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great week (part 2)

yesssss may part 2!

And it seems like things are getting better and better… but.. oh well, let me just quickly glance at my awesome week with this post.

Karate Kiddos

Karate Kid

I watched this movie with my good friends, Edzcel and Ron.  At first, we really can’t decide what to watch that day.  Either Toy Story 3 or Karate Kid.  Pero mapilit si Ron.  He wants to watch TS3 in 3D, but there’s no available time that day.  So we end up watching this movie, at Podium Cinema.  That was my first time to watch in that movie house, and I must say, the ambiance is really impressive… like it’s so sashaaal… there were only few seats, and the screen and perfectly placed in front of you.

I’m happy that we watched this movie.  It was really good.  Lot of funny moments, esp the mom.  She’s hilarious.  The drama and kilig factors are good, and the fight scenes are awesome.  I love the soundtrack, too.  Made me fall in love again with John Mayer’s Say.  And that song of K’Naan feat. Adam Levine.. i like it.

Corny Corner Prince

my request was featured again on Mixed Tape’s Corny Corner.  It was an old track from Richard Reynoso, Hindi Ko Kaya.  Christi said that she fell in love with the singer during that time, but agrees that the song is really corny. 😀

So i received a lot of reaction from my rx friends regarding my CC requests.  Corny it is! And I really like it when Triflernomore tweeted that I’m the “Corny Corner Prince“, as Kuya Joe is the King.  Whoa.  It’s definitely an honor for me hehe… I just can’t remember kung ilang requests na ko sa CC.  I just really enjoying requesting these songs… cringe fest talaga, but we love it. 😀

Knight and Day Preem

Knight and Day

my 2nd movie for this week, but this time, it’s for free.  I was still undecided to whom I’ll give my extra tix.  I was supposed to give it to my officemate, but he needs two tickets.  So I decided to throw a contest over twitter, and Dru texted me first!

I logged out early that day.  I actually don’t know the exact venue.  Greenbelt 3.  It will be my first time, yet again.  Good thing Perk and Stephen were still at Jollibee, Glorietta… they saved me from being lost.

It was a lucky day, actually.  I won a Kaspersky Anti virus installer during the raffle.  And the movie is awesome.  Without me, With me.  It was fun!

Leadership & Badminton

I spent my whole friday at Sendai Conf Room, where our Leadership Seminar Training was held.  Boss Manny is a good speaker, ang daming kwento.. so I didn’t find the whole seminar that boring.. it was fun!  And the food is awesome, hehe.. that’s important, of course.  I’m just not sure right now if I’m ready… to be a leader.  But I must be.  That’s the only path I should take.

Then after that day, I went to Greenhills to play badminton with my rushers friends… feeling ko pagaling ako ng pagaling. Hahahaha! And we met jedi master and we played with him… we can tell na naghohold-back pa sya kasi nga newbies lang kami.. he’s definitely a pro in this game! 🙂

EB, New Friends, Food Trip

from cherry

Last saturday of the month.  EB again with the rushers!  And I didn’t realize until acer texted the duo that this was actually the 2nd Anniversary of Rusher’s Monthly EB!! whoa.. yeah, it has been that long that we’ve been meeting new people, make friends with them, losing some, gaining more.  It’s been 2 years!! *sniff sniff*

I was a little for this EB, but I’m glad that there were new (and old faces) when I arrived at the booth.  Saw kuya acer, kuya dhey, and kuya rc again.  Plus merski and reichen.  And there are new faces like catleya, yazrei, and asnallar’s friends.  We didn’t stay long and we went to SM megamall to have our lunch.  This time, we went to Kenny Rogers!! level up ng konti!

then after that, we went to Secret Recipe… para kumain ulit! 😀 On our way there, we met another fellow rusher, Ninya Baler.  I knew her as JDV’s friend.  Glad to finally meet her.  So ayun nga, we went to Secret Recipe… sinamahan ang Wedding Wizards on their business meeting.  I ordered this yummy brownies, and it tastes heaven!

Toy Story 3… *sobs*

Toy Story 3

Then after our food trip, we (me, ron, rina, selwyn, paul and ninya) watched Toy Story 3.  I heard that a lot of the people are loving this third installment of Toy Story… but I didn’t expect a lot.

We were just in time… and my oh my.. the movie is sooo freakin awesome.  Pixar FTW.  It will teach you a lot of things… Appreciation, Letting Go, and… ummm.. ok na yun, marami na yang 2. :))  This is probably one of the best movies this year… and for goodnesssake, it made me cry 3 times!!!!


That was my great week… but I have this feeling that there might be a bad news next week… yeah, I’m being a pessimist right now. Sigh.  But I’ll still try to hope for the best… 🙂


Post Father’s day post

June 20 2010

A special day for all the fathers…

I woke up early that day.  I went down and saw my dad preparing food for lunch.  My two brothers lying down the sala watching a movie (cinema one syempre).  Lumapit ako sa dad ko and greeted him ‘Happy Father’s Day’… and he responded with a nod.  I expected that reaction, coz my father is really like that.  Quiet, Reserved, A man of few words.

Then unexpectedly, I started this whole day with a Bang!! Literally!!.. nabagsak ko kasi yung termos.. ayun… basag! 😀

We don’t know what we’ll do for this special day.. I asked my mom that I’ll buy a cake, but she said na wag na lang.  Then that mid morning, my dad is already out drinking with his friends… yeah, that early… and we’re used to it.

But this is his day… and even if we didn’t give him a gift, I think he’s happy that day.  After so many months, his kumpare finally talked to him, and they’re now in good terms again.

I’m still hoping that my father will change.  Stop the smoking and the drinking.. before it’s too late.


[project 365] day 167 – 177

[day 177] June 26 – after the EB, me, ron, selwyn, rina, ninya, and paul decided to watch the Toy Story 3… it was FUN!

[day 176] June 25 – Leadership training seminar the whole day.. we enjoyed the talk with Boss Manny Villa… and we love the meriendas 🙂

[day 175] June 24 – PRIZE!! I won a Kaspersky anti-virus during the premiere… that was my first time.. again!!

[day 174] June 23 – another first time… First time to watch a movie at Greenbelt 3. It was the Monster Movie Premiere of Kinght and Day courtesy of RX!

[day 173] June 22 – we watched Karate Kid at Podium Cinema with Edzcel and Ron… that was my 1st time to watch there.. i LIKE.

[day 172] June 21 – I borrowed my officemate’s earphone because mine is not working anymore.. but i already have my own now 🙂

[day 171] June 20 – special day for the fathers… we didn’t do anything special tho.. sad 😦

[day 170] June 19 – one of our new pets… this is popoy, and the other one is basha 😀 walang kinalaman ang One More Chance dyan lol

[day 169] June 18 – my latest addiction… but i like the other flavor/variant/whatever.. Latte ♥

[day 168] June 17 – we dropped by sa booth to celebrate Chico’s bday! We gave him our present and he really liked it… obvious ba? hehe nice job riot boyz

[day 167] June 16 – my new shoes!! Thanks to ron and selwyn for picking this new pang-porma… and nung sinuot ko na sa office, they didn’t stop making binyag my shoes! grrr

Anong petsa na!?

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