[Project 365] day 72 – 90

*** sobrang delayed na ako sa pagpopost.. soo busy this past few weeks… so ayun, more than a month na ang back-log  ng Project kong ito.. geez

[Day 90] – March 31 – Online Scrabble!
Eto ang pinagkaabalahan namin nung Holy Week!!! Really enjoyed playing it with Edzcel, Jay-R, Kim, Rhix, and Paul

[Day 89] – March 30 – a unique pin from Mother Kytes
Love this one…magnet sya.. hindi pala pin. hehe.. and it’s also a bottle opener. awesome, right?

[Day 88] – March 29 – Freebies from Listerine
courtesy of RX, of course.. It was an awesome gift pack.. pero FTW yung 3 thousand dyan. woooot!!!

[Day 87] – March 28 – omiage from Bora
thanks to czarovic for this one!! dami ko ng keychains 🙂 kelangan ng bumili ng magnets 🙂

[Day 86] – March 27a – EB for the month of March
We met a lot of newbies.. and the biggest surprise there was Kuya Joe, fresh from SG!!! =)

[Day 86] – March 27b – Timbo, JT, and Jojo!!
I was able to watch the Changing Lives concert of Timbaland.. with JT and Jojo.. a bit disappointed bcoz 2 songs lang kinanta ni Jojo.. but I enjoyed JT’s set. awesome 🙂

[Day 85] – March 26 – Ramen, baby!
went to Mr. Matsuo’s condo and celebrated his birthday.. it was my first time, i think, to eat Ramen. 🙂

[Day 84] – March 25 – baked rice from greenwich
OT sa office.. so kelangan magdinner break.. that night, I decided to go to SM Megamall.. to buy my ticket for the Timbaland concert.. and I went to Greenwich to buy this.. ang tagal ng service hmp.

[Day 83] – March 24 – randomness in the dark
I was on my way home.. waiting for the FX.. eh ang tagal.. so nainip ako.. so nilabas ko ang cam ko and voila.. this is what I got.

[Day 82] – March 23 – omiage from SG!
Thanks to ellen for this thingy.. 2 na ganito ko.. tho medyo magkaiba naman itsura nila.. the other one was from my rusher friend too, Ella. 🙂

[Day 81] – March 22 – Certified!!
I received my certificate for passing the Level 4 of Nihongo… awesome.. muntik na akong bumagsak dun. lol

[Day 80] – March 21 – pieces of puzzle
I was so busy the whole day to finish this puzzle.. this is our little birthday gift for Mr. Perk.. 🙂

[Day 79] – March 20 – Sbux
and inabot na kami ng madaling araw… so we hang out sa starbucks.. stayed there even if I’m not feelin well. fun pa rin kasi..

[Day 78] – March 19 – Advanced Happy Birthday Astroboy

pinakain nya kami sa.. Greenbelt 1.. and here in this pic, she’s holding our gift for her 🙂

[Day 77] – March 18 – Porn Star, yeah!
I won a special gift pack from San Mig Light.. thanks to my dirty mind. LOL. Pero until now hindi ko pa sya nakeclaim

[Day 76] – March 17 – chimes… hayun.

[Day 75] – March 16 – The one with Necktie
Formal day sa office.. kasi may mga japanese visitors.. kaya ayun, todo necktie hehe.. and mama rhix requested for a pic.. so here ya go.. sa loob pa ng Men’s CR Haha

[Day 74] – March 15 – with Nikki Gil and Billy C
we (ron, selwyn and stephen) watched Nikki Gil live on RX Concert Series.. and Billy Crawford was there too!

[Day 73] – March 14 – new house, new home
kakalipat lang ng house, and we’re still setting up our things.. the 2nd floor (this pic) of the house is spacious naman.. and may Terrace pa kunwari sa labas hehe

[Day 72] March 13 – EPIC mom
another epic conversation with my mom.. and kailangan talagang ipost sa facebook at twitter para malaman ng lahat how awesome my mom is!

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