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2010 Concerts… and more to come

2010 is probably the most eventful year for our country.

A lot of foreign acts are visiting our country para magconcert.  I think Ne-Yo was the first act na nagconcert for this year.  That was january 9, 2010.  

It just sucks though because I missed that concert.  Galing pa kasi kami ng Cavite nun and wala na rin time to buy a ticket.

Then there’s The Killers.  January 31, 2010.  Everyone was excited to see this band.  Me? not much.  I’m not a big fan kasi… but I love some of their songs.  Unfortunately, hindi natuloy yung concert.  And the worse thing that happened was nadisband pa yung group!! Tsk.

But the next event is something na hindi ko palalampasin.  Kris Allen’s Concert!

Really enjoyed this show.  I even convinced my two college friends to go with me.  And sulit din because Boyce Avenue and Jabbawockeez were also present in the event.  He is the second American Idol na napanood ko na.  First was David Cook last year (oh and Archuleta too).

I even recorded some of his performances and uploaded it in youtube 🙂

Then last February 27, Backstreet boys (yeah, they’re still alive) visited Manila.  They said it was an amazing concert too.  Parang nag time travel ka to the 90s!  And yeah, I missed this too.

Then another awesome band landed in our country.  Paramore!!

And ayun… hindi na naman ako nakanood..  Kahit na namigay ng tickets yung RX, I was really not lucky that time.. I want to hear pa naman their live version of The Only Exception.. sigh.

And just after 5 days.. here comes Owl City!

The band that I first heard via SOTW.  I was really hoping na makanood ako ng show nya.. but I ran out of money… and nagchange pa ng venue.. the concert was held at Trinamo instead.  May chance na sana ako makanood actually.  My friend Colwin informed me na may extra tix sya.. but it was way too late.. masyadong malayo house ko sa Trinamo.. so ayun, tinamad na ako 😦

And here’s another big event.  JT performing live here!! oops.. si Timbaland nga pala ang main act. XD  I actually got my tickets on a much cheaper price, just by loading my smart number, and there ya go! I have my tix na agad 🙂

Medyo disappointing lang kasi 2 songs lang yung kinanta ni Jojo… I was expecting for more..but oh well.. I’m glad pa rin because Justin Timberlake performed a lot of his songs… parang concert nga nya eh haha.  And btw, when we were on our way home, walking along SM MOA, dumaan yung van ni Jojo.. and she wave her arms outside the car!!! so ayun.. I saw her arms.. that’s all. waaaaah

and then, last night, this concert happened.  I have a lot of friends who went there to see this event, and I’m officially inggit!!! I’m pretty sure she’s an amazing live performer… sayang talaga that I missed this concert… why? because of this one…

ubusan ng pera for John Mayer!  But I received a very depressing news that the concert was moved.. now it will be held on October 1.  what a very long time for me to wait.. sigh!

Hopefully more acts will visit our country… pero sana naman may gap… kawawa din ang budget ko for them… I wish Carrie Underwood, Jason Mraz, James Morrison, and who else?.. basta sana magsipunta sila dito 🙂

Anong petsa na!?

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