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End of Season

Almost all of the TV shows that I’ve been following has finally ended their current season this year. I’m happy that I’ve finished them all, but now I suddenly missed downloading the episodes and watching them every weekend.


The 18th season of TAR, Unfinished Business, ended its race wherein Sisters Kesha and Jen emerged as the winner of 1 million dollar prize.  I’m ok with the result… but I’ll be happier if Dad-Daughter Gary&Mallory won the race.  The finale was not that exciting since it was very obvious that K&J were really ahead of the other 2 teams.  Anyway, it was a good race. A memorable one.


Rob Mariano is the Sole Survivor of Survivor 22.  I think he really played it well this time, plus the other contestants were pretty lazy and dumb. It will be also great if Matt won the final Redemption Battle, and stayed all the way to the finals.  For sure, he will win that title.  This season is definitely memorable because of Phillip. What a character!!!


Yeah, the second season of this hit musical show is also over.  This season has also its ups and downs.  I havent seen the finale but I heard our very own Charice has an appearance and solo performance again! My favorite new character for this season though is Miss Holly Holiday!!! Gwyneth is definitely good, I love her character, and I love her versions of Fuck You and Turning Tables.


I already downloaded the last two episodes of this show.. not just for this season, but definitely the last 2 episodes!!!! Waaaah. My friend told me that the show was cancelled and it won’t have its next season… that sucks 😦


From a great bunch of fresh talents to a very boring season finale. Scotty won. KTHNXBAI.



On my three years of stay in my current company, I’ve been assigned to different projects.  Probably the major project that I had is CSIP.  I learned a lot on that proj.  Personality and Career growth, it all happened there.  But there was a point where I felt that I’m not moving on. That I’m stuck right there. And I craved for more.

Then news came.  I’m so happy when I learned that I will be transferred to Android Team!  Yes, we’re now developing Android applications… so cool, right? I felt hyper and energetic again… excited and nervous at the same time.  And now, I really feel that this is the avenue for me, to show my skills and leadership at the same time.  I just hope that everything will be smooth, and everything will go my way 🙂


Fast Five

May 7, 2011.

After ng saturday work namin, inaya ako ng mga friends ko to watch Fast Five.  I was actually planning to watch it alone, back to back with Thor.. but I changed my mind. Mind as well enjoy it with the rest of the rushers.

I headed off to Trinoma.  Met Joyce there.  We must claim the tickets before the time limit.  Good thing I was there on time, and I luckily avoided the wild rain outside that night.  Unfortunately, Rocel only reserved 8 tickets, and there were 9 one of us who’ll be watching.  So we decided to meet with the other guys and make lipat to SM The Block.  Got our tickets, and entered the cinema!

It is actually my first time to watch Fast and the Furious.  Never saw the previous movies… so I thought I might get lost with the 5th installment.  Good thing I didn’t.  The story is good. The action scenes were siuperb, although wala masyadong sexy scenes. Hahahaha! Kidding! Seriously, I enjoyed the movie, and now I’m downloading the rest of the TFATF movies will have a marathon one of these days 🙂


Nang dahil kay Yoda…

Two weeks ago, I asked Yoda (via PimpOut Sat) if I’ll be promoted that week.  I was wishing for a “yes”, of course, but the toy answered “NO”.

Yes, he is JUST a toy.  But I’ve been asking him for so many times now, and he often got it right. And guess what, my latest question is not an exception.

Last Friday was the monthly announcement in our company.  My friends from 3rd BU joined me in my area and kept teasing me that I’m expecting the promotion.  I just laughed about it.  But I’ll be hypocrite if I’ll say I didn’t.  The announcement was over, and nothing happened for me.  Yoda got it right.

It hurts a bit, I admit.  But it’s okay.  I just really thought it’s the right time for me.  After all the PhilNITS thingy, those OTs and sacrifices on my last project, I really thought I had it already.  I did my best, but I think my best wasn’t good enough.

I just have to wait, I guess. Hopefully for a little time, and that time will eventually come.  I just have to be more pro-active, more patient, more eager, more energy, more happy. Mag Enervon Multivitamins.

Anong petsa na!?

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