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I cried after watching this..


May nagtext!

wala akong maisip na post… kaya ganito na lang 😀

you have the right to leave someone but at least tell them why… because what’s even more painful than being abandoned.. is knowing you’re not worth an explanation – tope

they say happiness is a choice, i guess it’s not.. we all want to be happy but sometimes..the situation won’t allow us to be – aysa

dont count the things you think you’ve done for someone. instead, count the number of times you felt better, just because you made them happy- aysa

it is more courageous to face the reality of an unsuccesful love story.. than fight for a doubtful love.. – rocel

appreciation makes people feel more important than almost anything else you can give them – aysa

boy: gabi na ah? | girl: e anu naman ngayun? | boy: amoy araw ka pa – duffs


American Idol 10

I’m so unaware that the new season of AI already started last week.  I just got a text from a friend saying he likes the new panel of judges.

So I downloaded the first two episodes of American Idol 10, and guess what, I’m not disappointed at all.  I know, we all miss the wit of Simon Cowell.  But Steve and J.Lo are not bad at all.

The talents are still there, the fun and weird personalities are still present, it is still the same AI.

I’m looking forward to more episodes, and hollywood round.  I really think that this can be a good season.


Survivor 22: Redemption Island

Let me congratulate first the winner of Survivor Nicaragua, Fabio!!!! (as if he can read this).  He truly deserve it.

Moving on, for the next season of survivor, they added another twist on the game.  Redemption Island.  This will be the place where the survivor who was booted-out from the camp will stay, and wait for the next survivor, and duel against each other to stay there.

And last friday,  I heard an nteresting news about this new season. Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz are coming back!! So the battle between these two villains will continue.. great!


RX93.1 Year-end countdown 2010

pic from mokong's blog

It’s been a habit of mine during New Year’s Eve to listen to RX 93.1 and wait for the announcement of the #1 song of the year.  It’s also fun to hear how they summarizes the music happenings on that year, certainly one of the best special shows of RX.


1. Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are
2. David Archuleta – Something ‘Bout Love
3. Train – Hey, Soul Sister
4. Train – If It’s Love
5. Adam Lambert – If I Had You
6. Usher feat. – OMG
7. James Morrison – Get To You
8. Charice feat. Iyaz – Pyramid
9. Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go
10. Jason Derulo – What If
11. Kelly Clarkson – All I Ever Wanted
12. B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars – Nothin’ On You
13. Sara Bareilles – King of Anything
14. B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams – Airplanes
15. Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – 2012 (It Aint The End)
16. Maroon 5 – Misery
17. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
18. Mariah Carey feat. Ne-Yo – Angels Cry
19. Eminem feat. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
20. Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg – California Gurls
21. Ne-Yo – One In A Million
22. Tanya Markova – Disney
23. Lifehouse – All In
24. Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul and Lil Jon – Do You Remember
25. Taylor Swift – Mine
26. Shontelle – Impossible
27. Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me
28. Flo Rida feat. David Guetta – Club Can’t Handle Me
29. Paramore – The Only Exception
30. Iyaz – Solo
31. Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris – Baby
32. Slash feat. Adam Levine – Gotten
33. Taio Cruz – Dynamite
34. Ne-Yo – Never Knew I Needed
35. Kris Allen – Before We Come Undone
36. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
37. Ne-Yo – Champagne Life
38. Chris Brown – Crawl
39. Nelly – Just A Dream
40. Kristinia Debarge – Future Love
RnB Act of the Year – Usher
New Artist of The Year – Bruno Mars
Band of The Year – Train
Male Artist of the Year – Bruno Mars
Female Artist of the Year – Katy Perry
The italicized songs on the list above are the songs that I voted for last year.  I’m happy that Bruno Mars ruled the final countdown, for he truly deserve it.  The two songs from Train were also pretty strong this year that it didn’t shock me to see them placing inside the top 5.  And well oh well, Get To You managed to take a spot at #7.  I think this james morrison song holds the record of longest stay in the countdown, thanks to us! 🙂
It was a great year for music… not much with OPM though. But it’s still ok.  I’m looking forward for this year’s music.

random playlist 2

I am so freakin’ busy on this start of the year…. and I just had my longest week ever.  What keep me sane is the music, and I’m happy that despite the busy schedule, I’m still up-to-date with the new songs out there.

So here I am to rundown the songs that I’m lovin right now, that I will definitely never touch the next button once these songs started playing on my ipod.

Nothing – The Script

One of my favorite songs from their second album, Science and Faith.  I will definitely spend my money just to see them up close, yun eh kung magcoconcert sila dito.  That would be a dream come true!

Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

I know this not a manly song, but I LOVE it! haha.. I dunno why but the beat of this song just stuck in my head.  My love for RnB music is really broad, I must say.

Yeah 3x – Chris Brown

This is the latest single from Chris Brown. After that Rihanna incident, the guy had a very hard time, really struggling, to restore his career.  But when I heard this song, napa-wow ako.  It reminds me of his song “Forever”.  So I checked out the video, and man, the guy can really dance. Crazy.

Who’s that chick – David Guetta feat Rihanna

Speaking of Rihanna, she recently worked with the master of party music, David Guetta.  Any David Guetta song, I instantly like it, and this one is no exception 🙂

Don’t worry about you – 2AM Club

At first, i really thought this is an all-black male group.. and I was so surprised when I heard that they are actually white! They’re good.

Mahal kita – Kyla

And this is the latest from our RnB princessm Kyla.  I first heard this song in a masa radio station… At first, I find a lil corny, the music, the lyrics… it was not an instant favorite… but when I heard it again, I began to like it, and appreciated it more after reading the lyics 🙂



2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

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Crunchy numbers

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The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 110,000 times in 2010. If it were an exhibit at The Louvre Museum, it would take 5 days for that many people to see it.


In 2010, there were 82 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 279 posts. There were 466 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 373mb. That’s about 1 pictures per day.

The busiest day of the year was June 20th with 4 views. The most popular post that day was Jamming: Down.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for adam lambert, jay sean, kris allen, bowling, and loneliness.

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These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Jamming: Down August 2009


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On the Spot: Save Me, San Francisco May 2010


Where The Heck Are You?! July 2009


New Year, New Decade

Yesterday was the last day of the year, and the last year of the decade.

There are a lot of things to look back in the past decade, and I must say that it’s a very memorable one.  Just like what I’ve posted on my fb, last decade, I graduated in High School, and College; survived Thesis, different storms, and health problems; got my first job, first salary, first bonus; new house, new pc, new cellphone, new gadgets; met a lot of strangers, met a lot of friends. This is also the decade where I discovered Friendster, Myspace, Multiply, Facebook, and Twitter.  I started blogging and became a Rusher.  Explored a lot of places, and tried a lot things. It’s a crazy one, I’m tellin’ you.

But let me focus on 2010.  I can say that it’s been a good year for you.  No major health problems, with me and my family, and I’m very grateful for that.  There were disappointing moments that happened to me at work, one was when I was not allowed to join the company sportsfest/outing, and the second one was when I was transferred to a different department.  But it ended well, I’m back where I belong.

I traveled twice last year. Caramoan and Bohol.  I bought a new ipod touch, one of my biggest investment last year.  We transferred houses twice last year, too.

I also met a lot of new people last year.  Over facebook, twitter, EBs, at sa tabi-tabi.  Some of them became my close friends, mga kakulitan sa umaga, tanghali, at gabi.  I also attended two weddings and two baptisms.

2010 is really a great year.. a very wonderful year.  And I’m looking forward to this year, 2011.  Here’s hoping that it will be awesome, it will be great, and it will be a wonderful 365 days.

Anong petsa na!?

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