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[Project 365] day 91 – 105

[Day 105] – April 15 – John Mayer!!!
this is my ticket for john mayer concert here in manila… haaaay.. really sad na namove yung date…

[Day 104] – April 14 – mapapasayaw daw..
dinner at Chicken Ati-atihan.. mapapasayaw daw kami sa sarap… ayun.. medyo napagroove naman kami

[Day 103] – April 13 – Monsterized
cool yung jeep!! may RX sticker.. =)

[Day 102] – April 12 – Japanese Hopia
hopia nga yata to.. kalasa naman.. hehe.. omiage from Mr. Matsuo.. our japanese expats are really awesome 🙂

[Day 101] – April 11 – Bawal!
saw this sign sa CR ng terminal ng bus.. read on!

[Day 100] – April 10 – sexy O!
woootwooot. lol. picture taken at Mantawid Beach… yun yung the best island na napuntahan namin!

[Day 99] – April 9 – The Mayon
it was my first time to see the mayon volcano.. wow.. though medyo malayo.. but it’s still visible.. 🙂

[Day 98] – April 8 – sunrise
this is the sunrise that I saw at Naga City.. beautiful..

[Day 97] – April 7 – Pinoy Spa… ATBP!
I’m wondering kung anu yung atbp na yun… 😛

[Day 96] – April 6 – OT
we’re still working during this time… yeah.. our project is freaking busy!!

[Day 95] – April 5 – cassava (?)
pasalubong from Boss James! yum-oh.. from Ilocos pa yan

[Day 94] – April 4 – TMR photo contest entry
Eggciting summer!! haha.. wala lang.. I just tried it.. ayun, talo. LOL

[Day 93] – April 3 – summer food, yeah.
No, this is not just a bowl of ice and milk… Minatamis na saging yan. :))

[Day 92] – April 2 – Good Friday
of course, we need to be holy for this…umm.. holy week. I went to St. Andrew’s Cathedral at nagnilay-nilay.. 🙂

[Day 91] – April 1 – Maundy Thursday
this is the dish of the holy week — Munggo with Malunggay!! FTW 🙂

Anong petsa na!?

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