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Level UP!

I’m so happy with the things that happened to me this day. Freakin awesome.

Ilang weeks na rin akong nagtatry na manalo ng Greenwich Pizza sa Morning Rush Top 10.. and today is definitely the day!

So start pa lang ng show, I started sending entries for the Top 10 Worst Titles for a Summer Movie (courtesy of Homer Singson).  First batch, my entry landed at #4.. then I kept on waiting…and sending…and waiting.. and sending.

9am.. Hindi na ako nakatune-in that time because of my PhilNITS review sa office… so when I get back at my desk at 10am, I saw that I just received 15 messages!! whoa!!! Naexcite na ako.. then I started opening the messages.. and there you go.. my co-rushers are congratulating me coz finally, naglevel-up na ako!! and the entry na nagpalevel-up sakin is *drumroll*:

Babangon ako at Lolotionin Kita

So, I thought, that’s it. Then… my officemate told me that the results of the JLPT exam are already available at our HR dept. So, we nervously went there… and hell yeah, I saw that “check” beside my name!!! waaaahhh! I really never thought that I will pass that exam!! I’m just so frekin happy with that news.. whew..

Hopefully, these great things will continue… next thursday, we will take another exam, the PhilNITS. We’ve been reviewing for that every morning… Hopefully it will paid off.

Thank God for all of these blessings. ^^,)

Anong petsa na!?

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“Quoty Quotes”

@ Motto
"Win as if you were used to it; Lose as if you enjoyed it for a change."


@ Songs
Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen
"We only got 86 400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or throw it all away. We gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say.. Gotta live like we’re dying"


@ Books
Are you afraid of the dark - Sidney Sheldon
"Do you go there often?"
"I used to go there when I wanted to escape."
Kelly looked at him, puzzled. "Escape from what?"
He hesitated. "Loneliness. I felt less lonely
He glanced at Kelly and smiled. "I haven't been there since I met you."