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Top 10 Guys – American Idol 9

top 10 guys

michael (this is a man’s world)
– ok. he can sing. But I’m really not impressed with what he did. Standing O? really? – 7/10

john (gravity)
– He sang it differently but it’s still lame. His voice is okay though. – 7/10

casey (i don’t wanna be)
– I finally appreciated his voice, but his performance this week is not that awesome for me. –8/10

alex (everybody knows)
– HE IS AWESOME. That’s all I can say. – 10/10 (to Vice: not really Keane, more like James Morrison singing a John Legend song )

todrick (what’s love got to do with it)
– weird song choice. He’s a performer, but not a singer – 7/10

jermaine (what’s going on)
– I’m sooo disappointed and annoyed at the same time. He’s really awesome in his audition, I really don’t know what happened to him – 7/10

andrew (you give me something)
– A lil disappointed, but with this perf, he showed that he can still perform without the guitar. –8/10

aaron (my girl)
– I disagree with Sash! He can’t sing? are you serious? ahehe.. I like his voice. I’m not sure if he’s better than archie or not.. hmm maybe not.. but he’s still good. – 8/10

tim (come on get higher)
– He sang one of my fave songs!! And I think his performance is okay. Waaaay better than last week. He should do something like Ryan Cabrera.. maybe he can nail that. – 8/10

lee (lips of an angel)
– Love his voice.. raspy and rough..but he’s not the best singer this season (among the boys).. definitely not. – 9/10

My Top3 this week are:

Alex Lambert

Andrew Garcia

Lee Dewyze


I’m happy that John and Jermaine went home…
hopefully next week, si Todrick naman.. and.. maybe Michael. 😛


and since I really can’t get over with Alex’s performance, I’m sharing his performace in this post.  I hope he’ll get far in this season 🙂


[project 365] day 53 – 60

[Day 60] March 1 – the new cup cake.

Love this food, absolutely… pero nakalimutan ko name nya right now hahaha.. it’s a cupcake.. with thick choco layer on top…and may yummy filling pa. 🙂

[Day 59] Feb 28 – signal

I looked out side our window, and all I saw are rooftops of our neighbors.. it was a clear day, obviously. I was looking for something interesting that I can include in this project, and here it is.

[Day 58] Feb 27 – Goldi Halo-halo!

In this picture is my co-rusher Trina. It’s the rushers’ EB for this month, and the first EB for this year. We met a lot of new peeps 🙂 and it’s a bit tiring, we walked a lot, and ate a lot. 🙂

[Day 57] Feb 26 – The busy night of Ortigas

We were on the 31st floor of Tektite, doing our practice for the cheering competition for the company sportsfest… and I saw this amazing sight of Ortigas… lots of moving lights..

[Day 56] Feb 25 – super random nonsense

i was about to sleep when I realized I haven’t took a picture for this day.. so I grabbed this fish, and *click*… voila. Haha!

[Day 55] Feb 24 – MW!!!

Getting addicted (again) to Mafia Wars.. finally, I know how to do it.. 😉

[Day 54] Feb 23 – Balls

shot taken during the Kick-Off party of our team, IPS, at Elbow Room, Metrowalk. We had a lot of fun there, videoke, food, and billiards. We went home at 1:30am, then the next day (or that morning) we still have to go to the office. :S – and this is also the reason why I wasn’t able to watch the MMP of It’s Complicated 😦

[Day 53] Feb 22 – Treat!
I often buy something for myself whenever I achieved or did something awesome.. and also whenever I worked too hard that day. For this day, I think I passed an exam, PhilNITS that we took last sat. 🙂

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