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The Script LIVE!

I’ve always been very vocal that if ever The Script will visit the Philippines for a concert, I will definitely be there.  I’ve been dreaming, and hoping that it will really happen very soon.

Since they released their sophomore album last year, my hopes intensified, for there is a possibility that the band might do some tours, and hopefully, stopped by here in country.

One evening, I was killing time in facebook, when I saw a post from ManilaConcertScene. A line from The Script song.  I was so thrilled when I so that. I knew, one of my dreams will be a REALITY.


April 16, 2011. Araneta Colliseum. The place is jampacked!!!

The crowd went wild when the lights started flashing on the stage! There they were! The band that we truly adore.. and they amazed us when they sang all of their songs.. hit after hit.. and the whole Araneta were singing and screaming along!! It was really a fun night. I really had a blast!! One of the most unforgettable concerts that I’ve experienced!


PhilNITS passer

I really thought that taking the Computer Science as a course would spare me from Board Exam and Certifications. I was wrong.

Being an IT person is like being a student for the rest of you life. You keep on studying, and studying, and studying for new knowledge and ideas. And even though we don’t have Board Exams after graduating, there are still a lot of Certifications that you may (or you may not) take that will definitely serve as an advantage when applying for a job (or higher position).

One of these certifications is the PhilNITS exam.  I’ve already heard about this when I was still in College, and we were planning to take this, but a little afraid because we might not have enough knowledge to pass it.

Then now, I’m working in a Japanese company, I, again, encountered the PhilNITS exam.  It is one of the Certifications that our company is taking seriously.  I’ve tried joining the review class one time, I was accepted, but I failed during the last assessment.  I tried it again last year, but I was suddenly transferred to another department, so I stopped attending the review class.

Then this year, I tried it again.  I passed the assessment test for the review class.  I attended the review class everyday, but I couldn’t focus that much because of our busy on-going project.  My health problem also became a burden to me, so I lost all of my time for review.

The PhilNITS foundation conducted a seminar for the PhilNITS takers, and our company chose me and my officemate, Neph, to attend the said event.  We learned a lot of things there, and we were also surprised when they told us that there is a new topic on the upcoming exam!

So, the HR gave another assessment exam to determine those who are qualified to take the PhilNITS. Sadly, no one passed the exam. But our manager, Boss Mags, talked to me and boss rex. He told us that our scores are very near on the passing rate, so if we are very eager to review harder, he will allow us to take the PhilNITS exam.  It’s our call if we will take the risk or not.  There were only 2 weeks left before the exam, so we really need to give extra effort on the review.

March 27. Philippine Christian University. Exam day. The morning exam is not that hard, I must say.  I was expecting a lot of computations, but there were only few. whew. Afternoon exam is not that bad too.  No questions about networking, so I was so relieved! Haha.

Then we need to wait for 3 weeks or 1 month to know if we passed it or not. I kept on praying for a good result. Then one saturday, I decided to check out the website of PhilNITS foundation if there are any updates… then I saw the announcement “Congratulations !!! List of March 27, 2011 Philnits Exam Passers !!!!! SW is now called AP (Applied Information Technology exam) FE passers list Click Here!!!

I clicked the link and quickly searched for my name. And… WAAAAH!!!

I’m so happy with this new achievement, and I just really hope that I could live the expectations now that I’m a philnits passer 🙂


April Fools’ Day

I’ve been always thinking, what will be my family and friends’ reaction if I changed my status from “single” to “in a relationship”?  Last night, I thought of a way of finding this out. April Fools’ Day!!

So, I waited for 12midnight, April 1, last night. Then I went to facebook and changed my relationship status. And there ya go, it was cuhrazzzy!

I’m really overwhelmed with the reactions… so I posted this message on my wall to inform everyone that they’ve been fooled:

OKAY. I got you all. It’s April Fools’ Day today. The ‘status’ thingy is just a prank 🙂 I’m happy, not because I fooled a lot of people, but because I’m overwhelmed with all of the reactions. It’s just nice to know that my happiness matters to a lot of people. I’m so touched!! Though it would be nice kung may nagcomment ng “pano na ko…”. LOL. Again, Happy April Fools’!!

I know it’s not a good thing, fooling other people, but at least I still have an excuse. 😛

Anong petsa na!?

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