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Change for the better… part 2!

yesss.. may part 2 agad!
Just this week, we received news that some of the associates in our BU will be undergoing a 4-month training in the other department. And I’m one of them. Bam!
I really didn’t expect it to be this soon, so I’m a little shocked.  I thought that the previous batch was the last group to be transferred there.  BUT, our boss made an assurance to us that there will be no lateral transfer to the other department… and I’m holding on that assurance.  It will just be a 4-month training, a win-win thing they say, and by November, we’ll be back in 1st BU.
Right now, I don’t know what to think.  There are a lot of possibilities, and I’m trying to look at the good ones.  I trust my bosses, and I trust my company.  If they think this is a good path, I’ll go and follow.
So, I’ll just wait… wait and see where this ship will take me.

And with these things happening in my work life… this song by The Calling is probably my theme right now.. here’s Things Will Go My Way

“Things Will Go My Way”

I came to tell you
How it all began
Nothing seems to work out right
I’m broken down again
So hold me now
And say it’s not forever
Maybe someday
In time

Things will go my way
Things will go my way

I’ve pushed to get through
The crowds in twisted souls
Just to find I’m right back here
Doing what I’m told
So take my hands
Don’t let me surrender
‘Cuz maybe someday
Yeah, in time

Things will go my way
Things will go my way

For all the lies
I’ve tasted
Just looking for the truth
For all the dreams I’m chasing
Well what am I to do
When everything’s against me
The answers are all wrong
I’m hoping that I’ll find out
It was worth it all along

So hold me now
And say it’s not forever
Maybe someday
In time

Things will go my way
Things will go my way
Things will go my way

For all the lies
I’ve tasted
Just looking for the truth
For all the dreams I’m chasing
Well what am I to do
When everything’s against me
The answers are all wrong
I’m hoping that I’ll find out

Things will go my way
Things will go my way


Change for the better

One of the activities in our company for the month of May is the Performance Appraisal.  During this time, the bosses assess each associate’s performances on the first half of the year.  And the rating that we’ll achieve on our PA will somehow affect the mid-year bonus that we’ll be getting the next month.
I could say that it’s has been a disappointing first semester for me. Firstly, my tardiness counter was continuously going up.  I even reached the limit where I’ll be receiving a verbal warning! It was alarming, and I had to remind myself that I should do some adjusting. Go back to my usual routines. And wag ng magpapa-BI, as much as possible. Haha! kidding.
Secondly, my body clock was a disaster.  I’m always sleepy whenever I go to work… and during meetings and trainings, I was crazy sleepy.  Sometimes, I end up not understanding anything about the discussion (note: sometimes).  And there’s no one to blame but me… oh, and also the creators of facebook.
Lastly, I lost my focus on my current project.  Not that I didn’t understand the whole thing.  It’s just that I didn’t get the feeling that I really know this project by heart.  I didn’t feel my connection, my passion in this project.  But I still did my best, I think.
So, when the time arrived that they’re informing me about my PA rating, I knew it.  I expected that it would go down again.  And true enough; it was my lowest PA rating so far.  And it’s all about the “Initiative”.
Aside from the fact that I did a huge blunder in the project that affected some of my co-members, they said that I don’t have that “initiative” thing in me.  As a DE2, they expected a lot from me/us.  Of course, after that level, we’ll be the next officers in the group.  So they really expected a lot, and I disappointed them.  Being initiative is really a big problem of me.  I’m afraid of volunteering because I’m afraid of not doing the task right.  Self-confidence it is.  But I’m only like this when I know that I don’t have the full knowledge about the task.   I can still raise my hand and assign myself on the task when I know that I can perform it well, I think.
My bosses were really alarmed with what’s happening to me.  They asked me what are my problems, and I said the things I wrote up there ^ .  I explained these things, and they accepted it.  I said that I’d go back to my old me on the next months, and do my best on the next projects or tasks.
The only thing that saddens me right now is that I feel that I lost their trusts in me.  It seems like they think that I’m not capable anymore of doing a task quickly’c something like that.  And I really can’t blame them.  I feel the envy with my fellow batch mates who are doing well right now, but I’m turning this envy into inspiration.
I’ll try my best to be at their level, to be more active, to meet their expectations, and to be more focused.  Hopefully… It’s not too late.

on the spot: Songs for You Truths for Me

(info from wikipedia)

Songs for You, Truths for Me is the second album by English singer, songwriter and guitarist James Morrison, released on 29 September 2008. The album was a commercial success in the UK where it entered the album charts at number three and in Ireland where it topped the charts. It has been certified double Platinum by the BPI with over 700,000 sales and has sold more than 1 million of copies worldwide.

Disc one  
1. The Only Night
2. Get to You
3. You Make It Real
4. Broken Strings” (feat. Nelly Furtado)
5. On the Same Side
6. Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
7. Please Don’t Stop the Rain
8. Save Yourself
9. Once When I Was Little
10. Precious Love
11. If You Don’t Wanna Love Me
12. Fix the World Up for You
13. Dream on Hayley
14. Love Is Hard
Disc two: The Basement Sessions
1. You Make It Real
2. Once When I Was Little
3. If You Don’t Wanna Love Me
4. You Give Me Something
5. Broken Strings
6. Wonderful World
7. Man in the Mirror

I love this album… and James Morrison’s voice has probably the most unique voice out there.   This album is a mixture of sad and happy songs, so at times you can be all emo, then next thing you know you are moving to the upbeat tunes of this album.

My top 5 songs in this album are the following:

  1. Get To You
  2. You Make It Real
  3. Broken Strings” (feat. Nelly Furtado)
  4. Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
  5. Love Is Hard

So go ahead.. youtube these songs.. and if you like them, go and grab a copy of this album! 🙂


[Project 365] day 121 – 135

[day 135] May 15 – midnight snack!!!
This is our food when we worked overnight… hectic work!! Thank goodness to McDo. 😀

[day 134] May 14 – Lights, Camera, Eat!
At Mang Inasal, Pearl Drive.. dinner break sa OT.. love their hanging lights there 😉

[day 133] May 13 – tiled
la lang… bigla ko lang napicturan haha

[day 132] May 12 – Hongkong stuff
pasalubong from Boss Rich & Boss Jason… a cute pen from HK!

[day 131] May 11 – The Last Song
Monster Movie Premier of The Last Song ft Miley and Liam… I enjoyed the movie kahit si Miley ang bida.. peace! Thanks to Cherry for the tix!

[day 130] May 10 – VOTED!
I did my job! and I’m proud that I participated in this special event. 🙂 3.5 hours is not that horrible.. it was fun.

[day 129] May 9 – back to school
i went to the nearest ATM in our place.. and that was located near at my Highschool building.. memories!! and that room on the 2nd floor right side corner.. that’s my room when i was in 1st and 2nd year.

[day 128] May 8 – Instant Macaroni Spag!!
Lucky Me macaroni spag… not bad at all 🙂

[day 127] May 7 – Happy anniversary!
me and my batchmates in tsukiden celebrated our 2nd yr anniversary in our company 🙂 lunch at shakey’s! Looove Mojos!

[day 126] May 6 – katas ng sportsfest!
The whole 1st BU celebrate our 2nd place win sa sportsfest namin last March.. na hindi ko naman naexperience.. buti na lang pinakain pa din kami.. yey 🙂 Go Green Team!

[day 125] May 5 – nakakainsultong text message
Kinongratulate ka pa.. 0 points ka lang naman… pffft

[day 124] May 4 – Yo, Froyo!
Red Mango experience.. thanks to Edzcel for this treat 🙂

[day 123] May 3 – Chowking!
Late dinner at Chowking Greenhills.. with Perk, stephen, ron, and jay-r’s siko.

[day 122] May 2 – Blue?!
Hindi naman obvious yung fave color ko diba? 😛

[day 121] May 1 – 4:44pm! Make A Wish!!! 😛

Anong petsa na!?

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