Random Tots sunday 3/20

Chill sunday. I woke up with a heavy feelin in my throat. Makati and parang barado. It’s the cough and cold, I think. Well, sana yun nga lang.  Maybe I should go back to my doctor again.


My lung doctor, Doctor Dalisay of Olivarez Hospital, is a nice guy. Medyo intimidating pero magaling.  The only thing I hate about going to his clinic is that…ang haba ng pila. AS IN!  Hindi na ako natuto.  Next time, I’ll promise to go there 1 hour before his clinic sched. Ayoko ng maghintay ng 4 na oras sa hall ng hospital. Ugh


Pinagalitan ako ng tatay ko. Kasi naman, ang alikabok daw ng kwarto namin, kaya daw nagkakasakit ako.  The one thing I love about my is that he has patience to clean the whole house.  Kapag sya ang nasa bahay, malinis talaga, unlike my mom. hehe.  Now that we have a bigger house, sya pa rin ang naglilinis. Really nice, no?


Medyo #fail ang new house namin.  Kasi, yung mga bintana, nakaharap sa pader.  As in wala kaming makikitang langit. pfft. Ayun, hindi ko nakita yung SUPERMOON kagabi 😦 Eh dun sa old house namin, kitang kita yung langit. Haay.. hanggang picture na lang ako.

courtesy of my friend, Mhedy


I received a text message last night from my cousin.  May Unlitext daw yung Globe for 5 days… just text the keyword sa number na tinext nya sakin.  Eh naka-AllTXT ako kagabi, I still tried it.  Walang reply.  Then after a couple of minutes, may nagtext!! “The UnliTXT promo is only exclusive for Globe users. Please switch to Globe to enjoy the unlimited texting”.  Am#&%#@!! EH GLOBE USER AKO AH!!!


Yesterday is so unforgettable for me. For a Bad and Good reasons. Nuff said.


And today, I need to focus on reviewing for PhilNITS exam this coming sunday.  I just realized that my whole life is full of review.  I remember, puro pagrereview ang ginawa ko nung Highschool.  Tuwing may exam, at tuwing sinasabak ako sa quiz bee.. review, review, review. Nung college, medyo nag-li-low ng konti. Chill lang ako nung college.  And now that I am working, I never imagined na kailangan ko pa rin magreview! Parang studyante pa rin. pfft.  Well, that’s life.  You always need to learn something new everyday.



3 Responses to “Random Tots sunday 3/20”

  1. March 20, 2011 at 3:01 am

    Ang hirap mag- understand ng Tagalog. ^_^ Pero gusto ko talaga matuto.

  2. March 21, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    Well, reading seems to be different from speaking the language. We speak Tagalog at home, but it is still a mystery to me why I can’t seem to understand the written language. I’m like (@___@) My sister tells me most of the words are slang.

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