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Amazing Race 16: DAN AND JORDAN

It was an upset. Really.  But seriously, with this season, I’m okay with whoever wins the race… though I was really rooting for the Cowboys.. they made this race very interesting and entertaining.. dang!… bitter pa rin ng konti haha!  But the brothers did great, I must say… Their strategy is really commendable.  Though I still hate the thing that they did at the airport, that’s a little nasty move. Oh well, oh well… gotta move on.

I really enjoyed the last leg of the race… the challenges were so awesome.. especially that virtual game… and the memory challenge is back! yey for that!  And it was much more entertaining when Katie faced the angry lesbians… that was really hilarious.. hoorah for Katie though.  She really handled it very well.

So I’ll just share this video, showing the Cowboys being gracious on their defeat.

American Idol: LEE DEWYZE

Another (minor) upset here.. I was not rooting for the underdog this year, unlike last year (Kris Allen that is).  I thought Crystal is much deserving.  But heck, yeah, Lee is still okay.

I’ll just give my comments on the whole result show… It was awesome, and I never expected that.. of course, it is the last night of Simon Cowell.. and I really doubt if American idol will survive without him… I enjoyed the performances of the guest.. though I skipped some of them, coz they we’re so corny and old-ish… Love the Kris Allen, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera, Janet jackson and Alanis Morisette performances… and oh, how can I forgot the number of the past AI winners!!!! That was amazing.. though it’s a lil sad because Cook was not there 😦

anyway, here’s the winning/coronation song of Lee Dewyze, the acoustic version of Beautiful Day…

and here’s the tribute of the past AI winners and contestants for Simon Cowell


Now here’s a true winner!!  With this one, I’m definitely happy with the result!  Sandra, for me, is the sole survivor of this season!!

For me, Heroes vs Villains is the best season of survivor.  It was a crazy season… I mean CAH-REY-ZEEE!  There were a lot of twist.. shocking moves.. interesting tribal councils… exciting challenges!  The producers really succeeded in gathering the best and the most interesting castaways for this season.

I was on the side of the Heroes at the start of the game.. but I realized that the Villains are much more entertaining!  And I noticed Sandra right away.  I;m not a big fan of Russell… during Samoa, he was really good, but during the reunion show, his true personality came out… so arrogant.. and this season, he’s more wicked and arrogant and annoying!  So, I’m really happy that Sandra won this season.. Second victory for her!

~ o ~

Right now, I really miss watching Survivor and Amazing Race… oh, and American Idol, too (since january pa!)… I really hope that the next season will be awesome 🙂


Top 12 American Idols

published in (LINK)


Album Sales: 10,600,000
Track Sales: 15,900,000
Radio Plays: 4,260,000

“Idol’s” original queen is still its biggest star. Since winning the title in 2002, Kelly Clarkson has notched eight Billboard Hot 100 top 10s — including two No. 1s — from four albums. And eight years later, the pop singer is still inspiring “Idol” hopefuls: this year’s recently eliminated contestant Siobhan Magnus has said that she perfected her trademark “scream” by singing Clarkson songs in the shower. Clarkson hits the road again this summer, on the revived Lilith Fair tour.


Album Sales: 11,500,000
Track Sales: 13,900,000
Radio Plays: 2,426,000

As the first country singer to win “American Idol,” Carrie Underwood leads the show’s graduates with U.S. album sales of 11.5 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Her third release, 2009’s “Play On,” showed off a more mature side to the 27-year-old and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Most recently, Underwood made history in April by becoming the first woman to be named ACM Entertainer of the Year twice. Keep playing on, Carrie!


Album Sales: 5,700,000
Track Sales: 9,500,000
Radio Plays: 2,439,000

Chris Daughtry’s fourth-place “Idol” finish in 2006 really hurt his career, didn’t it? Not so much. With 5.7 million albums and 9.5 million digital downloads to his name, the gruff rocker ranks ahead of six former “Idol” winners on this list. His self-titled debut and last year’s “Leave This Town” both topped the Billboard 200 on arrival, and though drummer Joey Barnes recently left the band, Daughtry is still plugging away on tour and will return to perform on “Idol” on May 5.


Album Sales: 1,300,000
Track Sales: 9,000,000
Radio Plays: 1,146,000

Still the youngest “Idol” winner ever, Jordin Sparks was just 17 when she was voted America’s favorite back in 2007, beating out beatboxer Blake Lewis. Sparks’ has since racked up radio hits like “Battlefield” and “No Air,” her duet with Chris Brown. These days, Sparks is getting ready to take over more than one stage — she’ll embark on a “Battlefield” headlining tour this summer through August, then hit the Great White Way for a 12-week stint with the hit musical “In the Heights.”


Album Sales: 1,300,000
Track Sales: 3,900,000
Radio Plays: 536,000

After years of rockers getting the short end of the “Idol” stick, David Cook broke the genre’s bad luck streak in 2008 by trumping another David (Archuleta) in the finale. Cook’s self-titled debut album followed and has since sold 1.3 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. As it did when he competed on “Idol,” charity drives Cook. Earlier this month, he raised $140,000 at the 13th Annual Race for Hope in memory of his brother Adam, who lost his courageous battle with brain cancer last year.


Album Sales: 4,900,000
Track Sales: 532,000
Radio Plays: 195,000

Clay Aiken may have lost to Ruben Studdard in 2003, but he’s still the season 2 favorite in the minds of many longtime “Idol” fans — and he has the sales to prove it. Aiken’s “Tried and True” album is due June 1 on Decca and it’s his first studio set since 2008, a year in which the singer also made headlines for revealing he’s gay and starring on Broadway in “Spamalot.” Aiken will go straight from releasing his album to the “Timeless” tour, a joint summer trek with Studdard.


Album Sales: 1,300,000
Track Sales: 2,900,000
Radio Plays: 373,000

Taylor Swift’s BFF finished sixth on “Idol” but has done just fine for herself since, thanks to country hits like “Red High Heels” and “Best Days of Your Life.” Pickler opened for Swift’s massive headlining tour last summer and will open for another big act, Rascal Flatts, later this year. The gig will no doubt help keep Pickler’s star on the rise as she preps her third album for release in the fall.


Album Sales: 968,000
Track Sales: 3,000,000
Radio Plays: 177,000

Currently writing for his sophomore album, David Archuleta is approaching platinum sales of his debut album, which has sold 968,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The 19-year-old also made a memorable solo turn on “Somos El Mundo,” the Spanish-Language version of “We Are the World 25”, and revisited his performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine” on the “Idol” stage in April. True to his nice-guy form, Archuleta recently blogged that year’s batch of “Idol” contestants “a group of cool people!”


Album Sales: 2,300,000
Track Sales: 957,000
Radio Plays: 624,000

If any “Idol” winner deserves to be known on first-name-only basis, it’s Fantasia, who’s having her busiest year since winning “Idol” in 2004. The 24-year-old R&B diva recently unveiled her new single, “Beautiful,” and will release her third album on July 13. After playing Celie in “The Color Purple” on Broadway, she’s also set to reprise her role in the musical’s film adaptation. Reality TV is back in Fantasia’s life, too, thanks to her hit VH1 show “Fantasia for Real.”


Album Sales: 2,600,000
Track Sales: 337,000
Radio Plays: 434,000

Winning “Idol” in 2003 led to even greater joy for Studdard, who met his future wife at a Wal-Mart autograph signing. The “Velvet Teddy Bear’s” biggest hit, “Sorry 2004,” came that year, but Studdard’s popularity gets a boost every time he returns to perform on “Idol.” He’ll keep his core fans happy this summer on the “Timeless” tour, which he’s co-headlining with Clay Aiken.


Album Sales: 310,000
Track Sales: 2,600,000
Radio Plays: 165,000

Last year’s “Idol” champion has sold 296,000 copies of his first album, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and covered radio formats from pop to Christian with the single “Live Like We’re Dying.” Though he’s often overshadowed by runner-up Adam Lambert, Allen has plenty of fans drawn to his laidback singer/songwriter vibe. Allen tours with Barenaked Ladies this summer.


Album Sales: 685,000
Track Sales: 2,200,000
Radio Plays: 91,000

No recent “Idol” contestant has stirred up a media frenzy like Adam Lambert, who drew comparisons to Elvis Presley during his run and returned to the show this season as a mentor during Elvis week. He did so well, in fact, that many have asked: will Glambert replace outgoing “Idol” judge Simon Cowell? “I would be honored, but at this point I’m just focusing on my career as a recording artist,” said Lambert, who two weeks ago posted his first Billboard Hot 100 top 10, “Whataya Want From Me.”


[project 365] day 106 – 120

[day 120] – april 30 – Iron Man 2!! – we watched the special screening of this movie at Rockwell Power Plant Mall.. that was my first time to go there 🙂

[day 119] April 29 – crack on the wall… nagpapaka-artistic lang hehe

[day 118] April 28 – my monsterized phone!!! finally got this awesome wallpaper 🙂

[day 117] april 27 – my favorite chocolate drink… bought this after a long day at work.. nakakawala ng pagod.. haaaaay 🙂

[day 116] April 26 – deym… may progression ang tardiness ko. waaaaah

[day 115] April 25 – my random stuff on my desk..mostly gifts from other peeps…

[day 114] April 24 – Rushers’ EB April Edition… ang dami namin hehe.. but this one is memorable.. thanks to Dru’s telephone performance!! 🙂

[day 113] April 23 – almost midnight na.. Me, Chuvs, and Ana were on our way home.. and I’ve been telling them that I really like this tree.. ang cute kasi nung dahon.. kaya ayun, pinicturan namin 😀

[day 112] – April 22 – 31st floor… wala lang… our office is in this floor.. hassle pag may fire drill 😛

[day 111] – April 21 – Got my Back-up Plan tickets… unfortunately hindi ako nakanood.. work got in the way… sigh 😦

[Day 110] – April 20 – my first badminton game with the rushers.. at Greenhills Badminton Center.. muntik pang maligaw (thanks to duffs)

[day 109] – April 19 – FREE Cellphone!! whuddup… courtesy of Smart Bro.. really nice 🙂

[day 108] – April 18 – Chowking meal.. for our simple celebration of my parents’ wedding anniversary 😉

[Day 107] – April 17 – Green Tea of Adobo republic… that’s our usual place when we have our dinner break 🙂

[day 106] – April 16 – One of the souvenirs that I bought when we went to Caramoan.. but I got this shirt from SM Naga.. which I must say is a very cute mall. 🙂


On the Spot: Save Me, San Francisco

Save Me, San Francisco is the 5th studio album of the band Train which was released last October 27, 2009.  The band went on a three-year hiatus after their unsuccessful fourth album, but now, they’re definitely back.  The billboard hit Hey, Soul Sister is the first single of this album, their second-career top ten hit after Drops Of Jupiter.

For me, this is a feel good album.  It’s not their typical sound, much livelier, and a very perfect album for this season.

  1. Save Me, San Francisco
  2. Hey, Soul Sister
  3. I Got You
  4. Parachute
  5. This Ain’t Goodbye
  6. If It’s Love
  7. You Already Know
  8. Words
  9. Brick By Brick
  10. Breakfast In Bed
  11. Marry Me

My Top 5:

1. Hey, Soul Sister
2. Save Me, San Francisco
3. Marry Me
4. This Aint Goodbye
5. Parachute
Hey, Soul Sister is definitely my fave track in this album.. very lively and cool song. Save Me, San Francisco is kinda like the first one, same vibe.  Marry Me and This Ain’t Goodbye are the mellow songs in this album.  And lastly, lem’me share to you my #5 song, Parachute.
Rating: 7/10

Happy Mom’s Day 2010

My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. ~ Graycie Harmon

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!!! 🙂

and let me add this Gabe Bondoc’s version of The Way You Look Tonight.. a special treat for all the Mothers out there 🙂


So You Think U can dance? Hell Yeah.

I’m really not a fan of this show even though i love dancing.  Oh yes, I love dancing, I’m just not sure if I’m good at it. 😛  I really didn’t have the time to watch it actually, and never s’yang napalabas sa local channels (unlike AI, Survivor, and TAR).

But then, I still got the chance to see some of the hottest and coolest dance routines in this show (Thanks to YouTube).  And I must say that the dance routines that I love in this show are mostly HipHop, me wishing that I could try these things someday…

So, here are the top 3 videos that I really love watching over and over again.  First is the very popular Bleeding Love dance of Mark & Chelsie:

Next is the dance routine of Jason Derulo’s Watcha Say.  I actually heard about this video from Gelli.  She mentioned it one time on her show, and I immediately searched it on YouTube…and whoa.. it was really amazing.  Here’s Ashleigh & Jakob:

(really love the 0:40 and 1:31 part)

Finally, here’s the dance interpretation of Ne-Yo’s Mad, danced by Jeanine and Phillip


[Project 365] day 91 – 105

[Day 105] – April 15 – John Mayer!!!
this is my ticket for john mayer concert here in manila… haaaay.. really sad na namove yung date…

[Day 104] – April 14 – mapapasayaw daw..
dinner at Chicken Ati-atihan.. mapapasayaw daw kami sa sarap… ayun.. medyo napagroove naman kami

[Day 103] – April 13 – Monsterized
cool yung jeep!! may RX sticker.. =)

[Day 102] – April 12 – Japanese Hopia
hopia nga yata to.. kalasa naman.. hehe.. omiage from Mr. Matsuo.. our japanese expats are really awesome 🙂

[Day 101] – April 11 – Bawal!
saw this sign sa CR ng terminal ng bus.. read on!

[Day 100] – April 10 – sexy O!
woootwooot. lol. picture taken at Mantawid Beach… yun yung the best island na napuntahan namin!

[Day 99] – April 9 – The Mayon
it was my first time to see the mayon volcano.. wow.. though medyo malayo.. but it’s still visible.. 🙂

[Day 98] – April 8 – sunrise
this is the sunrise that I saw at Naga City.. beautiful..

[Day 97] – April 7 – Pinoy Spa… ATBP!
I’m wondering kung anu yung atbp na yun… 😛

[Day 96] – April 6 – OT
we’re still working during this time… yeah.. our project is freaking busy!!

[Day 95] – April 5 – cassava (?)
pasalubong from Boss James! yum-oh.. from Ilocos pa yan

[Day 94] – April 4 – TMR photo contest entry
Eggciting summer!! haha.. wala lang.. I just tried it.. ayun, talo. LOL

[Day 93] – April 3 – summer food, yeah.
No, this is not just a bowl of ice and milk… Minatamis na saging yan. :))

[Day 92] – April 2 – Good Friday
of course, we need to be holy for this…umm.. holy week. I went to St. Andrew’s Cathedral at nagnilay-nilay.. 🙂

[Day 91] – April 1 – Maundy Thursday
this is the dish of the holy week — Munggo with Malunggay!! FTW 🙂

Anong petsa na!?

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