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Belated Happy 1st Tweetiversary!

I really had no idea that I’ve been a twitter user for more than a year already. Bigla ko lang syang naisip when I was tweeting with @mr_perk and @paulignatius one morning. The topic was brought up by @mr_perk so I got curious about the date that I began tweeting.

It was March 28, 2009. That was the very first time that I used twitter. And after that, my internet life changed a lot! (wow).

I really can’t remember right now who influenced me to use twitter. It was the hottest new thing that time, I think. So I just joined the bandwagon and tweet away.

Twitter is supposed to be a mini-blog.. where you’ll write the things that are happening to you, using only 140 characters at most. But we used it differently, and I must say we extremely abused it (seriously.. haha kidding!). Well, here are some of the stuff that I usually do using twitter:

join TMR top 10 (mas tipid kesa 2299)

request for songs sa RX (but now, pati sa ibang station.. hehe)

join RX contests

get download links (#odhthepirate)

get updates from celebrities (and tweet them once in a while)

share pictures and other stuff (including TMI moments)

greet everyone a good morning or good night or mwahugs

chat with some of friends

see? Twitter is very useful. And yes, it is entertaining too, and Informative. I actually learned some new words via twitter.. Like tweeple/tweeps, tweetverse, tweetquest, tweethugs, etc.

And last sunday, I saw my tweetmate rodj tweeting about his twitter stats using this very cool websites.. so I checked that out, and i learned a lot of things! So, in celebration of my 1st Tweetiversary, lemme share to you my own tweetistics! 🙂

TweetStats (

(oh btw, the stats started just last January… yeah, that sucks.. oh well)

as you can see, I tweeted a lot during the month of February… I think because this was the time when @rxtmr started giving away Greenwich GCs.. haha, yeah, maybe that’s the reason behind this stat.

I really tweet a lot during 7am? Haha of course, it’s because of @rxtmr 🙂

oh look at, @mr_perk is topping my stats!! And most of my replies are for RX shows hehe..

* My top five words: na, hehe, lol, sa, thanks.

* Did you know you’ve had 45 twooshes?  What’s a twoosh? Why it’s a 140-character tweet!

* My top five hashtags: #nowplaying, #2, #magnifico, #theamazingrace, #isuboangbataan.

(* and I just added these stuff *)

first tweet

@OscarDelaHopia exploring twitter….

1:33 AM Mar 28th, 2009 via web

first follower

@nikchic – my rusher friend.

first person I followed


first celeb I followed


first celeb who tweeted me

@alexderossi – yeah, she’s the very first real celebrity who replied on my tweet… that was really unbelievable… she’s really nice on twitter, craazy and nice! 😀

first RX staff I followed

@hazelhottie 0 one of the hosts of Playtime

first RX staff who followed me

@animoenzo – radio 1 buddy, one of the host of The Show with Andre 🙂

first dm i sent/received

from @steru –

morning….ano ba account name nila chico sa twitter?

number of followers and following

(as of Apr. 27) Followers: 380 | Following: 348

number of tweets

(as of Apr. 27) 13, 619 tweets

first fave tweet

@GinoandFran @OscarDelaHopia haha thanks hopia man! hahaha 🙂 been a while since the rushers visited the station eh?

My avatar right now

Awesome, right?

Cheers to more years of tweeting!! =)


[Project 365] day 72 – 90

*** sobrang delayed na ako sa pagpopost.. soo busy this past few weeks… so ayun, more than a month na ang back-log  ng Project kong ito.. geez

[Day 90] – March 31 – Online Scrabble!
Eto ang pinagkaabalahan namin nung Holy Week!!! Really enjoyed playing it with Edzcel, Jay-R, Kim, Rhix, and Paul

[Day 89] – March 30 – a unique pin from Mother Kytes
Love this one…magnet sya.. hindi pala pin. hehe.. and it’s also a bottle opener. awesome, right?

[Day 88] – March 29 – Freebies from Listerine
courtesy of RX, of course.. It was an awesome gift pack.. pero FTW yung 3 thousand dyan. woooot!!!

[Day 87] – March 28 – omiage from Bora
thanks to czarovic for this one!! dami ko ng keychains 🙂 kelangan ng bumili ng magnets 🙂

[Day 86] – March 27a – EB for the month of March
We met a lot of newbies.. and the biggest surprise there was Kuya Joe, fresh from SG!!! =)

[Day 86] – March 27b – Timbo, JT, and Jojo!!
I was able to watch the Changing Lives concert of Timbaland.. with JT and Jojo.. a bit disappointed bcoz 2 songs lang kinanta ni Jojo.. but I enjoyed JT’s set. awesome 🙂

[Day 85] – March 26 – Ramen, baby!
went to Mr. Matsuo’s condo and celebrated his birthday.. it was my first time, i think, to eat Ramen. 🙂

[Day 84] – March 25 – baked rice from greenwich
OT sa office.. so kelangan magdinner break.. that night, I decided to go to SM Megamall.. to buy my ticket for the Timbaland concert.. and I went to Greenwich to buy this.. ang tagal ng service hmp.

[Day 83] – March 24 – randomness in the dark
I was on my way home.. waiting for the FX.. eh ang tagal.. so nainip ako.. so nilabas ko ang cam ko and voila.. this is what I got.

[Day 82] – March 23 – omiage from SG!
Thanks to ellen for this thingy.. 2 na ganito ko.. tho medyo magkaiba naman itsura nila.. the other one was from my rusher friend too, Ella. 🙂

[Day 81] – March 22 – Certified!!
I received my certificate for passing the Level 4 of Nihongo… awesome.. muntik na akong bumagsak dun. lol

[Day 80] – March 21 – pieces of puzzle
I was so busy the whole day to finish this puzzle.. this is our little birthday gift for Mr. Perk.. 🙂

[Day 79] – March 20 – Sbux
and inabot na kami ng madaling araw… so we hang out sa starbucks.. stayed there even if I’m not feelin well. fun pa rin kasi..

[Day 78] – March 19 – Advanced Happy Birthday Astroboy

pinakain nya kami sa.. Greenbelt 1.. and here in this pic, she’s holding our gift for her 🙂

[Day 77] – March 18 – Porn Star, yeah!
I won a special gift pack from San Mig Light.. thanks to my dirty mind. LOL. Pero until now hindi ko pa sya nakeclaim

[Day 76] – March 17 – chimes… hayun.

[Day 75] – March 16 – The one with Necktie
Formal day sa office.. kasi may mga japanese visitors.. kaya ayun, todo necktie hehe.. and mama rhix requested for a pic.. so here ya go.. sa loob pa ng Men’s CR Haha

[Day 74] – March 15 – with Nikki Gil and Billy C
we (ron, selwyn and stephen) watched Nikki Gil live on RX Concert Series.. and Billy Crawford was there too!

[Day 73] – March 14 – new house, new home
kakalipat lang ng house, and we’re still setting up our things.. the 2nd floor (this pic) of the house is spacious naman.. and may Terrace pa kunwari sa labas hehe

[Day 72] March 13 – EPIC mom
another epic conversation with my mom.. and kailangan talagang ipost sa facebook at twitter para malaman ng lahat how awesome my mom is!


Getting Bored with AI

Last year, my blog is soooo busy with AI post. It was a fun-tastic season, so many great talents and crazy Paula was still there.

But this season, it is freakin different!

I thought it will be an awesome season too. The top 24 was a talented bunch, Ellen was added as the new judge, and Seacrest is bitchy-er!

But not until the real talents started disappearing. Joe Muñoz was booted out on the first week of elimination night.. It was a surprise.. his rendition of Mraz’ You And I Both was really awesome, that’s why I really didn’t get it why america didn’t vote for him.

Then the contestants started killing the songs, I mean killing in very bad way… Kara is acting weird-er.. and too much pimping on some contestants became very obvious.. you can definitely tell the season is going nowhere.

And I was totally upset when they formed the top 12. Alex Lambert didn’t make it to top 12. SERIOUSLY! That was the worst news I’ve heard that day. That guy is so talented, amazing voice and personality, very down to earth! It was really heartbreaking to see him go…

But I was still hopeful that time.. my other bet, Didi Benami, is still there. Then it was RnB Week. Usher was awesome mentoring the contestants, and his performance during the elimination round is super OMG kick-ass! But the fun was over when Didi was announced to have the least votes.. and the most frustrating part was the stupid judges didn’t use the SAVE for her!!!!!!!

and that’s it! I definitely lost my interest in watching the show.. It’s too depressing.. and I really hate the fact that the judges decided to WASTE the save by using it for Mike. WTF.

I just hope Crystal, who almost quit the show, will stay and win this thing.. Yeah, they’re pimping her out too much.. but it’s okay. She’s talented and she deserves the title.



Happy Easter 2010!

Happy Easter Guys!! Have fun with my eggs! :))


Good Friday 2010

I’ll admit it.. I’m not the most religious person out there.  I have a lot of sins, I don’t go to church regularly, and I don’t pray that often. BUT, I still have the faith. Of course.

For this holy week, I did the usual thing I always do every year, Staycation! Spend the whole day watching TV and surf the net. They say you should avoid these pleasures.. but.. I really got nothing to do 😦

I actually haven’t tried the Bisita Iglesia thing… but I’m hoping I could try that someday.. I think it’s much ok if you’ll do that with someone, with your family or friends.. and that’s my problem.

So last friday, after eating my breakfast, I found out that I ran out of drugs… medicines, I mean.  And I’m not that sure if there’s an open drugstore out there.  But I still went outside to buy my pills, and I also decided to go to church na rin, since magkalapit na sila. (biglang nagtagalog. Nosebleed haha)

So I went in this place, St. Andrew’s Cathedral.  I prayed solemnly, thanked God for all the blessings, asked for his forgiveness, and tell Him all of my wishes.  It’s really a nice feeling whenever you’re inside the church.  It’s really different.. I really enjoyed my time with God.

Have a blessed holy week!


Blessed Holy Week

I’m really not into Christian or Praise and Worship songs… So I just picked this very beautiful track from Corrinne May.

It talks about being thankful for that person who stays beside you during those hard times, despite the difficulties, despite your countless mistakes.  And there’s no one who will do that for us but Jesus Christ.  He will always forgive our sins and He will forever love us.

So here’s the song from the album Beautiful Seed, On The Side Of Me by Corrinne May.

I’m not the easiest person to love
I’m often the one who lets things go unresolved

Yet you choose to be
On the side of me
On the side of me
Yet you choose to be on the side of me
On the side of me

I’m not too proud of some things
I’ve done in my life
The skeletons in my closet
Are too big for me to hide

Yet you choose to be
On the side of me
On the side of me
Blessed Charity
You’re on the side of me
On the side of me

‘Cause everyone needs a friend to hold
When it’s cold outside
And there’s no place to go
Everyone needs a friend to hold
All alone I cried
There was no place to go
I remember when nobody cared
But you

I’m not the easiest person to love
But you, you’ve opened your heart to show me what I’m worth

‘Cause you choose to be
On the side of me
On the side of me
What a mystery
You’re on the side of me
On the side of me

‘Cause everyone needs a friend to hold
When it’s cold outside
And there’s no place to go
Everyone needs a friend to hold
All alone I cried
There was no place to go

I remember when nobody cared
I remember when nobody cared
Nobody cared
But you…

Yeah you choose to be
On the side of me
On the side of me

Anong petsa na!?

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