc – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday ODH!
 @GianTumalad – Happy Birthdaaaayyy @OscarDelaHopia ! Pwede na mag-EB ang Cebu Rushers mamaya!!!
 @GIOnSnow – @OscarDelaHopia HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
 @gladJAYtor -@OscarDelaHopia Master ODH, Happy birthday! Enjoy your day!
 @gracia_gracia – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday The ODH!
 @gummy_Marlo – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Happy Birthday sa nag-iisang Master ODH!! Weee!!
 @HagardHAGRID – @OscarDelaHopia Happy happy Birthday! May you have a great day! :))
 @hanazawa_rui – @OscarDelaHopia 24? weh? happy birthday friend! more chismis to come!
 @hanazawa_rui – @oscardelahopia advance happy birthday! From me #celebrityangpeg
 @hennyjen327 – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday!!!
 @heymiggooo – Happy Birthday @OscarDelaHopia!
 @iam_maldito – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday ODH!!! ?
 @iambaloy – happy birthday master @OscarDelaHopia !
 @iambryangarcia – Happy Happy Birthday Bes Oscie. @OscarDelaHopia
 @iAmCaptainMike – Maligayang bati sa iyo, @OscarDelaHopia. Thank you for being a good friend.
 @iamduaneyBee – Happy Birthday sa pambansang master, @OscarDelaHopia @_ODH_ Happy Birthday Jun ng bongga!
 @IamHarryDavid – Happy Kaarawan @OscarDelaHopia 🙂
 @iamjennybatalla –  @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday Master 🙂
 @iamkiddo08 – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday master na sexy 🙂
 @iammerlyn – Happy birthday THE @OscarDelaHopia!! Good to see you last Thursday night! Enjoy today!A240
 @iamnotJohnLloyd – HAPPY HATCH DAY MASTER @OscarDelaHopia!
 @iampopoygwapito – Happy birthday! @OscarDelaHopia
 @icanbeDYNamic – Happy birthday to one of the most famous person I know, @OscarDelaHopia
 @icanbeDYNamic – Owdieyts!!! Happy sana ang birdie mo ngayon!! 😀 @OscarDelaHopia
 @IMalexE – Happy birthday sa isa sa pinakaHUMBLE n nakikila ko, @oscardelahopia!may God continue to bles u.Enjoy ur day! Cheers!
 @insanefreak – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday, Papi!
 @irishgee017 – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday ODH!!! 🙂
 @ivanborlongan – Belated happy birthday to THE @OscarDelaHopia ! Kelangan daw meron din sa Twitter. Haha! Here’s to wishing a gazillion happy tomorrows 🙂
 @jadomingo – @OscarDelaHopia @christiGDG yes!! 🙂 dami na nagtweet! btw, happy bday pala o-dela-ho!! 🙂
 @jadomingo – Before I sleep, I’d like to greet @OscarDelaHopia a happy happy birthday! Wish u all the best Master!
 @jaggedrick – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday odharot! Lol
 @jajeco29  – HBD kuya ODH! @OscarDelaHopia
 @jaydonida – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday Master!! Enjoy your day! God Bless 🙂
 @jaypoknat – @OscarDelaHopia ODH happy birthday!!!! 😀
 @JBCeneta – @OscarDelaHopia HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
 @jeannetrisha – Sir @OscarDelaHopia , happy Birthday! 🙂
 @JeDi_maSter0706 – @OscarDelaHopia #HappyBirthdayODH #HappyBirthdayODH #HappyBirthdayODH #HappyBirthdayODH #HappyBirthdayODH #HappyBirthdayODH
 @jeggerji – @OscarDelaHopia Master! Happy HAPPY Birthday! Wishing u all the BEST, Success and Happiness in life! Stay Cool! Ingat po lagi!Godbless 🙂
 @JepSpotted – @hanazawa_rui @oscardelahopia artistahin! Advance masterr!
 @JepSpotted – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday masterr! Un libre ko sa pguwi ko n lang ok?
 @jetfavila  – Happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia!
 @jhndryl – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday!
 @jingdalagan – Happy birthday, Master ODH @OscarDelaHopia 😀
 @jojitah – Happy Birthday @OscarDelaHopia 🙂
 @joti77 – @OscarDelaHopia Hamo magkasama kami ngayon ni @jason_mraz ipapabati kita,medyo busy pa eh hehe! Enjoy your special day, TMR legend!:) *hugs*
 @joti77 – Happy Birthday @OscarDelaHopia ! Have a blast!
 @Jrhyan – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday sa Nag-iisang “Master ODH”! Enjoy yor special day boss! 🙂
 @kaameelto – Happy Birthday! sa isa sa mga pinaka kilalang rusher! 🙂 @OscarDelaHopia
 @Kalaykai2 – @OscarDelaHopia ooh! Is it true? If yes, happy birthday!! Yehey!
 @karyn16_ – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday master! Have a good one. Godbless!:)
 @kattastrophism – Advance Happy Birthday @OscarDelaHopia! Have a good one!
 @kaye_corpuz11 – Happy birthday to you happy bday to you. Happy bday happy bday, happy bday to you!! @OscarDelaHopia
 @kayecubillo – @OscarDelaHopia happy happy birthday ODH!!! 🙂
 @kengkarots – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday master!!! Uwi ka na!!!
 @kengkarots – Malapit na birthday ni @DelamarArias @OscarDelaHopia & @FortuNataDeCoco !!! Advanced happy birthday to 3 of my most favorite people! 🙂
 @khiko_monster – @OscarDelaHopia Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu #secretmessage #googletranslateangsagot Hehe!
 @Kikomanmachine – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday ODH! All the love and happiness in the world! God bless!
 @kimykimymore – @OscarDelaHopia Happy happy birthday Master ODH! 😀 God bless!
 @kitecruz – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday! More to come! 🙂
 @KittRitch – Happy birthday sa nag-iisang Master Celebrity Rusher at walang makakapantay sa kanya @OscarDelaHopia Kaway kaway at magbigay pugay! 🙂
 @klvnaTHOR – HAPPY FAPPY MASTER @OscarDelaHopia
 @KnightSanti – @oscardelahopia Master,happy birthday! Mwahh..
 @krabylicious – Happy happy birthday Master @OscarDelaHopia have a great day ahead..Godbless you always.! *cheers ;))
 @krizzieEnrile – @OscarDelaHopia powerhug!! :))) happy happy hatchday master 🙂 we love you.
 @krizzieEnrile – Happy birthday to one of the legends 🙂 @OscarDelaHopia have a good one master.
 @KuyaMAUI – @OscarDelaHopia happy happy birthday Master!!! Have Fun its yout special day today! 🙂
 @kwizztiin – Advance Happy Birthday @OscarDelaHopia 🙂 Tama db? LOL.
 @laceyanneramos – @OscarDelaHopia Maligayang Kaarawan po! 🙂
 @laranessaaa – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday ser! 🙂
 @lei_li – to one famous rusher na may sariling fan base, @OscarDelaHopia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂
 @lil_finger – hapi bday ODH! @OscarDelaHopia 🙂
 @Lilo_Boi – So its your Birthday today! Happy happy birthday Jun! @OscarDelaHopia 🙂 enjoy your day!
 @MaactressPerson – @OscarDelaHopia to the one and the only royal rusher I know who’s not feeling it but trully worthy of it Happy Birthday Master 🙂
 @maan_taj – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday dear! See you soon here in Sg, yeah? Have a blast! Cheers!
 @madisonkamiLLe – Happy birthday master @OscarDelaHopia! I know we don’t taLk that much but thanks for being nice. 🙂
 @madzcalanza – @OscarDelaHopia happy happy birthday odelaho! 🙂
 @malditongSerjz – at dahil hindi nya ako pinansin sa Facebook,dito ko na lang sya babati-in…Happy birthday to the master of ceremony!!! ODH @OscarDelaHopia
 @MariMarJ_aw – @OscarDelaHopia happy happy birthday master!!! 🙂 ? yah! Have a blast.. Keep safe. See you sooooon!
 @markdrivinglynx – @OscarDelaHopia. Happy birthday boss
 @mashedplutonium – @oscardelahopia let me be greet u a happy birthday, ayan inunahan ko na ung iba. Haha kahit bukas pa.
 @matthiasuy – @OscarDelaHopia happy happy birthday!!!
 @MauiSays – HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @OscarDelaHopia! We miss your presence already. See you soon! 🙂
 @maxdamax – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday master, saan ba tomaan natin?? sagut ko na kwento hehe
 @meitsche – Happy happy birthday sa nagiisang legendary @OscarDelaHopia nawa’y ma-blowout mo kami! Haha!
 @Midnyt_Kreeze – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday Master!! 🙂
 @miloxylotoo – Happy birthday Master @OscarDelaHopia ! Sorry late xD
 @miss_mayeen – Happy birthday friend! 😀 @OscarDelaHopia Godbless you always!
 @missreginaviel – Happy Birthday ODH! Thanks for the followback. 🙂 U have a good one!
 @mrsSCOFIELD27 – Balik ka na Jun, namiss ka namin kagabi #dinnerwithSMB 🙂 happy birthday ulit, hope you had a great time today! @OscarDelaHopia Godbless! 🙂
 @MukhangStarlet -@OscarDelaHopia happy birthday! 🙂
 @ninyabaler  – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday ODH!
 @OhGerald – Happy birthday to the @OscarDelaHopia!
 @ohlalao  – Happy Birthday to the one and only @OscarDelaHopia
 @ontheFlr – Happy Birthday @OscarDelaHopia ! 🙂
 @pajodaep – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday!!!
 @papuestrada – Happy Birthday ‘O’ @OscarDelaHopia!!! 😀
 @patikimmercy – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday po! 🙂
 @paulignatius – Sino ba yung @OscarDelaHopia? Sikat ba yun? Birthday daw nya eh. 🙂 Haberday, Oskie! May DM ako sayo LOL. Havagudone!
 @pesteng_ehem – @OscarDelaHopia Sa pinakasikat na celebrity rusher (mas sikat pa kay Vice Ganda lol :P) , Happy Birthday, ODH ! God bless you! 🙂
 @powerfartgurl – @OscarDelaHopia adv happy birthday master! Mwah from SG!
 @powerfartgurl – @OscarDelaHopia countdown to your bday master! Kampay!
 @powerfartgurl – @OscarDelaHopia HBD 2u! HBD 2u! HBD HBD HBD 2u!! #HappyBirthdayODH
 @powerfartgurl – @OscarDelaHopia hope to see u again – a TMR legend and icon.. Hahaha boom.. Mwah from Sg! Next time real mwahs na from #SGRushersFamily
 @powerfartgurl – “@EverythingLibra: #HappyBirthday to every #Libra born October 13th!!!! ” @OscarDelaHopia
 @powie17 – Happy birthday to the master, @OscarDelaHopia! Have a great one! ??????
 @PoyDavid – Happy birthday sa isa sa mga tinitingala at niluluhuran kong alamat, Mr. O-gasm himself, master @OscarDelaHopia !!
 @prima_optima – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday!
 @princesssally02 – Happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia
 @QBert28 – @OscarDelaHopia happy kaarawan
 @Raffy931 – @OscarDelaHopia haha Happy birthday to you!
 @RandomTonee – I wish you a great and wonderful Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day and lots of fun. Enjoy this day sir. @oscardelahopia ^__^
 @RAWRph – HPBDAY @OscarDelaHopia 🙂
 @Reichen76  – Happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia ! Have a great weekend! 🙂
 @reigningstill – Happy birthday master @OscarDelaHopia !!!
 @remorawr – Happy Birthday @OscarDelaHopia!! 🙂
 @renren_goaway – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday ODH!! you have a great one!! :)) pasalubong pala from Cebu 😉 lol
 @RheaCeli – @OscarDelaHopia Jhun!! Happy happy!! Enjoy ur day!!! mwah! mwah! :))
 @rodelsaurus – @OscarDelaHopia advance happy birthday jhun!
 @runcharlierun_ – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday Ow-DelaHow 🙂
 @rxgellivictor – @OscarDelaHopia awwww…. You are so sweet! You have been missed so much too! Kaya nga special hug sayo eh. Advance happy birthday darling!
 @saiza_chan – OMG. Happee Borthday Master @OscarDelaHopia !! Thanks for following! Its an honor :>
 @samdanguilan – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday ODH! 🙂
 @sashapurse – happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia!! IDOL!!!!! *faints*
 @Satoragi – @OscarDelaHopia haberdei ODH !
 @scuzzzy – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday!
 @Shagamy – God bless! More years!
 @shyvana17 -@OscarDelaHopia happy happy birthday ODH! May more blessings come your way
 @SidneyisSheldon – Happy birdie @OscarDelaHopia!! Have a great one. Cheers!!?
 @SigCowengTorr – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday men!!!
 @silverbullet17 – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday odh!
 @SkipzSangalang – Happy Birthday Ow-Di-Eytch!!
 @smfdejesus – @OscarDelaHopia Eh birthday mo naman pala eh. Pahopia ka naman!
 @Snnorlaxx – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday!!
 @so_lacey – @OscarDelaHopia happy happy birthday!! 🙂 have a blast! 🙂
 @sonicker77  – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday Kuya O! Enjoy your day! :))
 @soru77 – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday!!
 @specialistjoe – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday to you dear friend. Kitakits paguwi
 @stephensoul – Sa PINAKA sikat! mas sikat pa kina @chicogarcia at @delamararias #HappyBirthdayODH @OscarDelaHopia
 @stoicjeng – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday! 🙂
 @Super_Graham – @OscarDelaHopia hey I greeted you yesterday! Belated ODH!!!!
 @SuperJoma13  – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday!:)
 @Targrod – para sa taong pinaka-hindi bastos na nakilala ko. maligayang BATI, @OscarDelaHopia. kumusta ang asian prawn server mo?
 @TeiraBanks – @OscarDelaHopia happy birthday sir! =)
 @thatguymarkedX – Birthday pala ni pogi! @OscarDelaHopia haberdey!
 @TheGIRLfromHELL  – happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia! 🙂
 @TheJeffArigo – @OscarDelaHopia pahabol birthday greetings to you, ODH!
 @thepabileguy -Have a OSCARrific bday today @OscarDelaHopia HOPIA had a good one! 🙂
 @toffee0618 – Happy happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia!! Hope you’ll have a great one
 @tomorelos – Happy bday to the @OscarDelaHopia! Have a good time!
 @tonioMARKopio – Happy Happy Birthday, MASTER @OscarDelaHopia ! 🙂 Wishing you all the happiness you deserve in life! 🙂 pleasure knowing YOU! 🙂 enjoy!
 @twenisomethin  – @OscarDelaHopia Happy Birthday!!
 @uglykidjoey – Happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia 🙂
 @victorferv – Happy happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia @_odh_
 @witch0211 – @OscarDelaHopia uy bday m pala 🙂 happy birthday 🙂
 @wonnwabary – Hapy beerday sir @OscarDelaHopia !!!!
 @XtianoRhoynaldo – Happy birthday @OscarDelaHopia 🙂
 @yazrei – @OscarDelaHopia 😉 happy happy birthday jhuuuuuuuun!! 😉 *big hug*
 @yogibenj – Happy birthday THE @OscarDelaHopia!
 @yogon – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday Oscar! ENJOY your day!
 @yontefian – To 3 of my fave people, u make the world way better: @OscarDelaHopia belated happy birthday! @DelamarArias @FortuNataDeCoco happy birthday!
 @zAffy_licious – Otanjoubi Onedetou Gozaimasu Master @OscarDelaHopia
 @zheltarga – @OscarDelaHopia Happy birthday ODH! 🙂




platinumwater: Happy Birthday Master!!!
atmonline: Happy birthday ODH!
marcabgonzales: Happy birthday, Master! 🙂
misterlon: Happy birthday!
lkarll_tsp: Happy birthday ODH!
jayzmac: happy birthday bradder!!
icanbedynamic: Happy birdie master!
dyo_soks: maligayang kaarawan!
chicogarcia: Happy Birthday ODH!
delamararias: Happy bday!
giantumalad: Chowabungga. Home of the famous ____cilette. :-)) Happy Birthday sa 1/3 of the Cebu Rushers @oscardelahopia ! From me, the other third. Hahaha
dexdexdex: Hpbday ODH!
poljeffrey: Happy bday ODH!!! 🙂
kittritch: Happy Birthday Master.
iamchechers: Happy Birthday! (/_\)|(·×·)|(·×·)
elliot_girl: Happy birthday master!
gladjaytor: Happy bday master!
anythingencee: Happy birthday
pinkkiss17 about 6 hours ago
Happy birthday! 😉
jamescortez: happy bday oskie!
sizzlingbanana: At sino yang 10 ha?
ginoboi931: @oscardelahopia happy happy birthday!!! 🙂
humdinger_mayo: Happy Bday ODH!!!
leyaski: happy birthday!
astroboy0069: Angas
aboynamedaboy_didnt: happy bday
romeolaxa: Happy Birthday Junjun!
coffeekate: Happy birthday ODH
twistedsunshine17: Happy birthday @oscardelahopia =)
PRC: Happy Happy Birthday to our Moderator Macho Man @oscardelahopia You have been such an inspiration to the PRC with your positive attitude and big big heart! Always stay positive WE LOVE YOU!!! #HappyBirthdayODH
janeoako: @oscardelahopia happy birthday!!!
imrandz_fu: Happy birthday @oscardelahopia!
hikarujean: Happy birthday master
akosicharles_fu: happy birthday sir @oscardelahopia
qcuee: Happy birthday sir. @oscardelahopia.
purplemj: Happy birthday, ODH! @oscardelahopia
tito_tibo: Happy birthday ODH!!! @oscardelahopia
rkin_19: Happy birthday @oscardelahopia
mngjuanpedro: Happy birthday @oscardelahopia
iambjwalker: happy birthday @oscardelahopia
snapies_gi: Happy birthday @oscardelahopia!

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